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How to get the Best Holiday Deals of 2019

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How to get the best holiday deals of 2019

As we progress through November, our minds shift into the holiday season. Thanksgiving turkey and the frenzy that is Black Friday and cyber Monday take ahold of us as we await the Christmas season. You should also try to save money this Christmas season. It’s an exciting time, but it can also add to the holiday stress. Keep reading to learn how to get the best deals this holiday season!

Shop shop shop

In order to save the most this holiday season, you shouldn’t purchase all of your gifts at one place. Similar to how you shouldn’t keep all of your eggs in one basket, you shouldn’t shop at one place for all your gifts. Shop around to find the best deals.,

Follow the best deals at to find the latest deals from some of your favorite stores.

Use online rebate sites

Websites like offer a percentage of your spending back in cash. All you have to do is follow their affiliate link through their website and it will do the rest. You can earn anywhere from 1% all the way up to 12% back, just by shopping through them. The only caution is that sometimes it can take a few months to get your money, so don’t expect it to arrive the next day.

Don’t wait until the last, last minute

As December 25th creeps up, you probably shouldn’t wait to get Uncle Tom his special beard oil on December 24th. Usually it’s best to start shopping a few weeks to a month away. When shopping online, the cost of shipping can add up if you wait until the last minute, so it’s better to give yourself some time to mitigate the expedited shipping costs.

Stack coupons and credit card offers

Many credit cards now offer “Offers” on their cards. American Express, Chase, and Bank of America now have a section dedicated to offers. The best part of this, they don’t require a coupon code to use, meaning you can stack a coupon code on top of your credit card offer to maximize your savings.

TIP: Want even more savings? Stack a coupon code on top of an affiliate rebate site on top of your credit card offer and you’ll save an enormous amount.

Price matching

Many retail store now offer price matching. You can use this to your advantage to save time and maybe a few extra bucks along the way. Stores like Walmart and Best Buy will match a competitors advertised price on many items.

Caution: Stores price matching terms vary. Be sure to check with each store before assuming they will price match.

Look at history

Finding the best deals of 2019 can be easier when you look at what companies have done in the past. For example, if Best Buy always has a great TV on sale for Black Friday, you can anticipate it being similar in 2019. That’s not to say that it will always be true, however. Look for historical trends to find places you might want to shop this holiday season.


Sometimes it’s hard to find an item that you want on sale for the price you want. This is a good opportunity to turn to eBay to see if someone is trying to get rid of the item you’re looking for. Many times you can find a Brand New item for 20% less than the same item on sale at a big box store. It’s always a good idea to check out what your item is going for on eBay to set a benchmark for what you’re willing to pay.

Best deals of Black Friday 2019

With many of the big box store realeasing their ads a few weeks prior to the big day, we’ll list some of the best deals you can snag this holiday season below.

However you shop, be sure to incorporate some of these tips in your shopping to ensure you get the best deals this holiday season. From shopping online, to using rebate sites, there are many ways you can save. The key to saving the most is to stack offers on top of each other. For example, stacking credit card offers on top of rebate sites is a great way to double up on your rewards allowing you to save more.

Looking for Black Friday ads? Download all of the 2019 Black Friday Ads here!

What are your favorite holiday shopping tips? Comment below!

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