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Best Ways to Find a New Job Fast

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Best Ways to Find a New Job Fast

Finding a new job can be both stressful and frightening, especially if you’re currently unemployed. In this post, we’ll explain some of the best ways to find your next job, tips to improving your job resume, how to ace your job interview, and more!

The days of browsing the newspaper for a new gig is over. Today, employers post jobs in a variety of places, and it’s up to you to know where to find them.

Understand Your Wants and Needs in a Job

You left (or are planning to leave) your current job for a reason. You need to know exactly what you’re looking for so that you can get maximum enjoyment out of your next job. After all, there’s no sense in changing jobs for a position extremely similar to your current job.

Is it money? Location? Or just a different industry? No matter your reason, understand what it is you want before going on the hunt. If you’re looking for a job in London, check out this post!

Search Job Boards

Employers don’t post jobs in one place anymore. Today you can search many different places to find a companies job listings. We’ll explain where to find them below!

Company Websites

Most employers will have a place on their website (or a separate website completely) dedicated towards careers and talent acquisition. You can search their website for different job openings. Many times you can filter results based on department, location, and more. This is a great place to start!


Indeed is an online job board in which employers will post their open positions. You can search based on the job title, company, and more. Indeed will aggregate job postings from other sites as well, making it a great option if you can’t find a job from somewhere else.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking website and has recently become a go-to for employers to find job candidates. LinkedIn makes it easy to apply by uploading your resume to your profile and then selecting it so that you can easily apply for more than one job.


Another place you might find your next job is on During the .com boom, Monster was the premier place to find a job. They’ve fallen off more recently, but are certainly worth a look.


Just like Monster, CareerBuilder made its name during the .com boom. It’s worth a visit if you haven’t had any luck elsewhere.

Network Like Crazy

A great alternative to finding a job other than searching job boards is to network. Meeting new people can provide you with lifelong job opportunities and career potential. You could run into your next employer at one of these events, so it’s time to get social.

Go to Local Professional Networking Events

You can oftentimes find local networking opportunities online. They typically will include details about who will be there and what is on the agenda.

Let Others Know You’re Looking

For many people, letting others know you’re looking for a new job is not an option because of their current employment status. But if you’re looking for a job after being unemployed, you have nothing to lose. Share a post on your LinkedIn profile (more on this below) in order for others to know you’re looking. If word gets around, you have a better chance of finding your next employer through word of mouth.

Reach Out to Recruiters

Companies pay talent acquisition professionals and recruiters to seek out potential candidates. Reach out to these people and leave your resume with them. Even if they don’t have an opening currently, you might cross paths down the road.

Craft a Stand Out LinkedIn Profile

Social media isn’t just for friends and family anymore. Now, employers are searching for talent and professionals are looking for work on social media. LinkedIn is the most popular professional social media website where you might find your next job. Make sure your profile stands out to improve your chances of landing your next interview.

Include a professional photo

When creating a LinkedIn profile, you should include a professional picture of yourself for potential employers to see. This validates yourself as a real human in a world packed full of bots and scammers.

Create a unique description

You should work on creating a unique and powerful description that summarizes your skills and experiences in a few sentences or less. Tell potential employers why they should hire you!

Post quality content

Post and share quality content so that your next potential employer can see what you’re interested in and what you value.

Add connections

Unlike many other social media websites, LinkedIn uses “connections” instead of “friends” or “followers”. You should invite your colleagues to connect with you.

What to do if you can’t find a job?

If you’ve been on the hunt for a few months and still cannot find the job you’re looking for, it might be time to take a step back and look at what could be going wrong. Is your resume the problem or is it your interview skills, or something else?

Have Your Resume Analyzed

If you’ve handed out your resume and you haven’t landed any interviews, it might be wise to have it looked over. If you know someone who has the skills, ask them to review it before distributing it further. If not, there are many services you can pay to complete this for you. They will check grammar, spelling, design, and more to ensure your resume is up to par.

Practice Interview Skills

If you’re getting plenty of follow-ups for interviews but have yet to receive a job offer, your interview skills might be the problem.

Keep Looking

Finding a new job is not easy. Depending on your skills, it can take some time. When you might think all hope is lost, stay on the hunt. Your next job could be right around the corner.

Learn a New Skill

After it’s been a few months and you haven’t heard the phone ring or an email notification pop up, you might want to consider picking up a new skill to set yourself apart from other candidates. Even if it’s something small, this can improve your chances of landing another interview, and ultimately an offer.

Take a Step Back

Are you being over-ambitious? If you aren’t landing any interviews, you could be over-ambitious. Make sure that your skills and experience are in line with what the employer is looking for before applying.

Tips for Job Interviews

Have you ever left a job interview feeling discouraged or pessimistic? Don’t lie, we all have at one point. We’ve outlined some of the most important tips to interview like a champ and land a job offer.

1. Arrive Early

This one might seem obvious, but you should always plan to arrive at the location of your job interview early. Some people like to commute to the location a day or two before to map out what traffic might be like.

2. Dress Professionally

No matter what job you are interviewing for, dress professionally. For men, that means dress slacks, a dress shirt and blazer, dress shoes, and a belt and tie. For women, a nice blazer and pants will do the trick. You don’t need to go over the top, but you certainly shouldn’t show up wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

3. Prepare. And Then Prepare Some More

The most common problem found by employers during interviews is a lack of preparation. Not only should you be prepared to talk about yourself and your skills, but you should also be prepared to talk about the company and how you can help the company succeed.

Look up the companies history

You should have a basic knowledge of the companies history and offerings. What products or services do they sell? How long have they been in business?

Research your interviewers

You should know who is interviewing you and their positions at the company. If you don’t, reach out to the Human Resources department to get that information beforehand.

4. Follow Up

Once you’ve finished your interview, you should always follow up afterwards thanking the interviewers for their time. This is a good opportunity to express how you can help the company reach its goals one more time.

Want to read more tips to ace your interview? Read our full post here!

Tips for a Better Job Resume

If you’ve distributed your resume around and submitted endless job applications but your phone has been silent, it’s probably wise to analyze your resume. We’ve included some of the best tips to improve your resume below.

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Business is based on numbers. Employers want to see what work you have completed in numbers and how that experience can help them. For some positions, this might be more challenging than others. For example, if you work a job in marketing you can explain what return on investment your campaigns resulted in. For someone in accounting, you could mention how you saved X dollars by streamlining X processes.

Relate your previous experience to the job you’re applying for

If your resume doesn’t align with the responsibilities and expectations of the job you’re applying for, you shouldn’t expect a callback. Make sure that your resume details your skills that match the job description of the job you’re applying for.

Check your formatting

In today’s technology-based world, applying for jobs is no different. And the same goes for analyzing resumes. Many large companies will use software to analyze resumes and match them if it thinks the skills listed are in line with the job. Make sure your resume clearly and easily explains your skills so that a computer can decipher it.

Design heavy resumes are becoming more commonplace today, and it’s up to you to know if it will work for the job you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a graphic design job, go ahead, get creative. If you’re applying for an accounting job, too much design work won’t get you far.

Add major accomplishments and responsibilities

Did you complete a large task during your previous experience? If so, you should include all relevant information about it. This shows companies that you are capable of handling large projects successfully. Aim to show how you were able to complete it and any constraints given to you (budget, time, resources, etc.).


Finding a new job is not a fun process and it can take some time depending on your skillset and experience. Throughout the process, remember to never give up and why you started looking in the first place. By using the tips above, you’re more likely to get a callback and land your next interview.

What are your favorite job hunting or interview tips? Let us know below!

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