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Complete 2020 Freshly Review: Can it Save Money?

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Complete 2020 Freshly Review: Can it Save Money?

The emergence of pre-packaged, fully cooked, microwave-ready meals has taken the country by storm in recent years. There are countless options when it comes to either fully cooked or ready to cook meals on the market, making it difficult for consumers to pick which is right for them.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Freshly meal plans, price, benefits, and overall rating to help you decide.

Overview of Freshly Meals

To be quite honest, your first Freshly order can be somewhat difficult to understand without reading into the details.

You will essentially need to sign up for a subscription service that will deliver your meals to your doorstep each week.

You start by selecting your first delivery and the meals that you would like. Usually, there is a 2-4 day buffer before your first delivery can be scheduled. I found it difficult to get my meals delivered at the beginning of the week which might be a turn off for some.

The major selling point of Freshly is its healthy offerings combined with the convenience of your precooked meals. Your meals will take around 3 minutes in the microwave and are ready to eat. No prep required. Freshly promotes around 30 different meal options to choose from each week.

After your first delivery is made, you’ll have 5 days to finalize your meals for the next week, giving you the opportunity to change your meals based on your feedback.

Environmental Friendly

Freshly also touts its environmentally friendly packaging that can all be recycled. Your meals are delivered in a completely recyclable cardboard box with recycled padding and two separate reusable or recyclable ice packs. If an environmentally friendly product is important to you, Freshly is a great choice.

Freshly Meals Review: Taste & Offerings

Freshly offers many different meals and their menu changes weekly. They have a multitude of reviews for each meal, making it easy for you to know which meals most people prefer.

With so many meals to choose from, you’re sure to find many you like. You can change your meals each week, allowing you to try as many as you’d like. Some of the most popular meals are listed below:

  • Homestyle Chicken
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Three-Bean Ancho Turkey Chili
  • Hot Chicken Bowl

How Long do Freshly Meals Last?

Freshly meals will typically last around 4-5 days. Each meal will have a “Use By” date printed on the box ensuring that you will consume food that is not spoiled.

After 5 days, the quality of the contents will deteriorate and perhaps spoil. It is not advised to eat meals after the 5-day shelf life.

Freshly Cost: Can it Save You Money?

Freshly Pricing

The Freshly subscription can be costly. Pricing starts at around $9 per meal but it can cost even more depending on the number of meals you decide on.

There are 4 main subscription types that offer different pricing:

  • 4 Meals / Week = $11.50 / Meal
  • 6 Meals / Week = $8.99 / Meal
  • 9 Meals / Week = $8.99 / Meal
  • 12 Meals / Week = $7.99 / Meal

While $8 per meal at the most affordable option might seem like a steep price tag, you should consider the other benefits of Freshly meals.

Time Savings

Freshly meals require about 2.5-3 minutes in a microwave. This can save you an enormous amount of time compared to prepping and cooking a full meal. If your time is valuable, Freshly is a good option to save it. Between prepping your meal, cook time, and the time it takes to clean, you can save more than 30-45 minutes per meal.

Health Benefits

Freshly meals are designed to be healthy and nutritious. You can filter meals by nutrition needs and find options that are high in protein or low in carbohydrates. Many of the meal contain less than 500 calories and some are even less than 400 calories. You can find several different meals with more than 40 grams of protein for those looking to pack on the muscle.

Allergy Options

Freshly has considered those with food allergies in their meals. You can sort and filter by your food allergies to choose options that work for you. Some have complained about the lack of vegetarian options but Freshly has responded by offering several vegetarian meals to choose from each week.

Freshly Cost vs Eating Out

For those who commonly eat out at restaurants, Freshly might be a good alternative to save you money. By the time you add the costs of your meal, drinks, appetizers, and a tip at a restaurant, Freshly can be considerably cheaper. Your Freshly meal can cost as little as $8 per meal, compared to at least $10 per meal at a local restaurant. Add in the time and cost of transportation, and the savings can start to add up.

Freshly Cost vs Cooking at Home

It’s no secret that a Freshly meal is more expensive than many cheap homemade meals but depending on your situation, it might be worth the additional cost.

How many servings are in each Freshly meal?

Each meal contains one serving. Although you could split it, one meal should satisfy you for one full meal. Freshly meals weigh on average 13 ounces. They claim this is 10% more than many other meal delivery services.

How to Save Money on Freshly

If you’re tempted to give Freshly a try, there are a few things you can do to save money.

Always Take Advantage of Sign Up Offers

Freshly has multiple sign up offers available to help you save money. You can choose to get $60 off your first 4 deliveries or choose a different offer. You can search for the most recent offers or browse the Freshly website to find the most up-to-date offers. Sometimes you can even find a percentage off of your first order, so be sure to look around to find the best deals.

Use Credit Card “Offers”

Some credit cards have an “Offers” or “Deals” section that will offer discounts on purchases from select retailers. You can often score anywhere from 5% to 20% back in rewards. This is on top of your normal rewards rate. Cards like the American Express Blue Cash Everyday and the Bank of America Cash Rewards card have these features that you can utilize to save more money.

Take a Break

If you opt to cancel or pause your subscription, you’ll often find that you might receive an offer if you continue your deliveries. The offers can vary depending on your subscription level, but it’s worth considering if you like the service but not the cost.

Note that this is not guaranteed, but pretty common so it might be worth a try if you need to save some cash.

Refer Friends

Whenever you refer a friend to Freshly, you’ll cash in. The amount of your reward is typically $20 off your next delivery but be sure to verify the latest details. (More below)

Use Credit Card Points

Almost every credit card will offer some amount of reward for spending money. Find a card that offers a good rate and use it to purchase your Freshly meals. You can expect to ear 1% to 2% back on your purchase.

Call or Chat with Customer Service

Sometimes you might be given an offer by chatting with customer service. This could be worth a shot if you’d like to continue your service but don’t want to pay the full price.

Be a Student

Students receive a 15% off discount on their Freshly deliveries. To receive this offer, access this page and click “Get Code and Open Site” to get started.

How to Skip a Freshly Delivery

If you do not want to completely cancel your subscription but instead skip a single week, Freshly makes that easy to do.

  1. Select “Deliveries” once logged in
  2. Select “Skip Delivery” on the weeks you’d like to skip
  3. That’s it, the deliveries you chose will be skipped

How to Cancel Freshly Subscription

If you’re not impressed with your Freshly meals, you can cancel at any time. You’ll need to cancel before your next delivery ships, however.

  1. Click on your account by selecting your name at the top right of the screen
  2. Under “My Subscription” there is an option to “Cancel Subscription”
  3. Answer a few short questions about why you’re leaving
  4. Your subscription will then be canceled.

How to Reactivate Freshly Subscription

Reactivate Freshly Subscription

Reactivating your Freshly subscription is quite simple. If your subscription has been paused, once you log in you will be presented with the option to resubscribe.

Click “Reactive Subscription” to continue receiving deliveries.

How to Refer a Friend with Freshly

Freshly Refer a Friend

Freshly will reward you for facilitating sign-ups from your friends and family. Not only will your friend obtain an offer when signing up, but you will as well.

  1. Login to your Freshly account
  2. Select “Get $20” at the top right of the screen
  3. Enter your email address to receive your individual referral code
  4. Receive $20 once a subscription is confirmed from your friends or family

Freshly Refer a Friend Rewards

Whenever you refer someone to Freshly, you will get a credit to your account to receive a $20 discount on your next deliveries.

Is Freshly Right for You?

When deciding whether or not to purchase your Freshly subscription, you should consider a few of the factors below to help you make a good decision. Below, we’ve laid out if Freshly might be right for you.

Who Should Consider Freshly?

  • Those who are looking for a convenient meal
  • Those who are looking for nutritious options
  • Those who are capable and willing to pay for a healthier option
  • Those who are not great at cooking food but want a tasteful option

Who Should NOT Consider Freshly?

  • Those who like to cook and craft their own meals
  • Those looking for an affordable option
  • Those who value taste and flavor over nutrition
  • Families that will need to purchase many meals
  • Those looking for large portions

Freshly Review: Room for Improvement

While we would absolutely recommend Freshly for many, there are a few things that could make their service even more valuable.

Lower the Price Tag

$8 per meal is somewhat expensive. If the meals were set at a lower price tag, it would be a much more viable lunch and dinner option.

Allow Meals to be Delivered Monday

Freshly meals are delivered Tuesday through Sunday for most. I’d like to be able to receive my meals on Monday, giving me the entire work week to enjoy.

Offer Larger Meals

Some people might find that their meal may not completely satisfy their hunger, it would be great if they offered somewhat larger portions for a slightly higher price giving the consumer the option.

Make Deliveries More Frequent

Allowing the option for two deliveries per week would give customers more choices with their meals.

2020 Freshly Review Conclusion

Freshly offers a great product with both health and convenience benefits. If the price tag wasn’t as steep, I’d be a frequent Freshly connoisseur. I still get deliveries on occasion, although not every week.

The taste of Freshly meals is superb. Developed by chefs, each meal offers a unique and robust flavor that can satisfy just about any palette.

With frequent sign-up offers available, we would absolutely recommend giving Freshly a try. If you decide it is not worth the money, you can always cancel or pause your subscription with the click of a button.

Freshly should not be used as a substitute for every meal, but it is great for one or two meals per day. It is perfect for those who dislike cooking, but also need an easy lunch solution.

You can signup for your Freshly account here!

Overall Freshly Rating: 8.7/10

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing enthusiast dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He owns several different blogs and is also passionate about health and fitness.


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