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How to Flip 1000 Dollars – 13 Proven Methods in 2024!

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  November 6, 2022

Do you have $1000 and want to turn your money into more money?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to flip money fast so you can grow your money and reach your financial goals.

Whether you're looking to have some extra spending money for a vacation or want to save up for a big purchase, there are many methods you can use to turn your $1000 into even more money.

In this post, I'll explore how to flip 1000 dollars, some tips to make money quickly, and much more. Let's get started!

Some of the best ways to flip $1,000 include:
  • Flipping physical goods
  • Flipping money with stocks or real estate
  • Retail and service arbitrage
  • Opening a bank account with Axos

Best Ways to Flip $1000

Try Flipping Physical Items

The best way to flip $1,000 is by a side hustle known as flipping.

In simplest terms, you'll buy things, fix them up, and sell them for a profit.

You can flip just about anything.

Furniture, clothes, shoes, baseball cards are all great items to flip.

Let's take a look at a few examples of how you can flip 1000 dollars and make some quick cash.

Where can you find things to flip?

I've had the best luck on Facebook Marketplace by finding free items that people are looking to get rid of.

For example, I found this coffee table listed for completely free in my area. I should be able to sell it for $50 or more to make some quick money.

Flipping Side Hustle

Another one of my favorites is garage sales or yard sales.

These are perfect because most people are just looking to get rid of stuff instead of trying to get the most money they can for there things.

I always try to find Pokeman cards, Yugioh cards, and old Disney VHS tapes because these can be hidden gems that most people don't know are worth some serious cash.

Finally, I recommend checking out flea markets and thrift stores.

I haven't had as much luck with these places, but I know some flippers who do.

At these places, you can find clothes and old collectables that could be worth some good money.

When it comes to flipping physical goods, it's all about the effort you put in. You'll need to spend time finding things to flip and then fixing them up or cleaning them before you can sell them.

So, how much money can you make?

Ultimately, it will depend on the items you can find and the prices you can sell them for.

It's possible to make thousands each month from flipping items if you're willing to do the work.

This is my favorite way to flip 1000 dollars because anyone can get started, you don't need any special skills or an enormous amount of money to get started.

If you're ready to learn how to get started from the pros, check out the Flea Market Flippers course to learn how you can make a full time living from this side hustle!

Flip Digital Assets

Just as you can flip physical goods, you can do the same with digital real estate like websites, domain names, NFTs, and more.

This is a great way to flip money online if you understand how these assets work.

For example, did you know you can buy and sell websites and make a tremendous amount of money?

My friend Mushfiq makes a full time income flipping websites.

Here's how it works.

You'll first need to find a website to buy. You can find sites on various platforms like Flippa or EmpireFlippers or you can find Some Facebook Groups.

Website Flipping Facebook Group

Once you find a site you want to buy, you'll want to do your due diligence to ensure it's a quality site that has potential for growth.

You'll want to take a look at things like:

  • Current traffic
  • Referring domains
  • Email list size

There are tons of money flipping scams out there, so this is a critical step.

If you've decided to pursue the site, you can negotiate a price with the seller.

Most websites will sell between 30x and 50x the monthly profit.

EmpireFlippers Listing

For example, if a website makes $1,00 a month – it will likely sell for $30,000 to $50,000.

The exact multiple you pay will depend on numerous factors like the traffic trajectory and more.

Once you've acquired the site, you can fix it up, and sell it for a potential profit.

Improving the site might mean applying to new affiliate programs, increasing traffic to the site, or improving conversion rates on current offers.

If you can increase the income of the site, you can sell it for a nice profit.

For example, if you bought a site making $1,000 a month for $40,000 and you are able to increase the profit to $2,000 a month, you could potentially sell it for $80,000 for a $40,000 profit. Not bad!

There's plenty of money to be made when you flip websites, so it's worth learning how to do it. It's a great way to turn $1000 into $10,000.

Another option is domain names.

This method of money flipping is pretty straightforward, except you won't have to do any work to enhance the domain – which makes it easier.

Another benefit of domain flipping is that it's a lower barrier to entry. You can purchase a domain for as little as $10 annually.

To find domains to flip, you can use a domain registrar like Namecheap.

Some domains are worth millions, so if you can spot a valuable one, pick it up before it's sold!

Most Expensive Domains Sold

Finally, NFTs can be another way to flip money online.

These digital assets are stored on a blockchain and can represent anything from images to videos to tweets.

The prices of these NFTs have exploded in recent months with some fetching over $90 million.

Now, NFTs can be extremely risky, so I wouldn't try to flip all $1,000 with this method.

Flip Cryptocurrency

While this is also considered a digital asset, I think crypto deserves its own section because of how common it has become.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become extremely popular over the past few years and can be an amazing opportunity to flip money.

Now, these assets are extremely volatile so you need to be careful.

It's common to see prices fluctuate and swing 10% or more within the same day.

You can use a platform like Binance to trade crypto with as little as $10.

Binance 5 · Cryptocurrency · $10 Min.
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Whether you want to flip $100 or flip $1,000 – cryptocurrency can be a great way to flip your money.

Flip Land

Here's a unique way to make money – flipping land.

After all, this is what real estate developers have been doing for years (and making a fortune doing so).

You can buy larger plots of land, break them into smaller sections, and sell each one individually.

For example, say you spend $10,000 on a large chunk of land. Maybe you can divide it into 5 individual plots.

If you can sell each plot for $5,000, you could earn $25,000 and profit $15,000.

Invest in Stocks

Flipping money by investing in the stock market is a proven way to grow your wealth and earn compound interest.

The stock market has been a trusted way for people to flip money for decades, and there's no reason you can get started.

Depending on your investment strategy, you can buy stocks and hold them for decades, or you can try to flip stocks.

Flipping stocks can be extremely risky, and many people would consider it gambling because of how much risk you'll assume.

However, there are some people who make a living trading stocks, so it's not impossible.

Day Trade Stocks - Apple

When flipping money through the stock market, you'll need to do your research to find stocks that you believe are discounted and have great potential to increase in value.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that only well-known companies are the best investments, but that's not always the case.

There are plenty of hidden gems in the stock market you can find to flip money fast.

Just be sure not to invest all of your money into a single stock because if it doesn't work out, you could lose all your money.

If flipping money fast is your goal, consider day trading (but be careful!).

If you aren't in a rush to flip money, go with the more proven buy and hold strategy that even the most famous investors like Warren Buffet use.

By using an investing app like Acorns, you can get started with an initial investment of just $5.

As a bonus, you'll get $10 completely free to invest so you can instantly double your money.

Acorns 5 · Stock Market · $10 Min.
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Start a Blog

Starting an online business like a blog is another great way to flip $1000.

This is a great method for flipping money because it requires so little to get started.

You can start a blog for under $200 a year, making it a great option for anyone who wants to start flipping money online.

Blogs are extraordinary income producing assets that are great cash flow businesses.

The business model is simple to understand – you'll need to publish content, generate traffic to your site, and monetize it to make money.

Some bloggers make tens of thousands of dollars each month from their sites.

Starting a blog is easier than you think. Here's how to get started:

  1. Think about the type of blog you want to start
  2. Purchase a domain name – I recommend Namecheap
  3. Purchase hosting – I recommend SiteGround
  4. Install WordPress – most hosts make this extremely easy with 1 click
  5. Select a theme – there are plenty of free options to pick from
  6. Start creating content!
  7. Promote your content and build your traffic

When it comes to blogging and online business, it takes time.

You can expect to become rich overnight with this method.

However, if you're willing to put in months (if not years) of work, you can make a tremendous income from your efforts.

So, how do blogs make money?

There are many different ways you can monetize your website, but my favorites include display ads, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products or an online course.

My blogs make $10k a month, so if you're looking to make money online, it's worth it

2021 Website Income

If you want to flip $1,000 – I highly recommend blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be an amazing way to make passive income without needing a ton of money to get started.

With this online business, you'll make money by helping connect customers and businesses.

You'll earn a small commission for each sale you generate through your links.

There are tons of affiliate programs for just about any topic such as travel, hiking and outdoors, and even pet supplies.

One of the most popular affiliate programs is Amazon Associates.

With this program, you can promote any product on Amazon and earn a small commission for each purchase.

Now, you'll need to have an audience of some sort in order to make money with this method.

This could be anything from a social media following, to an email list, or a website.

Some affiliate marketers can make $50k a month or more, which is a great income.

Open a New Bank Account

There are plenty of banks that offer new customers free money when they open a new checking or savings account.

For example, Axos bank will give new customers up to $100 in free cash when you open a savings account with them. Talk about an easy way to flip money!

Another benefit of this method is that there's no risk.

Your money is pretty much guaranteed so you don't have to worry about potentially losing money like you would with other methods.

Some great bank account bonuses include:

  • Axos – $100 free

Open an Online Store

Another great method to flip money online is by opening an online store.

This online business can be a great way to make extra money, but it's not necessarily the easiest.

You'll need to spend a great deal of time figuring out what to sell, how to market your store, and more.

Many ecommerce businesses rely on dropshipping to help them save money on inventory costs and other operational expenses but you can also opt to hold inventory yourself.

Check out the video below to learn how you can flip money with an online store!

Invest in Real Estate

Real estate investing is another easy way you can turn $1000 into $10,000 or more.

Real estate is a great tangible asset you can invest in to flip money and earn extra cash. There are many different ways you can start investing in real estate depending on your goals.

For example, if you want a hands off approach, you could try investing in crowdfunded real estate through a platform like Realty Mogul.

This small investment can turn into a fortune over time and is a great option to flip 1000 dollars.

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Another option is house flipping.

This will require much more work, but it can be very profitable and a faster method to flip money.

To flip houses, you'll need to find a fixer upper, renovate it, and then sell it for a profit.

This can be a great way to quickly flip your money if you have the skills.

But it can be somewhat risky.

Sometimes you might not know exactly what you're getting and you might find the home needing more money than you initially thought. 

Finally, purchasing a rental property can be another amazing way to flip money through real estate investing and earn money each month.

You'll make passive income each month from the rental income and the property will likely appreciate over time, so you can sell it for a profit in the future.

Purchasing rental properties will require some cash to get started, but if you can afford it, this is one of the more profitable ways to invest in real estate and make passive income each month.

Investing in real estate is a great way to make money monthly from your investments so it's worth considering!

Rent Things Out

If you want to make some extra money each month, renting things out can be an amazing way to flip 1000 dollars.

There are many different things you can rent out, some of which you might own already.

For example, you could rent out a room in your house on Airbnb, or rent out your car on Turo.

These are just a couple of ideas, but there are many other things you can rent out to make some extra cash and flip money.

For example, lawn equipment, party supplies, and baby gear can all be rented out for a decent income.

If you have any extra items around your house that you don't use, consider renting them out to earn some extra money.

Try Service Arbitrage

Service arbitrage is another great option to flip money online.

Here's how it works.

Let's say you work as a freelance writer and have a contract in place to work for $.15 per word.

However, you might be capable of finding another writer who's willing to do the work for just $.05 per word.

This means there's $.10 per word on the table of profit.

Service Arbitrage

On a 1,000-word article, this could make you $100 without having to do anything.

Depending on the number of articles you can flip, this can amount to a sizable income.

But it goes beyond freelance writing, just about any service can be arbitraged to make money.

For example, you could even do a service-based business this way like cleaning.

If you can get people to pay you $500 per home cleaning and you can find someone else to clean the home for $300, you could profit $200 per cleaning.

This is one of the best ways to flip money because you don't have to do anything to make money. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Don't get me wrong, there are some logistical and ethical dilemmas you'll have to work through in order to be successful with this method, but if you can figure it out, it's well worth your time.

Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is basically flipping but instead of sourcing your inventory from thrift stores, flea markets, or Facebook Marketplace, you'll visit popular retailers to find items that are highly discounted.

With this side hustle, you can easily flip $1,000 into a few thousand dollars or more if you're willing to spend the time finding items.

Retail arbitrage is a great side hustle for teens and others who have some free time because it's all about the effort spent finding deals.

You can sell your items online through platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Amazon even has an app that makes it easy to spot deals on the go. Just scan the barcode of the item you want to sell and you can see the exact amount of money you could make after fees.

Amazon Seller App

If you want to flip your money without having a ton of special skills, retail arbitrage is worth considering whether you want to flip 500 dollars or $1,000.

Money Flipping Scam to Avoid

Cash App Scams

There are plenty of Cash App scams out there that promise you easy money.

Don't fall for them!

There is no such thing as easy money, and if someone tells you there is, they're probably trying to scam you.

Beware of anyone who asks you to send them money first, or who promises you a high return on your investment with little to no risk.

These are all red flags that should be avoided.

Ponzi Schemes

Another common scam you might run into when you flip cash is a pyramid scheme. These are also known as Ponzi schemes.

In a pyramid scheme, someone will promise you a high return on your investment, but they will only pay you if you can find other people to invest their money as well.

These schemes are not sustainable and will eventually collapse, leaving you without your money.

Final Thoughts on How to Flip $1000

Flipping money is easier than you think, and there are many different methods you can use to earn money from your cash.

If you want to flip $1000, I recommend flipping physical goods, investing your cash, and try various forms of arbitrage like service arbitrage or retail arbitrage.

Looking for more help? Check out these posts:

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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