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How Much is 6 Figures?

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  December 20, 2021

Have you ever heard of a job that pays six figures? What about a six-figure income? People tend to throw these words around without knowing what they really mean.

You might be wondering how much six figures is. What does it mean to have a six-figure income? How do you even make six figures? There are lots of questions to answer. So, how much is six figures?

In this post, we’ll explore how much is six figures, ways you can reach six figures, and some six-figure jobs that don’t require a college degree. Let’s get started!

How Much is 6 Figures

What is a Figure?

Before we can discuss a six-figure salary, we need to talk about the definition of a figure. This word is attached to money so often, yet few people know exactly what a figure is. What is a figure, and how much is 6 figures?

The definition of a figure is simple. A single figure is a number or digit that represents a numerical amount. In the context of money, one digit means one dollar. Three digits mean money in the hundreds.

So, what does it mean to have six figures? How much is 6 figures? We'll talk about this particular amount next, so you can get a better idea of this numerical amount.

What Does Six Figures Mean in Money?

Making six figures in money terms is a big deal. Most people make five figures in a year, so six-figure earners are few and far between. 6 figures in money means that you make at least $100,000 and make no more than $999,999. The amount is no more and no less than six digits. If you make a 6 figure salary, you've achieved decent financial success.

Once you hit a billion dollars, you're creeping closer to nine figures and ten figures in money. 6 figures in money means you have a high-paying job, but a six-figure income is by no means the highest you can bring in. Some make as much as ten figures in a year.

So, what if your net worth is 100k? Is that 6 figures? We'll talk about this net worth next. How much is 6 figures in this case, and why does it matter to you?

Is 100k a Year a Six-Figure Income?

Is 100k considered six figures? If you hear someone utilize the letter ‘k' after three digits, they're usually referring to $100,000. This amount is the lowest possible six figures number before reaching five figures. A five-figure salary is only a dollar less at $99,999.

Those who make over $100,000 a year as an income afford lots that those who don't make four figures or a five-figure income cannot. Even the lowest 6 figure income can provide comfort in life so long as you avoid living extravagantly.

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How Do You Make Six Figures?

Now that you know what six figures mean in money, how do you get your annual income up to this standard? There are a couple of things you can do to ensure you make 6 figures in money.

To make 6 figures, you will need:

  • To find quality six-figure jobs
  • To embrace supplemental and passive income
  • To focus on multiple income streams
  • To save money whenever you can

These can help you achieve a six-figure income.

One of the easiest ways to make six figures is to find a job with an annual income. We'll talk about some of the best options next. There are a few jobs out there that can easily earn you about six figures.

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What Jobs Make Six Figures?

We've answered the basic question – how much is 6 figures? Now, we can discuss the jobs with an annual income that satisfies the 6 figures requirement. There are quite a few high-paying job options that create six-figure earners. A six-figure income means you can live comfortably, no matter how much money you bring in with your income.

None of these jobs will produce nine figures or a ten-figure income, but these 6 figures are sure to provide quality support for your life. How much money you make often depends on the job you select and the effort you put into it. Let's talk about some of the ideal positions, from financial manager to actuary.

Financial Manager

A financial manager is the first choice on this list for a person who earns six figures a year. A financial manager is responsible for the financial health of a company. They make a median of about $117,000 yearly.

As a financial manager, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Producing financial reports for the company to see
  • Directing investment choices for the company to take
  • Supervising critical functions and operations of the business

These, and more, will belong to you if you decide to become a financial manager.

This great with numbers and management skills will find this job easy to complete. If you don't have management abilities, this may not be the career for you. You will need to be on top of everything you do to keep the business in excellent condition.

There are several other options to select from if a financial manager doesn't seem to fit your expertise. We'll dive into an actuary position next. It's still a math career, but it utilizes numbers in a. different way.


An actuary is the next career we'll talk about when discussing an annual salary that makes you a 6-figure income. As an actuary, you are responsible for the measurement of risk and uncertainty that exists in a business role.

Some of your responsibilities as an actuary will include:

  • Use math and statistics to calculate the risk of certain events
  • Develop certain policies to minimize any cost that might come from that risk
  • Defend businesses from making poor choices

An actuary is a line of defense between risky actions and the structure of a business.

On average, actuaries make about $150,000. Of course, this job involves math. It also requires you to be somewhat liable for a company if they follow your recommendation and go under because of it.

To be an actuary, you need to be brave. Think of yourself like some insurance companies. You're a form of insurance.

Of course, this position may not be for everyone. Next up is the position of an anesthesiologist. This one is not for the faint of heart in the world.


An anesthesiologist is perhaps the riskiest job you can take on to earn less than one million dollars a year. If you love pressure and medicine, this could be a six-figure career for you. You'll be responsible for administering anesthesia and handling the pain of a patient primarily before, but also during surgery.

As an anesthesiologist, your responsibilities include:

  • Assessing various patients
  • Providing cardiac and breathing resuscitation
  • Performing emergency medicine

Being an anesthesiologist is a job that comes with high stakes.

Despite the stakes, the reward pays off. Most anesthesiologists make an average of $265,000. They are one of the higher-paying six-figure jobs that exist on the market. If you want to work hard, this could be for you. Anesthesiologists are busy all the time.

Not everyone loves operating under massive pressure. If you would prefer a job that doesn't involve inserting needles into a human being, a lawyer could be the position for you.


Last but not least is a lawyer. Although many lawyers make more money than a 6-figure salary, most bring in an annual income that stays below seven figures. This job often requires working in the corporate world, but it's not for everyone. You'll be responsible for defending clients among other things.

Some of the main items a lawyer does include:

  • Providing advice and counseling to clients about to go on trial
  • Creating and providing legal forms
  • Collecting evidence for the trial at hand

These duties, and more, belong to a lawyer.

On average, lawyers make around $115,000. To become a lawyer, you will need to complete years of strenuous schooling and practice to perfect your craft. Being a lawyer is like being a detective. You need to be prepared to perform extensive research at a moment's notice.

Being a lawyer can be stressful, but it's rewarding both financially and in the way you help people. All of the jobs listed here require degrees, and this one is no exception. You might wonder – are there and six-figure jobs that don't need a degree? There are quite a few. Let's dive into them now.

Are There Any Six-Figure Jobs That Don't Need a College Degree?

Most of the jobs we talked about above require some form of a college degree. If you are interested in six-figure incomes but don't want to waste money on college for your financial future, you might wonder if any careers don't require a college degree.

Some of the most prominent jobs that don't need a college career include:

  • Professional athletes, such as tennis players, football players, and baseball players
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Commercial pilots
  • Funeral services managers
  • Radiation therapists

These are just a few of the options that don't require an expensive college degree to become a six-figure earner.

Let's dive into these careers a little bit more. You can build wealth with a high income with one of these many jobs. There are lots of jobs to choose from if you want a way to bump up your pay grade.

Software Developer

Working in tech often comes with a 6 figure salary – especially for software engineers and developers. You don't need a degree to get the job, either.

By watching YouTube videos or taking online courses, you can learn how to code and make money. You can also check out the video below.

Professional Athletes

Although many professional athletes make somewhere between nine digits and a thousand million dollars, someone's annual salary as a professional athlete can fall at six figures if they play for a low-level team or are beginners at what they do.

You don't need a degree to be an athlete, but you do need to put lots of time into your chosen sport. You need to be willing to put your all into the challenges you face.

As an athlete, you earn an income by doing the following:

  • Performing sponsored ad campaigns and working in campaigns
  • Playing well on a team
  • Making it into high-level competitions

These will bring you an income as an athlete competing on a professional level.

Most athletes operate under high-stress levels. You need to take care of your body, and condition every day. Athletes that earn money for their sport dedicate their entire lives to their sport. You don't need a career, but you need an excellent work ethic.

Not everybody was born to be an athlete. Luckily, other positions bring in six figures without a college career. Let's talk about being an air traffic controller next.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers make more than five-figure earners. On average, they bring 6 figures in money as their annual salary, and you don't need a college degree to take on 6-figure jobs involved in this career. Here, you'll need to analyze airplane traffic happening both in the sky and on the ground at an airport.

Some of the other responsibilities of an air traffic controller include:

  • Working from the control tower
  • Coordinating airplane traffic patterns
  • Keeping those who work in the air safe

An air traffic controller keeps air travel organized and safe, providing eyes for those who can't see the entire picture.

On average, an air traffic controller makes about $130,000. To become an official controller, you'll need to complete a few months of training. An associate's degree is helpful, but it's not necessary.

So, what if you don't want to be stuck on the ground? What if you would rather be in the sky? A commercial pilot is another career that you don't need a degree for. It's a great way for adventurers to earn a six-degree income.

Commercial Pilot

Believe it or not, a commercial pilot is one of the 6 figure jobs that doesn't require a college degree. As a commercial pilot, you will be responsible for operating and flying airplanes. You might fly with cargo, but you could also fly with passengers inside the plane.

As a commercial pilot, you will also be held liable for:

  • Protecting the plane and the cargo inside
  • Communicating with various team members
  • Talking to dispatchers down below

These are your tasks as a commercial pilot.

To become a pilot, you'll need to complete pilot school training before you can apply for major airlines. You'll need to prove that you can fly through the air with ease before you are given the reigns to a plane.

On average, a commercial pilot makes about $100,000. You'll also get to see different countries and states as you fly back and forth around the world.

Being a pilot is an excellent way to earn six figures without a college degree. However, soaring through the sky may not be for everyone. If you prefer to stay on the ground, you may want to take on the career of a funeral services manager instead.

Funeral Services Manager

A funeral services manager is another person that earns more than a five-figure income. As a funeral services manager, you will be in charge of watching over the general operations of a funeral parlor. You'll handle everything that happens within the vicinity of the business.

As a funeral service manager, some of your other duties include:

  • Planning public resources for the funeral parlor
  • Handling the general marketing and public relations
  • Dealing with the resources of the home

These are the tasks a funeral service manager needs to deal with daily.

To become a funeral service manager, you need to complete funeral service or mortuary sciences program. It also helps to have connections within a funeral home to get started with this job.

On average, funeral service managers make about $100,000 if you're excellent at what you do. There's very little stress that comes with taking on this career as a way to make 6 figures.

This job isn't for everyone. If you don't want to work with the deceased, maybe a radiation therapist is the correct choice for you.

Radiation Therapist

Last but not least is a radiation therapist. This is one of the 6-figure salary jobs that bring in high net worth and help people out. As a radiation therapist, you are responsible for working the machines utilized to treat cancerous tumors. You perform a vital part in minimizing or getting rid of tumors.

Some other duties you have as a radiation therapist include:

  • Operating a highly-advanced machine
  • Communicating with patients
  • Performing a form of treatment within the body

You'll complete these as a radiation therapist.

With this job, you need a certification. A degree can help you pass, but you don't need to acquire this career. On average, radiation therapists earn about $113,000. You work with sick people, but this career is one of the most low-stress choices.

We've talked a lot about six-figure incomes. But you might wonder – are you rich with a six-figure salary? Or, are you about average? Let's talk about it.

Are You Rich With a Six-Figure Salary?

So, are you rich with a six-figure salary? In our world today, it can be tricky to determine which income level is considered rich. For American's, the median household income was $67,521 in 2020, making a 6 figure income well more than the average household.

The yearly earnings that will make you rich depend on a few factors.

Whether or not a six-figure salary makes you rich depend on things such as:

  • The number of people you need to support
  • The place you live
  • Expenses that exist in your life

These will all impact whether or not a six-figure income makes you rich.

While it's certainly not an eight-figure salary or nine figure-salary, you can still experience financial freedom with 6 figures a year.

For a small family, a salary range that goes above $350,000 is considered wealthy. For a single person, $100,000 is a gross income that will make you rich.

Become a Millionaire

How Much is Seven Figures?

We've talked about 6 figures, but what about seven-figure salary jobs? Making money at this level is almost unthinkable for most people. A seven-figure income is above the median salary for income streams in the country.

If you have a seven-figure salary, how much money are you making? Your annual salary is somewhere between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999. Your net worth is somewhere in the millions.

What Are Some Jobs for a Million Dollars?

Seven figures is a significantly higher amount than six figures. Because it's much higher, there are fewer jobs that pay their workers this number. If you want to earn some extra money, it takes a little extra to earn this actual salary.

A few jobs that create seven-figure earners include:

  • Investment bankers: You will be responsible for raising and managing the money of your clients.
  • Insurance agents: You will sell and provide insurance for customers who request it for their lives.
  • Famous Actor: You will perform for movies, complete press tours, and perform various auditions.
  • Medical professions: You will be responsible for the care of various patients, prescribing medications, and delivering advice.
  • Business owners: You manage a business that makes good money.

All of these typically bring in at least a million dollars. It's up to you to determine how much money you make with your position.

Making a seven-figure income takes lots of work. If you want an eight-figure income, you'll need to bring in even more. You'll need to save money at the same time.

Even the highest-paid female celebrity worked hard to get to where they are now, from a four-figure income to one-hundred million dollars.

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Final Thoughts on How Much is 6 Figures

In our world, 6 figures seem to be the number people aim for in their life. With this income, you can achieve your financial goals and personal finance goals with no trouble at all.

If you're making four figures or five figures a year, you can make more money with items like an investment portfolio or passive income through side hustles online. There's always a way to bring your job up to 6 figures, eight figures, and even a ten-figure income if you work hard.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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