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How to Attract Money (2024 Guide)

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  November 30, 2021

Money is something everybody could do with a little more of in their lives.

Are you on the hunt for a way to bring more money into your life? Do you feel like you could benefit from the addition of more funds into your bank account? If so, you might benefit from understanding how to attract money and achieve financial success.

Read to learn how you can achieve financial freedom by attracting wealth directly to you. Attracting money starts with yourself. By taking advantage of the law of attraction, you can gain more wealth and set yourself up for the rest of your life.

How to Attract Money

How Can I Attract Good Luck and Money?

If you are on the hunt to find a way to make more money in your life, you need to have a money mindset that will work well for attracting money. There are several things you can do to attract cash that can change the way you spend. Familiarity will bring abundance.

Read on the learn about all the reasons you can attract good luck and money into your life. If you are afraid that you won't be successful, there's no need to fear. We can help you achieve excellent finances in abundance. The Law of Attraction requires you to attract wealth with your subconscious mind.

Focus on Gratefulness

According to the Law of Attraction, a positive thought process will bring great things into your life, while a negative thought will do just the opposite. Thus, the first step in achieving an abundant life is to focus on the good in your life. If you spend time focusing on positive affirmations, fully abundant wealth will fill your pockets.

Some ways you can focus on gratefulness in your life include:

  • Think in the morning: First thing in the morning, you could think of one thing you're grateful for to get your day off to an ideal start.
  • Take up a journal: You can begin a gratitude journal to keep track of the things in life that bring you joy.
  • Focus on reality: Reality is rarely as miserable as our brains want it to be. Attract gratefulness, rather than a negative outlook on life.

All of these can drastically alter the way you view what you have.

Gratefulness will only attract good in return. No matter what your situation is in life, there's something great you can pull out of it. Money is sure to find its way to you if you can take a moment that seems like it's anything but great and turn it into a moment that pushes away anything that might make you afraid to wake up in the morning.

Avoid Bad Habits

To attract great luck and become rich, you need to manifest habits that will benefit your future. Imagine if you stopped spending money on expensive shoes, or took control of your finances and ate food at home rather than eating out. These habits can allow less worry about funds and put you in the right state of mind to earn some extra cash.

Some bad habits you might want to stop include:

  • Ignoring how much you spend: Some spend without knowledge of how much they've let go. It's critical to break this up.
  • Avoiding a budget: A budget makes money simple to hand. A lack of one makes it impossible.
  • Spending unnecessarily: Sure, it's great to spend money on yourself sometimes. But doing so too much can ruin stability.

All of these can harm you and your financial stability.

By shifting the bad habits you make with money, money should in turn find its way to you. Make a conscious effort to keep track of and document the bad habits you have, and start making an effort to change them as soon as you can.

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Develop a Connection with Your Money

As silly as it might seem, you need to view money as something to have a relationship. You should be familiar with your wealth. At some point in time, you should physically hold your money. You can examine it, smell it, and even touch it. At first, this action may seem uncomfortable to accomplish. However, it's a necessary part of inheriting all the wealth.

Besides these tangible methods of connection, you can also connect with your funds in different ways. What do you plan to do with the cash you gain? Where do you plan on keeping it? What are your goals for the next five years? The next ten? There's a lot of personalities your money can take on when you start putting labels on the funds. Connect on both a story-based and physical level for the best results.

Attract Money Saving Money

Spend with Value in Mind

With a positive money mindset, you should have a positive outlook on the way you put money into the economy. The way you spend your cash should align with your values. An abundance mindset that keeps values in mind will create an excellent financial relationship with your bank account, which is critical if you want to manifest money.

When you spend, you need to decide which values you hold near and dear with finances. Once you have a plan for whenever you spend, you can walk into each situation intelligently and with a positive outlook on whatever you're doing. Spend money with value in mind to attract wealth. Only you can know what you value in life.

Avoid Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is one of the things that can destroy how much money you pull into your financial situation. Self-sabotage can come in many forms. As we know, the Law of Attraction reveals that negative comes with negative. Your subconscious mind can stop you from moving forward if you allow it to. Mind power is stronger than you think.

A few forms of self-sabotage that impact people daily include:

  • Lack of self-control: No self-control can lead to disaster in any situation. Money will not come to those who have no idea how to manage what they already have.
  • Lack of confidence: Confidence is one of the biggest killers. If you don't know who you are, how are you going to manage the funds in your life?
  • Lack of goals: With money, you need to have goals. Another way you can self-sabotage is to have no goals in mind for your earnings.

All of these can deter funds away from you. Many other forms of self-sabotage can destroy even the strongest of people.

Self-sabotage can drive away any finances that are tempted to make their way to you. The mentions positive mindsets and relationships with your funds can help to ward off self-sabotage. It's vital to stay on top of the things that might harm you when trying to attract money into your world.

Flip the Script

You have the power! One of the biggest steps you can take when visualizing money in your life is to flip the script that you've been abiding by your entire life.

This action means challenging negative self-esteem thoughts that pop into your head before they can dominate any positive emotions. Your mental health is a vital part of the Law of Attraction.

Flip the script by doing the following:

  • Capture each thought: If you find a negative thought slipping into your head, catch it and flip it around before it invades your head.
  • Look at the positives: A mentioned above, looking at the positives will make a massive change. There's always something good, even in the worst moments.

These can drastically alter the way you think.

Once you flip the script, it's simple to make money-based alterations for the rest of your life. The Law of Attraction is a great rule to abide by. If you've lived negatively up to this point, it's time to start making a change. Flip the script.

Visualize Money

To successfully improve your life and manifest money at the same time, you will need to visualize the addition of wealth in your life.

Once you get into the right frame of mind, the law states that good things will come to you. Being rich requires you to focus on what you want to attract money. For example, a few minutes a day may be spent thinking about financial goals.

To visualize the money you want, you might:

  • Meditate: Meditate every day on what you want, and plant the seed deep inside your head.
  • Write it down: Keep track of your goals by writing them down so you can see them whenever you need them.
  • Plan: Do you have a way to get to this financial goal? Make a basic plan to spark inspiration in your life.

All of these can help bring your money goals to the forefront of your mind and attract money.

Just like connecting with your cash, it can seem silly to visualize what you want in your financial future. However, it works. The subconscious is more powerful than most of us think. If you bury what you want deep into the center of your mind, your everyday actions will subconsciously drive you toward that future goal.

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What Colors Are Good for Attracting Money?

We've talked about a few of the strategies you can take in your reality to make yourself wealthy and attract money. Believe it or not, it's widely believed that certain colors happen to bring great finances into your life. It's not certain if this is the truth, but there's no harm in trying for yourself. Success, in reality, can come from anywhere. It's best to create many pathways toward success.

Two of the best colors include:

  • Green
  • Yellow

Both of these have positive attributes associated with them in terms of money.

Below, we'll talk a little more about these two colors and why they're great for attracting money. Many wallets come in these colors, so you should have no trouble finding a replacement for whatever you may have now.


Green is the first color that comes to mind when thinking of an example of an abundance color. If you finally want to settle on a color to entwine in every aspect of your life, green is a great place to start. There are a few reasons why people believe that green is a hue that will bring money into your life.

This color is a great option for attracting money because it is the color of growth and new energy. A green wallet opens up new income opportunities that you otherwise would not have, such as new jobs or positions that allow you to acquire more funds.


Next up is the color yellow. Not many people envision this shoe when considering the Laws of Attraction. However, yellow is a safe that has been reported to bring abundance to many people. Imagine if you added a little yellow into your spending and saving life? There are a few things that people believe would happen.

Yellow is associated with motion. It's a transition between seasons, so it can be both good and bad. This color will either bring money into your life or take it out in an instant. It's worth the risk, as many have reported yellow to be beneficial to their income.

How to Attract Money at Home?

If you want to attract abundance while you're at home, there are a few unique strategies you can take. Along with what we've already mentioned, these options are sure to bring all the money into your hands. They might sound strange, but many have reported that they work.

Some ways you can manifest money at home include:

  • Rice
  • Water
  • Placing items in your wallet

These three strategies can help you bring money into your life and attract money

We'll dive a little into each of these successful ways to attract money right inside the comfort of your living space. These three ways are not proven, but many claim that utilizing one or all of these items will help the Law of Attraction come to life.

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In many cultures, rice is a retrial that is believed to attract money into one's world. Prosperity has long been associated with this food – there's a reason it's traditionally thrown on newly-weds at weddings. There are a few strategies you can utilize to attract wealth with rice.

You can utilize rice in places such as:

  • A bag: You can slip a couple of grains of rice into your bag before you head out to attract wealth.
  • A wallet: If you don't have a bag, a wallet will do just fine. You can put a few grains in this item as well.
  • A jar: Some cultures recommend placing rice in glass jars with items like candles or coins to bring wealth to your home.

All of these are said to bring prosperity into your life.

Rice is affordable. As we mentioned above, it can't hurt to try it out. Along with the techniques we listed above, rice could serve to be a positive force in terms of money.


Feng shui is an Eastern technique that often works with an abundance of wealth. Water is a huge part of feng shui. There are a few ways you can bend and transform water so that it helps attract money, whether to your business or the world you occupy. You may not believe in this technique, but water can't hurt you. Try it out, and see what happens in the financial aspects of your life.

To utilize all of the effects water can have on the money you obtain, you should:

  • Invest in flowing water: Flowing water is said to bring luck and prosperity to you. You can invest in a small fountain. Keep it clean for the best results.
  • Place it toward the center of your home: The liquid should flow toward the core of your home, right into the middle of your life.

These are reported to bring wealth into the users' life. A water element can provide prosperity like no other if you believe in techniques like this.

Water is not too expensive to incorporate into your life, so it can't hurt to try it out. A physical object combined with what we talked about above is sure to make a large difference in the way money finds its way to you.

Items in the Wallet

Along with rice and water, there are a few other items you can keep with you inside your wallet to embrace wealth. Most of these can easily be found with a close search online, or inside a local business. You'll need to keep each item close to where you keep your finances for more money to find its way to you. Each has a different impact on the way money finds itself to you.

A few of the best items to keep inside your wallet include:

  • Sea salt
  • Peepal leaf
  • Stones
  • Silver coins

All of these have been reported to attract wealth to those who keep them close on hand.

If you have access to any of these, try putting one inside your wallet when you have a chance. This strategy, combined with the positive shift in your mindset and habits, is sure to bring wealth to your life, whether in terms of the way you live or the money you have on hand.

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What Are Some Affirmations to Attract Wealth?

We've talked about some strategies you can take to attract wealth into your life. These are great, but it's also vital to consider positive affirmations you can say to yourself every day. Affirmations can be added to the tasks you complete daily for money attraction, sure to make all of your spendings and earning beneficial. Affirmations can make a big change in the way you live.

A few of the best affirmations to attract wealth include the following:

  • “I experience wealth as a key part of my life”
  • “Today I commit to living my financial dreams”
  • “Money flows freely to me”

These are just a few of the affirmations that will help you achieve financial benefits. You can repeat these to yourself at any point in your day, whenever you need to focus on what matters.

Affirmations are the cherry on top. Combine with the techniques we talked about above and the items reported for luck, wealth is sure to find you in abundance. Money will come easier to those who know how to prepare themselves to receive it.

What's the Fastest Method to Attract Money?

We've talked about a lot of ways you can make attraction happen in the way you live. All of them can help you in many ways, but you might wonder what the fastest method is that you can utilize to attract money. What's the best example of taking the Law of Attraction and transforming it to finally attract financial security in the way you live? There's one that stands out above the rest.

As the Law of Attraction states, the best way to attract money is to change the way you live. Good brings in good. If you focus on making your outlook on life something positive and impactful, wealth will follow. You'll only have room for what life has in store for you if you completely alter the way you've been living. Negative thinker? It's time to cut that from your personality.

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How to Attract Money Immediately

If you're wondering how to attract money immediately, there are a few things to consider.

By using some of the ways to attract money above you can surely start attracting money sooner rather than later.

If you're trying to learn how to attract money instantly, it starts with having the right mindset. Be sure to keep a positive money mindset if you want to make more money and reach financial success.

Final Thoughts on How to Attract Money

Attracting money can seem impossible, but a money mindset is simpler to achieve than one may think.

You can bring money into your life simply by adopting new ways of life, such as a positive mindset. You can form a relationship with your wealth to bring in even more. It's vital to embrace the Law of Attraction – good will attract good, while negative thoughts will only bring bad.

We hope that this guide can help you bring more money into your life. With help from a financial advisor, you can hone these skills to form stability in the financial aspects of your life. There's a lot of ways to attract money, and anyone can take advantage of them.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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