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How to Increase Credit Limit on American Express Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card

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How to Get Credit Limit Increase on American Express Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card

American Express is notorious for offering credit limit increases (CLI) to cardholders with a perfect record of on-time payments and steady income. In this post, we’ll show you how you can apply to get a credit limit increase with this card and what you can do to better your chances of getting approved!

1. Login to American Express Account

American Express Welcome

Begin by logging into your American Express account.

2. Select “Account Services”

Select “Account Services” as shown above.

3. Select “Increase Your Credit Limit”

American Express CLI Account Services

Select “Increase Your Credit Limit” as shown above.

4. Fill Out Credit Limit Increase Form

American Express Credit Limit Increase

Finally, you will be presented a form to input your annual income and the amount you wish your credit limit to be increased to. After you submit your application, you might be approved immediately, or your account might need more review based on their factors. You can expect a followup within a few days if you are not immediately approved.

NOTE: This is not the amount of the increase rather, the full amount you would like your credit limit to be.

Other Ways to Request Credit Limit Increase on AMEX

Completing a credit limit increase online is not the only way you can ask for more credit. You can also contact a customer support agent to help you with your request. The phone number for American Express Customer Service is 1 (800) 528-4800.

Some people have reported better chances getting approved for a CLI by speaking to an agent, so it might be worth your time.

Does American Express Pull Hard Inquiry for Credit Limit Increase?

No, American Express is one of several credit card issuers that do not pull a hard inquiry whenever applying for a credit limit increase. This means that your credit score won't be affected whenever requesting a credit limit increase.

How Often Can I Apply for Credit Limit Increase?

American Express allows for one CLI application every 6 to 12 months, so be sure to use it wisely. If you try to apply for another increase within 6 months, you'll likely receive a letter stating that you cannot be approved for a CLI because you have already applied for one within the last 6 month.

Tips to Getting Approved for American Express Credit Limit Increase

Before applying for a credit limit increase, you should make sure you have a few things in check to better your chances of landing a higher credit limit.

Consistent and On-Time Payments

To better your chances of getting approved for a CLI, make sure that you have made consistent payments on your card. If you have made any late payments or are carrying a large balance, you might want to wait a few months before applying.

Maintain Usage

Credit card issuers want you to use their card. If you do, they'll often reward you with more frequent, or larger amounts of CLIs. If you slow usage on your card, you might not receive as large of a CLI.

Know Your Credit Score

Whenever you apply for a CLI, American Express will pull a soft inquiry on your credit to make sure you are credit worthy. If you have a low score, there's a good chance you won't be approved for a CLI, but those with excellent scores will have a much greater chance of landing a CLI.

  • If your score is between 750 and 850, your chances of receiving a CLI are HIGH
  • If your score is between 700 and 749, your chances of receiving a CLI are MEDIUM
  • If your score is between 600 and 699, your chances of receiving a CLI are LOW
  • If your score is below 600, your chances of receiving a CLI are EXTREMELY LOW

Other Opportunities to Get Credit

If your request for more credit is denied, don't worry. There are several other things you can do to get access to the credit you need.

  • Open another account. Whether you choose American Express or another credit card issuer, this can be an easy way to gain access to more credit if your credit score is in check.
  • Request a CLI on a different card. If you have another credit card that you have been paying on time consistently, consider asking for a CLI for that card.
  • Apply for a personal loan. If you need cash fast, this might be a better (and cheaper) opportunity to access a line of credit.


Obtaining a credit limit increase is a great way to boost your available credit and lower your overall credit usage. American Express makes applying for a CLI simple, with just 4 simple steps shown above.

You should always make sure that you have been making payments on-time and your credit score is in check before applying as you can only apply once every 6 to 12 months.

Be sure to check out our full review of the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card and learn how to to use the AMEX Refer-a-Friend Program here to receive a bonus for referrals you make!

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