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How To Sell Feet Pics Online: Earn 10K+ Per Month in 2024!

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  December 22, 2022

Want to know how to sell feet pics online for extra money? Look no further. Selling feet pics online is exploding in popularity and the market is as hot as ever.

Unusual as it may seem, the market for selling photos of feet is vast. And not only is it for people with a fetish: many brands and companies need feet pics for their products, too.

The great thing about selling feet pics is that you can be in business almost immediately. All you need is a camera – even a smartphone camera, great lighting, and great foot poses, and you're ready to go.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online Step By Step

  1. Learn how to take feet pics that look great and sell well.
  2. Learn what kind of feet poses are in high-demand.
  3. Sign up for the platforms you wish to sell pics on.
  4. Create your profile and decide on packages and pricing.
  5. Learn how to deal with customers safely.
  6. Take payment and deliver photos.
  7. Repeat!

To get in-depth training on how to do each of these steps, keep reading.

In this article you will learn: 

  • How sell feet pics online
  • How much money you can make selling foot pictures
  • Tips for selling feet pics
  • Feet Pic selling success stories
  • Best feet pic poses
  • 20 legit places for selling feet pics
  • And more!

First, you'll learn the best places to sell feet pics online. The rest of the article will go more in depth on those places, share success stories from people earning thousands, tips for poses and photography, and much more.

Because this article is so long and packed with information, I've included a table of contents below this section. If you're short on time, click through the table of contents to jump right to the sections you're interested in.

Free Workbook To Help You Sell Feet Pics Online

Free Workbook and Checklist for Selling Feet Pics Successfully

Are you serious about selling feet pics? Snag this free printable/fillable workbook and checklist to keep track of everything you need to know and do to make money selling feet pics online.

This workbook will help you set up your pricing, choose your main platforms, and so much more! Just enter your email below and I'll send it right over.

Do people really buy feet pictures? 

Yes, many people and businesses buy pictures of feet. Foot photos are important for many brands and businesses, and other people purchase foot photos for personal reasons.

Foot photos are essential for showcasing products like socks, shoes, nail polish, and foot jewelry. They're also necessary to drive home a point, whether that's someone standing on a scale, stubbing their toe, etc.

Of course, people who have a particular affinity for feet are the first kinds of individuals who come to mind for buying foot pics. But it's good to know they're not the only ones!

There are entire websites dedicated to feet pictures and huge online communities on forums and social media all across the internet that are dedicated to feet pics. 

What kind of people buy feet pictures?

Many kinds of people buy feet pics. Yes, people with a foot fetish are a large section of the market. But as I mentioned above, they're not the only ones. Here's a list of people who actually buy feet pictures online.

  • Publishers and journalists
  • Physical Product Brands
  • Stock photo Websites
  • Artists
  • Shoe Brands and Companies
  • Foot doctor websites/website creators
  • People with a foot fetish

Publishers and Journalists

Publishers like bloggers and journalists will buy feet pictures for use in articles, publications and websites.

I needed feet pics for this article that you're reading, so I bought some from a stock photo website. Whoever took these photos got a chunk of change just because I wrote this article… see how it works?

Physical Product Brands

Brands and businesses also need feet photos sometimes.

Imagine Nike only ever putting pictures of empty shoes in their ads.

Or nail polish companies only ever advertising nail polish on fingers!

How about sock companies only ever showcasing their socks on mannequin feet… you get my point.

Physical product brands buy foot photos to show off their products in a variety of settings. In fact, there is a such thing as become a professional foot model for this exact purpose.

Stock Photo Websites

selling feet pics on stock photography websites

The photo above is a screenshot from a stock photo website that I pay for.

All photos in this article were downloaded from this website. Every time a paying subscriber downloads a photo to use, the contributor gets paid.

Some stock photo websites pay per photo download, and others are a monthly subscription fee that is divided based on how often your photos are used.

If you want to give it a shot, try uploaded lifestyle shots of your feet to stock photo websites. Try to think of poses that bloggers and publications might need.

Health websites might need a photo of feet with bandages or antibiotic ointment near them. Physical therapy websites might need photos of stretching your feet. Weight loss websites might want photos of feet on a scale. You get the idea!

Learn more about selling your photography on stock photo websites here

Individuals who love feet

People who love feet – aka people who have a foot fetish – are probably the largest segment of the foot photo buying market.

People with a foot fetish love feet and are willing to spend top dollar on feet photos and videos. This is the most lucrative market to sell your feet photos to, but it's not the only one.

It's important to note that the idea of a foot fetish is incredibly common. Some of the most normal people you know might love feet! It seems strange to some, but it's not uncommon at all.

Why do people sell feet pics?

So… why are people selling feet pics online? Simple: people sell feet pictures because there's a huge market for it, and lots of money to be made.

Some people make a full-time income selling photos of their feet. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a really easy way to make a living to me.

YouTube and TikTok are full of videos from people who have made money selling foot photos. You'll even find videos from people who just tried it out to see if it works, and it did.

Later in the article, you'll find success stories from people who sold their feet pics online and made hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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Where to Sell Feet Pics Online: 20+ Best Apps and Websites

This section will give you a quick idea of where you can sell feet pics online. Then, the rest of the article covers how to sell feet pics.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pictures Online?

How much money can you make selling feet pics?

How much can you make selling feet photos online? It depends! You can earn from $5-$100+ per photo, which is a large spectrum. Some people make six figures or more selling photos of their feet.

While $5 to $100+ per pic is a broad spectrum, it gives you a good idea of where you can start and where you can go with it.

$5 per photo can easily be profitable, considering it takes little time to take one photo of your feet. And if you sell that photo multiple times, that's pretty passive income!

If you wanted to earn $2,000 per month selling feet pics at $5 per photo, you'd have to sell 400 photos a month. That doesn't mean you have to take 400 photos a month! If you found 400 buyers, all you have to do is sell one photo.

However, it would be easier to find a few buyers and take multiple photos. You can even create photo bundles and charge more per bundle.

Selling feet pics is a great way to make $100 a day or more in your free time!

How Much to Charge for Feet Pictures

A good starting place for foot photo is to charge $5 for a single photo, and $25-$50 for a photo set or bundle.

How much to charge for feet pictures online is highly subjective. This will depend on a few factors. 

Usually, you will set your own rate for photos and photo bundles. 

But you will occasionally get requests for custom photo sets or offers from buyers. This will become more common for you as you get repeat buyers who request custom content. 

You can easily increase your AOV – average order value – if you get creative with how you price and package your photos. 

By bundling photosets, you can charge more than you would for just one photo. It also doesn’t require much extra work! 

If you do it right, your patrons will feel like they are getting a bargain and typically select the higher priced bundles as opposed to one photo. 

This is an easy way to increase your bottom line and income when selling feet pics. 

The more popular your foot accounts are and the more in-demand you become as a seller, the more money you can charge. 

However, you should never sell yourself short. Never charge less than $5 per photo, even as a total beginner! 

To keep customers coming back, consider offering loyal customers with discounts on new purchases. Giving them deals will incentivize them to come back for additional purchases. 

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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Things to Consider When Selling Feet Pics

Image Quality

Image quality doesn’t mean having a beautiful foot – it is how good you are at capturing beautiful feet pictures.

You can have the best feet in the world and still produce crappy feet pictures, because photography takes practice. This includes lighting, location, and more.

Image quality is especially important for selling feet pictures on stock photo websites.

Publishers are looking for high-resolution professional style feet pictures. People using stock photo websites are not interested in selfie-style feet pictures or feet pics that were obviously taken with a cell-phone. (You can still use a cell phone if you level-up your photography skills – once you do it becomes hard to tell the difference)

Buyer Interest

If you find someone absolutely in love with your feet pictures, you can expect them to pay a premium. When you are selling pictures directly to a buyer, you set the price.

You can easily sell a single photo or photo bundle for $100 or more to a highly interested buyer.

In my research, I found an article about a guy who regularly spends between £200-£300 per month on feet pictures. This is not an uncommon situation.

Branding and Popularity

If you have built a brand around your feet pictures, you can charge way more for feet pictures than someone who is just starting out or hasn’t built a brand.

Building a brand includes creating social pages and amassing large amounts of followers and fans of your feet. These buyers will happily fork over more cash for your feet pictures. The more popular your brand is, the more you can charge. 

While prices vary, if you are serious about selling feet pics and promote yourself well, you will have buyers coming to you that will be happy and willing to pay you $100 or more per set of feet pictures. 

How to Sell Feet Pics Online

There are many ways and places to sell photos of your feet online to interested buyers. Some methods are better for beginners and some are better for those who are already familiar with digital marketing concepts. 

In the following sections I’ll break down each place you can sell feet pics online, who each place is best for, and share the pros and cons.

Sell Feet Pics on Social Media

Social media is something everyone has and uses, so it’s often a great place to start for beginners. Let’s go over the main social media platforms for selling feet pics. 

In order to successfully sell photos of your feet on social media, you have to understand and learn how each social media platform works. 

This is a great place to start, but it’s important to dive deep into marketing strategies for each platform that you choose to focus on to develop your own perfect strategy.

Different platforms work best for different people, so experiment to find your favorite places to sell feet pics. 

You’ll notice that for every platform, I mention to study and model your strategy after successful accounts. 

By no means do I mean “copy” successful accounts – rather, develop your own strategy using tips that you’ve learned from studying successful creators. What works for one person will often work for another due to each platforms algorithm.

A Quick Tip on Anonymity

To fully protect yourself while selling feet pics online, I strongly recommend and encourage you to consider creating anonymous profiles for each platform you choose. 

Not only will this keep you safe from scammers and creeps, it also helps separate your feet pics side hustle from friends and family that you may not want to see your photos. 

It’s up to you whether or not you include identifying poses in your feet pics like noticeable tattoos, your face, scars, etc. 

Personally, I would keep all identifying features out of your photos at first. Once you get the hang of it, you can decide whether or not to include that later down the road. You can also charge more for photos that include your face, so keeping it hidden at first might be a profitable idea, too.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Facebook

Facebook can be a great place to sell photos of your feet. 

Marketing strategies on Facebook are varied, and building up a Facebook page can take a long time. 

Instead of trying to create a fan or business page on Facebook, join foot-focused groups instead. 

There are tons of Facebook groups for foot lovers that have thousands upon thousands of members. 

Create a new Facebook profile just for your feet pics and join different groups. 

Study the groups to learn how the interaction works: each group operates differently. 

Be sure to read the rules and follow them to avoid getting kicked out! 

If no sales are allowed in the group, you can try different strategies. For example, sharing a photo of your feet every now and then can lead to interested customers in your DMs. 

If no sales are allowed, there are ways to be subtle and still attract paying customers. 

Here are some feet pic groups I found on Facebook.

Here’s the breakdown. 

  • Create a foot-pic-specific FB profile. Don’t use your legal name. 
  • Join foot-related Facebook groups. 
  • Study the group rules and interactions and share pics of your feet in the Facebook groups, when and where allowed. 
  • Be consistently active in the groups for the best results.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

Instagram is a visual photo and video based platform. That means it’s a great place for selling pics of your feet! 

Many successful feet pic sellers focus on Instagram because it’s where they’ve had the best results. 

Here are some tips for marketing and selling your feet pics on Instagram.

Setting Up Your Instagram Feet Profile

When selling feet pics on Instagram, it’s a good idea to set up a new profile entirely. This way you can brand it to just be feet pics. 

For safety and privacy, create a dedicated email address just for this account. You can easily sign up for a free email address from Gmail or Yahoo. 

Never use your legal name in your profile, bio, or feet pics email address. 

When creating your new IG profile, create a “Creator” account. 

This type of account gives you access to insights that will show you which posts perform the best, what times of day are best for posting, what hashtags bring you the most likes and follows, etc. 

This is super beneficial when trying to grow your foot pic account! Insights help you focus on creating more high-performing content. 

Your IG handle should be branded and memorable. There are thousands of feet pic accounts on IG, so spend some time coming up with something catchy. 

Make sure your bio is catchy and relevant – you can also include hashtags here. 

Types of Content to Post on IG

When you start a brand new Instagram account, you want to get the feed filled with photos as soon as possible. If you only have 2-3 photos, it can look like a scam account. 

When you're just starting out, focus on filling your feed. This part is strictly for getting content on your profile, not attracting likes or followers. 

But, with Instagram marketing, you can’t post a ton of pics at once. IG will flag that as spam, so you have to take it slowly.

Post 2-4 photos throughout the day and spread them out until your profile looks full. 

IG Posting Consistency

I did Instagram marketing for a long time and managed 40+ accounts at a time for clients, so I have a really good handle on how the platform works. 

You need to be consistently posting on Instagram, like every single day. 1-3 times per day is ideal, but no less than one. 

Instagram posting helps you gain new followers by pushing your photos out to the Explore page and hashtag feeds. 

If you go even 2/3 days without posting, Instagram will greatly diminish your reach when you do post. They only promote consistently active accounts. 

Hashtags for Selling Feet Pics on Instagram

Lastly, hashtags are key in attracting new followers (and buyers) to your Instagram profile and DMs.

Do research and see which foot-focused hashtags perform well. You can also use personality-specific hashtags. Avoid using any kind of s*x-industry related hashtags because these can get your profile banned. Keep your hashtags PG. Here are some examples: 

  • #instafeet
  • #feetdaily 
  • #legs
  • #legsfordays
  • #socks
  • #socksoftheday 
  • #footmodel
  • #cutefeed
  • #pedicure
  • #feetofig
  • #teamprettyfeet
  • #feetofinsta

Go to the search bar on Instagram and type in “feet” or other foot related keywords, click “Tags” and browse the foot-related hashtags to come up with a list you can use. 

Ways to Monetize an IG Foot Account

You can earn money from your IG feet pics account that aren’t directly related to selling feet pics. 

For example, you could try and land brand deals through your IG account. You can make money with affiliate marketing by placing different links in your bio. 

Or you can simply place a virtual “tip jar” or your Amazon Wish List in your bio.

Instagram Feet Pic Tip

Never buy followers. 

When you buy followers you will get a lot of followers, but they’re not real accounts. They're actually bots, and this is really bad for your overall account success.

If you have a lot of “bot” accounts following you, Instagram will notice that your “bot” followers don’t interact with your content. 

When you post a new pic and your new followers don’t like it (because they aren't real), it will tell Instagram that you have terrible content.

Then they’ll stop showing your account to other people. Buying followers is terrible for growing an account, and it may end up resulting in you having to start over entirely.

If and when you get messages offering to sell you follows and likes, delete and block them.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Twitter

Twitter is a popular platform for selling feet pics. As with Instagram, you should create a branded anonymous account for your feet pics. 

I’m personally not as familiar with Twitter as I am with Instagram marketing, but the strategy is very similar. 

Instead of filling up your feed on Twitter, your main posting strategy should be posting photos of your feet periodically and using feet-related hashtags to be found by other users. 

Do a search on Twitter for feet and you’ll find plenty of foot-related hashtags and accounts. Make a list of these hashtags and study the successful accounts to model your strategy after them. 

The more often you tweet, the better chances you have at growing your Twitter account rapidly. Here’s the breakdown for Twitter.

  • Create a new email and new foot-pic-specific Twitter profile.
  • Search Twitter to find foot-specific Hashtags to use while posting.
  • Post often, 2-3 times per day, every day.
  • Study successful foot pic accounts on Twitter and model your strategy after theirs

How to Sell Feet Pics on SnapChat

SnapChat has been around for several years and it’s an incredibly popular platform for selling feet pics. 

One reason SnapChat is so great for this is that you can set up a premium account, where people have to pay to have access to your Snaps. 

Premium SnapChat is not an official feature of the platform, so you’ll have to set up a third-party app to accept payments. 

Here’s the process for using Snapchat to sell feet pics. 

  • Download SnapChat. 
  • Make an anonymous, branded username. 
  • Set your profile up to “friends only”, so only people you approve (paying subscribers) can see your content. 
  • Sign up for a third-party Snapchat Network to accept payments. 
  • Set up your subscription fee. 
  • Advertise your Premium Snapchat. Ideas include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

SnapChat Premium is best used in addition to other social media profiles to help get subscribers.

Selling Feet Pics on TikTok

TikTok is relatively new to the social media game, but it has taken the world by storm. 

This app has over 1 billion active monthly users, competing with IG and FB as the top-used social media apps daily. 

Since Tik Tok is for videos only, to promote your feet pics (or videos) on this platform, you’ll need to make videos of your feet or feet pics. 

You can shoot short videos as teasers, or make video slideshows out of preview photos of your feet. 

Here’s the Tik Tok breakdown. 

  • Create a branded profile.
  • Create and share short videos. 
  • Research trending hashtags and other foot accounts. 
  • Promote your other social media profiles on your TikTok.
  • Follow related accounts and get ideas from successful feet TikTok accounts.

Search TikTok for feet related hashtags to find hashtags to use. Here are some examples: 

  • #cutefeetpics
  • #feetpicsonly 
  • #feetpicture.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Kik

Kik is a messaging app where you can chat with other users anonymously. 

Kik also has groups that operate like chat rooms if you’re old enough to remember those. 

You can network on Kik and make friends, join groups, and more. 

Here’s how to sell feet pics on Kik. 

  • Create your Kik account – anonymous is better. 
  • Join Kik groups. Search public groups by using foot-related keywords for best results. 

Since Kik is a messaging app, you should use this app like a chatroom to connect, network, and attract buyers. 

How to Sell Feet Pics on Reddit

Selling feet pics on Reddit is a great way to sell feet pics anonymously. 

So, how to sell feet pics on Reddit? I’ll give you the breakdown here. 

  • Create your foot-related Reddit account and profile. 
  • Use the Reddit search feature and search for “feet” “foot” and any other foot-related keywords. 
  • Find subreddits related to feet and join them. 
  • Study the SubReddit rules and interactions before posting, and try to build up Karma before making your own posts.

You can use Reddit to sell feet pics alone, or you can use it in conjunction with other profiles like your Instagram, OnlyFans, SnapChat premium, etc. 

Best Websites to Sell Feet Pics 

Social media is a great place to sell feet pics, but there are other great places and websites specifically meant for sellers and buyers to come together. 

Here are some of the best websites to sell feet pics. 

How to Sell Feet Pics on FunwithFeet

FunwithFeet is a website dedicated to matching sellers like you with foot lovers from all walks of life. The website lets sellers create engaging profiles and upload their best feet pics and videos across various categories and collections. Some of the most popular categories include BDSM, high heels, dirty feet, sandals, and footjobs.

FunwithFeet is an easy-to-use website for both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you can organize your photos into specific collections, attracting the ideal buyer. Buyers with specific kinks or fetishes can easily search, find, and buy exactly what they’re looking for.

To get started, all you need to do is register and create a profile including a short bio and photograph. All sellers must be 18 years of age or older to use all the features on FunwithFeet. Joining FunwithFeet is free. Sellers are just required to pay a small listing fee that helps maintain the website and make necessary improvements. You can sign up for 3 months at $9.99 or 6 months at $14.99.

One awesome feature of FunwithFeet is that sellers keep 100% of their profits! FunwithFeet doesn’t keep a percentage of your sales. The only money you’ll ever pay is the listing fee, which gives you uninterrupted access to a reliable and secure platform.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Feet Finder

FeetFinder is a website for selling feet pics that’s gotten a lot of attention lately. Here’s how it works. 

  • Apply for an account and go through the ID verification process. 
  • A seller account costs either $3.99/mo or $14.99/year: this is legit, the platform charges sellers a fee so they can make money for being the “middle-man”. 
  • Once approved, upload your content. You can group content into albums as well. 
  • Learn popular feet pic poses and keywords to keyword your profile and photos so that buyers can find them. Feet Finder operates with a search function, so keywords are very important.

Buyers will have the option to buy photos one-at-a-time or subscribe to your account for monthly content. 

In addition, buyers have the ability to DM you and ask for custom requests, which you can approve or decline at your discretion. 

As a seller, you have total control over who can message you or not. You can set up your DMs for subscribers only, or any members.

Feet Finder automatically blurs all the content you upload but will give buyers the option to see a preview before purchasing. 

This platform is safe, easy, and a secure way to sell feet pics online. 

How to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a popular subscription-based social media platform that is used worldwide. OnlyFans is popular for both video and photo-based content.

While adult content is what most people associate with the platform, it is also used by many creators and professions as a way to earn extra money through subscription-based content. 

Can I Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans?

Yes! OnlyFans is a popular and profitable method to sell feet pics online. You can earn a recurring income from subscribers, so it's a great option for beginners. This is a great method to make money from OnlyFans without showing your face. Here's how to do it.

Here’s the breakdown for selling photos on OnlyFans. 

  • Create your anonymous OF account. 
  • Choose a catchy, branded username. 
  • Choose your subscription rates. OnlyFans has numerous monetization options. You can choose subscription prices and create discounts and packages, too. 
  • Promote your account. Popular methods of promoting include on your other social media accounts, forums, etc. 
    • Another great way to promote your OnlyFans account is by collaborating with other OnlyFans creators. 
  • Plan consistent, high-quality content. Since your subscribers pay a subscription, be sure to give them good value for their money and fresh content often. 

OnlyFans has become an incredibly popular way to make a side income during the pandemic, and it’s not going away anytime soon. 

This platform is a great opportunity to hop on and try out. Subscription based memberships are great because they pay a recurring income as long as you keep your subscribers.


InstaFeet is a widely promoted feet pics website online, written about by various bloggers claiming to teach you how to make money online

But in my research, I couldn’t find any success stories about InstaFeet. 

What I did find were claims that the platform is a scam to steal your ID info, so I did a little more digging. 

Is InstaFeet Legit? 

Typically, when an app or website used to sell feet pics (or anything at all, ever) is legit, there will be videos and success stories shared from the platform. 

But in my research, all I could find were bloggers who have never used the platform writing “InstaFeet reviews” promoting it, and ZERO legit success stories. Not on YouTube, not on Reddit, Quora, nowhere. 

Wanna know what I DID find? Plenty of negative reviews saying that InstaFeet stole their information. 

Now, I’m not saying with 100% certainty that InstaFeet is a scam. I am saying that I would never try it because I do not trust it at all. I can’t find any evidence to the contrary, so I automatically distrust the platform.

When you are doing your own research on each platform, try to look for legitimate reports on each platform. 

I’ve done extensive research for this article and am providing you with the best info I can find, and I highly recommend staying far away from InstaFeet.

FeetPics is a feet pic selling website that looks just like a normal stock photo website, with one major difference: it’s just feet pics. 

This website looks professional and easy to use, too.

Here’s how it works. 

  • Create an account and create a Seller Page. You will get a URL to your seller page that you can promote elsewhere, so use a catchy handle. 
  • Add your feet pic listings to your seller page. 
  • Create preview galleries on your seller page to attract buyers. 
    • FeetPics advises that 3 preview photos are sufficient. For anything more than that, you should be paid. 
  • Once set up, submit your page for approval. 
  • Once approved, promote your page using your other accounts and social media profiles. 

When you set up your account on FeetPics, there is a one-time $5 sellers fee. This is how the platform makes money, they don’t take any % of commissions out of your sales. 

When you begin making sales, you can choose how your buyers pay you. Examples include Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, Paypal, etc. 

Patreon for Selling Feet Pics

Patreon is a subscription-based platform that allows creators to get paid for their content. 

Creators who use Patreon have the opportunity to share both free and paid content, and the paid content is hidden behind a paywall. 

Subscribers choose their preferred tier of subscription levels. As a creator, you get to choose what level of subscribers get what kind of content. 

For example, you can offer 1 photo a week for the lowest tier, plus a photo bundle for the middle tier, and maybe add an additional video for the highest tier. 

  • Create a Patreon Account. 
  • Choose your subscription levels and subscription incentives. 
  • Attract subscribers through the use of your social media accounts. 

Apps for Selling Feet Pics

There are many different apps you can use to sell feet pics. Each app operates differently, but they’re all pretty intuitive to use. Always remember to be anonymous, never send personal info or money to anyone, and keep yourself safe. 

  • Kik app: you can sell feet pics on Kik through meeting people in groups and chatting. 
  • SnapChat: you can create a Premium account to sell feet pics to paying subscribers. 
  • Whisper App: you can advertise feet pics for sale on Whisper app. 
  • Discord: you can join feet pic Discord servers to attract buyers for your photos. 
  • WhatsApp: you can use this messaging app to sell feet pics on WhatsApp through meeting and chatting with interested buyers.

Selling Foot Photos on Stock Photography Websites

There are plenty of stock photography websites where you can sell pictures of your feet. 

The beauty of these websites are the fact that they aren’t limited to just feet!

When selling feet pics on stock photography websites, think of poses that have real-life applications. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Feet sticking out of bed sheets.
  • Photo looking out of a tent with feet, like you’re lying down admiring the view. 
  • Stubbing your toe.
  • Painting your nails.
  • Trying on shoes.
  • Walking barefoot in the sand.
  • Standing on a scale. 
  • Giving/getting a foot massage. 

The ideas are endless here. Stock photography websites are most often used by brands and businesses. 

As a blogger, I use stock photography websites to get photos to illustrate a point. 

If I’m blogging about a great campsite, I might use a photo of an open tent with feet to give the idea of waking up to a beautiful campsite. 

Here are some stock photo websites. 

  • iStock Photo
  • Alamy
  • Shutterstock
  • Fotolia

For more stock photo websites to sell pics online, check this out.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Your Own Website

Selling feet pics on your own website is an advanced strategy that can give you certain advantages over other platforms. 

For example, when you set up your own website to sell feet pics, you get to keep all the profits. 

You control everything, so you know it’s safe, legit, and profitable. 

The reason this is an advanced method is because 

  1. You have to build it yourself. 
  2. You have to attract the traffic yourself. 

This can be a great way to sell feet pics, but you should be sure to grow your following first. 

Otherwise, using a platform like Feet Finder is a good idea because they already have tons of buyers on the website daily. 

Successful Feet Pic Sellers

The internet is full of people sharing their feet pic success stories and income amounts.

In this section, we're taking a look at actual successful feet pic sellers. This will give you an idea of how much money normal people are making, how they got started, and how you can model their success.

In this video, Fashion Ceesta shares her journey with selling feet pics and gives some pointers for beginners to get started. 

She shares her prices and price list in the video which is really helpful for those who are just starting out. 

Brooke is a YouTube and Tik Tok creator who had a Tik Tok video about selling feet pics go viral. Brooke makes thousands selling feet pics and pays her rent with it – so naturally people were interested.

Although she normally creates ASMR content on YouTube, she received so many questions about her success with selling feet pics that she decided to make a YouTube video all about it. 

In the video, Brooke share a ton of helpful info about her journey. She shares her experiences selling on Instagram, info about avoiding scammers, and how to handle taxes from foot photo income. 

Deej on Tik Tok

@djsbeercave ♬ original sound – DEEJ

Deej from @djsbeercave on Tik Tok earns thousands of dollars per month. She has an entire series dedicated to learning how to sell feet pics online through her Tik Tok account.

In her Tik Tok series, Deej talks about how to safely get payment, how to detect scammers, and so much more. 

If you want a really thorough explanation for how to sell feet pics from someone who does it for a really good living, Deej is a great person to follow. She's been selling feet pics for over 5 years and has a ton of experience and great advice.

She also shares a great hashtag list for posting your feet pics on Instagram – check out the video above for the hashtag list. 

@mini.beann Reply to @mini.beann ♬ original sound – Meii

Last but not least: if you love Tik Tok as much as I do, you'll find no shortage of feet pic selling how-tos. Mei of @mini.beann also shares a ton of helpful content, like this video about selling feet pics without getting scammed.

Mei is working on a Tik Tok series about selling feet pics, so be sure to give her a follow for more inspiration.

Where to Sell Feet Pics in America

If you live in the United States and want to sell feet pics in America, any platform, app, or website in this article will work for you. 

The most popular places to sell feet pics include social media, and it’s probably the easiest to start growing your following using accounts like Instagram and Twitter. 

You can use social media to drive interested buyers to subscription platforms, like OnlyFans.

What is the Best Place to Start Selling Feet Pics as a Beginner?

So where is the best place to start selling feet pics if you’re a total beginner? 

By beginner, I mean someone who has never done it before and someone who has no social media, YouTube, or TikTok following. 

If you’re just beginning and starting your profiles from scratch, here’s what I would recommend. 

As a total beginner, I recommend setting up an Instagram, Twitter, and potentially a Tik Tok if you want to make videos. 

In addition, you should set up a Feet Finder account and/or an OnlyFans account. 

In the beginning, your focus should be only on getting engagement and attracting followers. You won’t make sales immediately, but the quicker you grow your accounts, the faster you’ll make sales. 

How Long Until I Make Sales As A Beginner?

When you just start out selling feet pics, it will take a while to grow your following and then make sales. 

The good news is that it’s just a numbers game. 

The more followers you attract, the more likely you are to start making sales. It’s a statistical fact. 

Focus on creating great content. Pay attention to the content types that perform the best and create more similar content. Rinse and repeat. 

You could make your first sales in a few weeks, although it might take a few months. 

Tips for Taking Good Feet Pics as a Total Beginner

While you might think it’s a simple as snapping a few photos of your feet, here are some tips for taking the best pics as a beginner. 

Take Care of Your Feet

Taking care of your feet involves things like making sure your feet are clean, getting a pedicure (if you want), removing blisters and calluses, painting your nails, etc. 

There are several foot pic poses that are profitable and in high demand. As you gain experience and start to get custom requests, you’ll learn more about what buyers want and are looking for. 

Later in this article I share a few popular foot pic poses. 

Use Good Lighting for Your Photos

Natural lighting is always best, but you don’t want the light to be so bright that the details and features of your feet are washed out. 

Indirect natural lighting works great, and you can also edit your photo brightness. 

Learn How to Edit Photos

Editing photos is a lot easier than you might think. There are free phone apps to edit your photo brightness and saturation, or you can use the free online tool, Canva. 

Study Successful Feet Pic Sellers

The best way to learn what is working well is to study those who are already successful.

Find successful feet pic sellers online and study their habits! 

I highly recommend buying this ebook from Deej, a successful foot pic seller for over 5 years. It has tons of practical info and photo taking tips. I don’t make anything from this recommendation, I just think it’s a great ebook.

Setting Up Your Shots

Get creative with your feet photo sessions. You can even theme-it-up! 

Think of stuff like a beach day, a relaxing evening by the fireplace, relaxing in bed, etc. 

Jewelry and Accessorizing

Dressing up your feet is fun and makes for great photos, too. You can use things like pantyhose, toe rings, anklets, and more to dress up your feet for different photos. 

7 Best Feet Pic Poses That Are In Demand and Profitable

Here are 7 popular feet pic poses to get you started. 

1. “The Pose”

This pose called “the pose” is a pose laying on your stomach with raised, crossed legs. You don’t have to show your face in this pose, but you can if you prefer. 

2. “Arch”

Arch is pretty self-explanatory. A photo highlighting the arch of your foot. 

3. “Top of Foot”

Another self-explanatory option. This photo shows the tops of your feet. Perfect for showing off a fresh coat of nail polish. 

4. “Soles”

A close up photo showing the soles of your feet. 

5. “Toe Spread” or “Toe Spreading”

A photo showing spread toes. You can get creative with this one. 

6. “Bed Sheets”

This is a pose you'll see a lot on stock photo websites. Feet peeking out of bedding.

7. “Dirty Soles” or “Dirty Feet”

A perfect pose or photo idea for a day at the beach. 

Considerations for Selling Feet Pics

We’ve covered a lot of ground already, but here are some other considerations for selling feet pics. 

Creating a Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand basically means creating branded foot pic profiles. 

Use a catchy handle and keep it the same across all platforms. Make your username something memorable, because eventually you will have repeat buyers and they will search for your username. 

This is why it’s a great idea (other than safety) to keep your feet pics account separate from your personal life. 

Personal Safety

This is the internet, and everyone should know basic personal safety tips. In general, keep yourself anonymous. 

Don’t give out personal information. This includes:

  • Your legal name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Your pet’s names
  • Former high school
  • Your birth date
  • Any financial information
  • Don’t tag your location

Use common sense here! Never give out personal information and keep your personal accounts and foot accounts separate. 

Financial Safety

A lot of people are concerned about financial safety when selling foot pics, and this is a legitimate concern to have. 

You should take every step possible to protect yourself. 

Never give out your bank information, card information, or personal PayPal or Venmo or CashApp info to a client. 

If you’re signing up with OnlyFans or FeetFinder, it’s okay to input your info into these platforms while signing up. These platforms are legit, but never give this info to your customers. 

The following are additional tips for selling feet pics without getting scammed.

How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

Here’s how to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

Stay Anonymous

I highly recommend you keep yourself anonymous and keep your face and identifying markings out of photos. Especially as a beginner. 

While you can earn more money for shots including your face, you should want to try these kinds of photos until you have plenty of experience. 

At the very least, keep those photos off of your public facing profiles. If you want to offer them as upgrades, that’s up to you. But anonymity is key. 

Never Give Out Personal Info or Answer Personal Questions

This should be obvious, but it bears stating. Never give out personal info or answer personal questions. 

Don’t even use your legal name! Make up a fake name when selling feet pics. 

Don’t answer questions about your life, your town, your school, your friends, your parents, kids, pets, birthdate, or anything. 

Some buyers will want conversation and it’s up to you whether or not you engage with them. 

If you do answer personal questions, lie. Don’t use real information that can be used to either find you or steal your identity. 

Remember, at the end of the day this is a business transaction. There are also identity thieves and creeps on the internet. Use common sense to keep yourself protected, personally and financially. 

Don’t Accept Physical Gifts or Gift Cards

If someone wants to send you a physical gift or mail you a gift card, chances are they’re trying to find out your physical location. 

Do not accept this. 

Even if you use a PO box away from your home, you don’t need to give them access to your city. 

Never Accept Overpayments

Some scammers will send you more than you charged “on accident”. The problem with this is that none of the money is actually legit. 

They’ll send you way too much money and ask you to send back the overages. When you send them back the overages and the payment tries to clear, none of it will be legit. 

You’ll be out the money you sent them and have gained no payment in return. 

Never Pay Anyone

You are the seller here. The only exception to this is signing up for a platform like FeetPics or FeetFinder, each charge a small fee for sellers. 

But if you’re dealing with a customer and they want to charge you a “small fee” (like one cent) to find out if you’re legit, block them. 

This is a scam to get your payment information. You’re the one charging people, not the other way around. 

Watermark and Blur Your Images

Watermark and blur your images for sale until someone pays you. 

If someone asks for additional “preview” photos of your feet, direct them to your social media accounts. 

When you have plenty of photos on social media and someone asks for more “preview” photos, they’re simply trying to get free content. Don’t allow it!

Take Payment Before Sending Photos

This one is self-explanatory. If a customer demands photos before they send payment, ignore them. 

How to Take Payments for Feet Pics

When researching payment methods, I came across a lot of reports of people having issues with sites like Paypal and Venmo to sell feet pics. I read reports of chargebacks on Paypal – with Paypal siding with the buyer and giving them their money back, because they frown upon this kind of business venture. Protect yourself financially when selling feet pictures by using something like CashApp, or a platform like Patreon or OnlyFans. 

Do You Have to Pay Taxes when Selling Feet Pics?

“Do I have to pay taxes on selling feet pics?” Unfortunately, yes, you do have to pay taxes on feet pic income. 

I don’t know tax laws for every state or country, but in the US you have to pay taxes on any side income that totals more than $600 for the year. 

This means you’ll have to keep a record of your sales, but also keep a record of your feet pic biz-related expenses! 

I cannot give tax or legal advice because I am not an expert in any of those things. But, in general, anything you use to keep your feet pic biz running may be a tax writeoff. 

This can include photography equipment, travel for photoshoots, nail polish, pedicures, etc. 

Keep receipts and talk to a certified accountant for accurate information specific to your situation. 

Other Ways to Make Money Online With Minimal Effort or Start Up Costs

This website is dedicated to making money online and traveling… so I’ve researched and written about many ways to make money online! 

Here are some great ideas: 

  • Freelancing
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Proofreading
  • Typing
  • Sell used clothes and accessories on apps like Poshmark
  • Freelance writing
  • Blogging
  • Create a digital course
  • Write an ebook

And so much more!

Professional Foot Modeling

If you think you've got what it takes and want to step into the realm of professional foot modeling, you can increase your earning potential by tens of thousands of dollars.

Professional foot models can earn from $500 to $2000 per hour!

Requirements for Foot Modeling

Professional foot modeling, although insanely lucrative, can be very hard to get into.

When modeling agencies are looking for foot models, they are looking for stereotypically beautiful feet. 

This means slender feet and long, slender toes. They are also looking for high arches, slender ankles, and legs, too. 

Blemishes, callouses, scars, and varicose veins can disqualify you from becoming a professional foot model. 

How to become a foot model

Being a foot model is about so much more than just having beautiful feet and showing up for photos.

If you think your feet have got what it takes for a professional modeling agency, it's time to start treating them like it.

This means exfoliating and moisturizing constantly and avoiding any activities that may damage, blister or blemish your feet.

Many professional foot models wear shoes that are too big to minimize damage.

Acting with your feet

As I stated above, a professional foot model needs to do so much more than just pose and have photos taken. As a foot model, you have to be able to act with your feet.

What does this mean? Acting with your feet is the ability to convey emotion or tone through your feet and poses.

Creating a portfolio of modeling photos

Once you are ready, hire a professional photographer to take many different photos of your feet. Study popular foot models and the major brands that use them to get an idea of poses. You will use your portfolio as your foot modeling resume.

Find and apply to a local modeling agency

Apply to as many modeling agencies as you can find, and don't take rejection too seriously.

Persistence and consistency are the key to success when it comes to any kind of modeling, foot modeling included.

Professional foot modeling is lucrative, but there isn't always a ton of work for professional foot models. Applying and signing with many agencies will give you the best chances of success.

How to Sell Feet Pics TL;DR and FAQ


TL;DR stands for “too long; didn’t read”… so if you scrolled all the way down here hoping for a summary, you’re in luck. And if you’ve read this far, I applaud you. Here's a quick FAQ on how to sell your feet pics:


How much money can you make selling feet pictures?

You can earn anywhere from $5 to $100+ per photo for selling feet pics. It all depends how much work you put into it and how in-demand your feet pics become.

Is it legal to sell feet pics?

Yes, it is legal to sell feet pictures. If you are a legal adult and live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or other western countries, selling feet pictures is totally legal. 

How much should I charge for my feet pictures?

Know your worth! A great starting price is around $5 per photo. To increase your earning potential, consider making photo bundles, themed photo sets, and more!
As you gain experience and popularity, you can easily charge upwards of $100 per photo set or single photo.

Can I sell feet pics if I have ugly feet?

This is a matter of perspective. Do you think your feet are ugly because you think all feet are ugly, or is there something physically wrong with your feet? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what may stand out to you as ugly about your feet may make them perfect to a buyer.

Where can I sell feet pictures to make money?

You can sell your feet pics on social media platforms, forums, websites, and apps. Popular platforms include OnlyFans, Instagram, FeetFinder, and more.

Final Thoughts on How to Sell Feet Pics Successfully

In this article, you learned both how and where to sell feet pics online. 

We’ve covered the best poses, how to keep yourself safe, and the best websites and apps for selling feet pics. 

Here’s a summary: 

  • Study successful sellers
  • Treat it like a business
  • Study, Learn, Improve
  • Invest in Your Success
  • Watch Out for Your Personal and Financial Safety

This article was super long, but I hope it’s the most helpful guide you’ve found so far on selling feet pics to make money online! 

If you’re looking for additional money making ideas, check out some of these posts:

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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