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I Don’t Want to Work Anymore [2022 Guide to Quit Your Job]

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By Forrest | Last Updated: November 10, 2021

Are you thinking to yourself “I don’t want to work anymore!!“?

You might be wondering what options you have to quit your job and stop working.

In this post, I’ll explore some options to quit your job and make money without working a full time job. Let’s get started!

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I Don't Want to Work Anymore

Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Work Anymore

If you’re wondering why you’re getting the thoughts of “I don’t want to work anymore” – below are some common reasons you might not want to work anymore. You can start by looking for jobs that don’t suck

You Work a High Stress Job

One of the most common reasons you don’t want to work anymore could be because your job is stressful. If you feel stressed because of your current job – this makes working much more difficult.

If you just changed jobs or started a new job – your work can be stressful at first.

Certain career paths are more stressful than others. For example, if you work a career in sales or engineering – your job might be more stressful than others like a librarian.

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You Want a Sense of Accomplishment

Not everyone has a dream job that rewards employees for doing a good job and recognizes a strong work ethic.

Unfortunately, many jobs fail to reward employees with a sense of accomplishment to make them feel fulfilled at their job. If you work at a job where you don’t feel accomplished, quitting your job might be the solution to fix this problem.

You Dislike Your Boss or Coworkers

If you dislike your boss, coworkers, and/or the environment of your current job, you might not want to work anymore.

While most people might not get along with everyone at their workplace it’s important to have fun at your job and enjoy life at work. This can be a very common reason for not wanting to work anymore.

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Stressful Job

I Don’t Want to Work Anymore But I Need the Money

If you don’t want to work anymore but you need the money, here are some ways to cope with life in the corporate world.

Break Your Days Up

If you don’t want to work anymore and you hate your job – taking routine breaks can help make your day more manageable. Taking a long break from time to time can also help you enjoy your job more.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Staying positive is a great way to enjoy your work life more. If you’re pessimistic about work – it’s a good idea to stay positive and not dwell on the bad aspects of your job.

Keep in mind that even if your job isn’t your dream job – there might be certain parts of it you like. Try to focus on these areas.

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Find a New Job

Searching for other jobs is a great way to improve your well being at work for several reasons.

When landing a new career most people will make new friends, make more money, and be more motivated to work.

Finding a new job can take some time and you could spend hours each week with no luck. Evaluating jobs and positions can be very tedious but if you hate your job, it’s time well spent.

Take Vacation Days

Taking your allotted vacation days is essential to avoid feeling burned out. If you don’t take your vacation days, this will make things harder for yourself when it’s time to relax.

Exercise Regularly

Maintaining a healthy body and diet is essential if you want a quality life. Each week you should try to spend a few hours exercising. While you might not think it is fun – it’s a great way to spend your time.

What To Do If I Don’t Want to Work Anymore

There are several ways to remove yourself from the office life if you don’t want to work anymore. Consider some of these ideas.

Start a Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle is a great way to make money outside of your career. If you’re tired of the corporate life – starting a profitable side hustle is a great form of self care to live your best life.

There are thousands of potential side hustles to make more money. Some of my favorite side hustles include:

A side hustle doesn’t need to make thousands of dollars each month to help you quit your job. Even if it’s a couple of hundred of dollars – this could be enough to pad your emergency fund to help you retire early and quit your job.

Take Time Off From Your Job

Taking some time off from your job is one of the best ways to relax when it comes time for vacation. If you want to quit your job and take a break – consider taking several weeks or even months off from work.

By taking time away from your job you will have more time to relax, make friends, recharge your batteries, learn new skills, and more.

Turn Your Hobby into a Side Hustle to Make Money

There are many hobbies that make money so you can quit your career and have a better life.

For example, selling candles from home is a great way to make extra cash from your hobby. You could also make things to sell on Etsy.

Start a Small Business

If you want to end your career and retire early, starting a business is a great way to make money. This might require some time and effort, but starting a small business can be extremely rewarding in the end.

The best part about starting a small business is you set your own hours and work when you want.

Starting a business can also be risky, however. It takes a certain skillset to grow a profitable business and make a significant income that’s capable of replacing your job.

If you’re searching for a flexible schedule with the ability to make good money – starting a business is a great option.

So, what business should you start?

Ultimately, you’ll want to pick something that you’re skilled at or are passionate about.

There are many small businesses that make great money to easily quit your job. For example, starting a pressure washing business is a fun work environment to earn money.

Another consideration when starting a business is the startup costs. You can easily spend a fortune when starting a company. Aim to find a venture that is within reason to start.

For example, you can start a painting company for less than a few thousand dollars.

Invest for Passive Income

Investing is a great way to make money and quit your job. If you’re searching for ways to earn money and make a decent income without having to work tomorrow – investing is a great option.

Building passive income from your investments will require some capital to get started. If you don’t have any money to invest this option might not be best for you.

What should you invest in?

There are many types of investments to grow your money and build passive income, some of my favorites include investing in the stock market, real estate, and cryptocurrency.

If you want to start investing in stocks, you’ll need an online brokerage account. You can use an app like Acorns to invest in stocks, ETFs, index funds, and more quickly and easily from your phone.

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To invest in real estate, I recommend using a platform like Fundrise. Fundrise allows you to invest in commercial real estate without all the hassle of owning a property.

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Lastly, if you want to invest in cryptocurrency, I recommend using Coinbase. The free app allows you to trade cryptocurrency and withdraw funds easily.

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Start a Blog to Retire Early

If you have the discipline to work hard and create unique content, blogging is an excellent way to live your ideal life and become your own boss.

Blogging is not always easy. You’ll need to be able to create unique content and fine tune your writing skills.

So, how do I start a blog?

Creating a blog is easier than you might think.

First, you’ll need to purchase a domain name. I use Namecheap because it offers the most affordable domains on the market.

Second, sign up for a hosting provider like SiteGround. You can set up your blog in less than five minutes by using their one-click install feature for WordPress.

Lastly, it’s time to start creating content and building an audience. This can be the most challenging part of blogging but it is also the most essential.

Once you’ve grown an audience, there are a variety of ways you can make money from your site. Whether you promote affiliate links or using display advertising – blogging can be life changing with the money you can make.

If you want to retire early and quit your job – blogging can be a great way to reach your goals.

Sell Digital Products or Online Courses

If you’re looking for a better personal life working fewer hours and becoming financially independent – selling digital products and courses is a superb method to to make more money without a career.

Creating digital products and courses can be difficult and time-consuming but once you have your product, it’s an excellent way to generate passive income.

The main challenge of selling digital products is creating an audience to sell to. If you want to make good money selling these products you’ll need to find or create an audience.

You can also work to find affiliate partners to promote your products for you. This method can make your life easier and help you live life on your own terms. Otherwise, you can create an audience by starting a blog, growing a social media account, or using email marketing.

The amount of money you can make with courses and products is tremendous. There are many external factors that can determine how successful you are but some creators are capable of making millions of doing absolutely nothing selling products and courses.

Become Your Own Boss as a Freelancer

If you want to live life on your own terms – freelancing is a great way to make more money and quit your career.

There are many kinds of freelancing, such as writing, designing, consulting, software development, and more.

One of the most popular forms of freelancing is becoming a copywriter. As a copywriter you can work from home and make a full time income without having to leave your house.

Freelancers don’t have the restrictions of working for a specific company and can make their own schedule. The best part of freelancing is you are your own boss.

What to Do Before Quitting Your Job

If you’re thinking “I don’t want to work anymore” and you’re ready to quit your job, be sure to leave your employment on good terms.

To do so, you’ll want to do a few things.

  • Give Your Employer Time. Putting in your two weeks notice should be a priority for leaving your job on good terms. If you don’t give your employer notice of your departure, you’re likely to be seen as a liability.
  • Understand PTO and Sick Day Pay. If you have accumulated sick days or personal days, you may want to consider taking them before leaving your job. Check to see if your job will pay out any of this time for additional money.
  • Finish Up Tasks Before Departing. If you have a large amount of uncompleted tasks before leaving, do your best to finish them up (even if you feel burned out). By leaving a large number of tasks at your job, you’ll make someone else’s life more difficult.
  • Don’t Make Enemies. After putting in your two weeks notice you might be inclined to stop working and stop communicating with co workers.
  • Keep Benefits in Mind. Being employed comes with other benefits outside of your salary. For example, health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits often accompany your employment. If you don’t want to work anymore, keep in mind these benefits that you might no longer have. Items like health insurance can be high cost so be sure to have a plan to save money for them once leaving your job.
  • Create a Budget. If you want to quit your job you’re going to need to have a budget to save money and reach financial independence. Budgeting will allow you to save money by allocating each dollar you make so you can get the most out of it. Be sure to consult any family member that relies on your income and money to live.
  • Have an Emergency Fund. Before quitting your job, it’s important to have an emergency fund or savings to fall back on if you cannot find a new job or you have a life event that requires cash.

Final Thoughts on I Don’t Want to Work Anymore

If you’re still thinking “I don’t want to work anymore” there are many options you can do to make money without a full time job.

Between picking up a side hustle, starting a small business, or reaching financial independence – there are many ways to quit the rat race and regain your work life balance you deserve.

Sometimes quitting your job isn’t the only way to reduce the stress of hating your job. Instead, try to change jobs or start a side hustle to replace the income from your career.

No matter your circumstance – having a positive attitude can help to alleviate some of the stress if you don’t want to work anymore. Good luck!

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Me Page for more info.
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