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17 Jobs that Pay $100 an Hour (Ultimate 2024 List)

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  September 21, 2022

If you're looking for a new career, or you just want to make more money, finding a job that pays $100 an hour can be a great way to achieve your goals.

While finding high paying jobs isn't always easy, there are a number of well-paying careers out there if you know where to look.

In this post, I'll explore some of the top jobs that pay $100 an hour, how to find jobs, and much more. Let's get started!

It's worth noting that some of the jobs on the list are paid hourly or on a freelance basis. This means you might need to secure more work to reach your goal of making an annual salary of $200k a year.

How Much is $100 an Hour?

Working a job that pays $100 an hour is equivilent of earning $208,000 annually or $4,000 a week.

This is much higher than the median household income of $67,521 in 2020.

Finding a career path that pays this much can be difficult and it might take a few years, but it's not impossible.

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Best Jobs That Pay $100 an Hour

If you're looking for jobs that pay $100 an hour, there are many options out there. While many will require a Bachelor's or Masters degree, there are some you can do with just a high school diploma.

Mental Health Professional

A mental health professional or mental health counselor can fill a variety of roles. They may work with individuals, couples, families, or groups. Most mental health professionals focus on a particular area, such as addiction, couples therapy, or helping patients manage anxiety and depression.

Mental health counselors can work in a private practice or addiction counseling center but they can also work in schools and hospitals.

To become a mental health professional, you need to earn a Master's degree in Psychology or Sociology. You'll also need to obtain licensing from your state's clinical therapy board. 

Necessary skills include strong communication skills and an ability to listen. The best counselors are also adept at reading people's actions and helping them understand why they fall into negative patterns.

The pay range for mental health counselors is wide. Counselors in rural areas or at public clinics will earn less than those at more expensive private practices. But in many areas, they can earn well over $100 an hour. If you want to make more money, you can always check out these side hustles for counselors

Did You Know?
  • There are more than 37,000 practicing mental health professionals in the US.
  • The majority of mental health professionals – 73.8% – are women.
  • The average age for a mental health counselor is 44.

(Sources: Zippia)

Solutions Architect

A solutions architect – sometimes called an enterprise architect – designs a company’s IT infrastructure. They’re responsible for security, documentation, and development of IT procedures. And since a company’s IT needs evolve over time, the job involves frequent redesigns and upgrades.

Solutions architects typically work at mid to large-sized companies that manage their own networks and servers. Smaller companies don't often do this, and have no need for an enterprise architect.

Solutions Architect Salary

IT is a flexible field, and there are rarely hard-and-fast job requirements. The most important is relevant IT experience and an ability to manage big data. But it doesn’t hurt if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.

Enterprise architects earn a handsome salary, even at the lowest-paying companies. At larger companies, there may also be growth opportunities. You can work your way up to become an IT director or even Chief Information Officer.

Did You Know?
  • In the US, there are more than 142,000 solutions architects.
  • 86.6% of solutions architects are men; 13.4% are women.
  • The average solutions architect is 43 years old.

Source: Zippia

Film Producer

A film producer is responsible for overseeing the entire creation of a motion picture. Producers can also work in other media, such as television, music, or theater. Depending on the scale of the production, there may be one producer or several.

Producers can wear many hats. They’re responsible for negotiating salaries, approving casting decisions, and choosing a director. Producers also have the final say on all budgetary decisions. And in most cases, they get to approve or reject the final cut.

A producer works on the business side of “show business.” You’ll need a degree in business or experience in managing large, successful projects. You also need to have experience in whatever media you’re working in. For example, an aspiring movie producer should be familiar with all phases of film development.

Wondering what the top movie producers make? Patty Jenkins, the infamous director behind the hit movie Wonder Woman, secured between $8 and $9 million for her role in the sequel.

Your earnings will depend on what scale of production you’re working on. As a rule of thumb, you’ll earn more producing a higher-budget film than a lower-budget one.

Did You Know?
  • 67.7% of film producers are male, and 32.3% are female.
  • 70.3% of producers are white; 12.8% are Hispanic, 7.1% are Black, and 6.5% are Asian.
  • 48% of working producers are over the age of 40.

Source: Zippia

Chief Information Officer

A chief information officer (CIO) is responsible for all of a company’s IT needs. They oversee infrastructure, software, and IT policies but they’re. They're also responsible for security, IT budgeting, and negotiating contracts with vendors and service providers. Most importantly, a CIO plans for the company's future IT needs, and proactively works to meet those.

CIOs typically work at larger companies with significant IT needs. Think publicly traded companies like FaceBook, Apple, Google.

For example, a medium-sized company might have a solutions architect oversee its entire IT department. A larger company might have a solutions architect, security consultant, and budgeting director all reporting to the CIO.

Working as a CIO can be a great job that pays $300k a year or more, but it does come with a large amount of responsibility and stress.

CIO Salary

Chief information officer is a C-suite position and requires a Bachelor's degree at a minimum. It helps if the degree is in Computer Science, but you could also obtain a Business degree and work in relevant jobs. You'll need to work your way up the ladder regardless; this isn't a job you can get right out of college.

A good CIO needs to have a firm grasp of IT architecture, policies, and procedures. You also need to have a background in business and budgeting, as well as senior management experience.

Did You Know?
  • There are currently more than 62,000 CIOs in the US.
  • 81.4% of CIOs are men, and 18.6% are women.
  • The average CIO is 52 years old.

Source: Zippia

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist

A tattoo artist works with clients to design and apply tattoos. This may involve clients choosing premade designs from a sample book. Oftentimes, a client will come in with their own design, and the artist will need to adapt that and create something the client likes.

Tattoo artists also need to adhere to health and safety standards. They’re responsible for maintaining sterile needles and preventing ink contamination. They also need to coach their clients on proper aftercare for their fresh tattoos.

Requirements for tattoo artists vary by jurisdiction. But generally speaking, you’re going to need a license. You’ll also need some experience and a portfolio. Most people start by practicing on fruit. Once you’ve perfected your technique on oranges and lemons, you can work on some brave friends. Snap some pictures – with permission – and you’ve got a portfolio.

Tattoo artist rates vary by location and experience level. However, many charge an equivalent of well over $100 an hour.

Keep in mind that half your earnings will go to the shop owner if you’re working in someone else’s shop. To maximize your earnings, you’ll need to open your own shop.
Did You Know?
  • 75% of tattoo artists are male; 25% are female.
  • 59% of tattoo artists are white, 21.4% are Hispanic, 10% are Black, and 10% are Asian.
  • 50% of tattoo artists are aged 40 or over.

Source: Zippia


Freelance Videographer

A videographer is someone who operates a camera, ensures lighting is adequate, and works with the director to get the desired shots for a video. They can work at conferences, seminars, and other corporate events or. They can also work at private events like weddings. Some videographers also work on films or documentaries.

The difference between a videographer and a cinematographer is that a videographer is a one-person operation. They set up their own equipment and typically work on smaller projects. A cinematographer works as part of a team, along with light operators and other professionals. They typically work on larger projects. 

There are no formal education requirements to become a videographer. You can learn a lot in film school, but there’s no substitute for real-world practice behind the camera. This can be a great digital nomad job for beginners as you'll often need to travel to get your work done. 

Beginning videographers work for peanuts. You may start out charging $100 to work at your cousin’s wedding. But if you build a strong portfolio, you can earn $100 an hour or more. And if you’re working in the film industry, you can go on to become a director or cinematographer.

Did You Know?
  • More than 49,000 US residents work as freelance videographers.
  • 80% of freelance videographers are men, and 20% are women.
  • The average freelance videographer is 37 years old.

Source: Zippia

Political Scientist

Political scientists work in many fields. Some are political theorists and professors who work at universities. Others work at think tanks or nonprofits, applying political theory to real-world problems. Still others work for politicians, testing messaging and helping to craft policy. In the US, the majority work for the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

Most political scientists specialize. They may focus on international relations, specific policy issues like immigration, or more mundane things like interest group polling.

A political scientist needs to have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science at a bare minimum. In most cases, you'll need a Master's degree. To become a professor of Political Science, you'll have to earn a doctorate.

The pay range for political scientists is pretty broad. Many go into the field because they care deeply about a particular issue and are willing to work for minimal pay at a nonprofit. That said, the highest-paying political science jobs are very lucrative.

Did You Know?
  • There are just over 5,600 political scientists in the United States.
  • More than 3,490 of these jobs are in or near Washington, DC.
  • More than 3,300 of these jobs are in the Federal Executive Branch.


Anesthesiologists provide pain management services in hospitals and clinics. During surgery, they’re responsible for keeping the patient unconscious and monitoring their vitals. They can also provide local anesthesia for smaller procedures or epidurals for deliveries.

Anesthesiologist Salary

An anesthesiologist must be a Doctor of Medicine or a Doctor of Osteopathy. They must also complete a residency and obtain the required state licensing.

While anesthesiologists receive generous compensation, you have little negotiating power. Most doctors admit patients and can negotiate a higher salary if they bring in more patients. Anesthesiologists work on other doctors’ patients, so they have no leverage.

Did You Know?
  • The US employs over 6,400 anesthesiologists.
  • 59.4% of anesthesiologists are men, and 40.6% are women.
  • The average age of an anesthesiologist is 48.

Source: Zippia


A neonatologist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of newborn babies. Oftentimes, they treat premature infants who are unable to breathe or fight off infections. However, they also treat full-term babies with congenital disorders, illnesses, or other complications. Some neonatologists work in research and conduct clinical trials for new medications and treatments.

Neonatologists care for an infant until it is ready to go home with its parents. After that, a pediatrician would provide future medical treatments.

Neonatologist Salary

A neonatologist needs to earn a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy degree. After that, they need to complete a three-year pediatrics residency and a three-year fellowship in neonatal intensive care.

Did You Know?
  • The gender balance of neonatologists is nearly equal. 48.7% are women, and 51.3% are men.
  • 69.1% of neonatologists are white; 19.3% are Hispanic, 5.8% are Black, and 3.4% are Asian.
  • 74% of neonatologists are over the age of 40.

Source: Zippia

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is more than just a masseuse. Massage therapists work with their clients to build a custom massage routine that meets their needs. For example, one client may suffer back pain, while another may suffer pain from constant typing. These clients would require different types of massage.

Massage therapists often work in physical rehab centers, but they also work at spas, hospitals, and even resorts. Some work with professional athletes, and a select few provide private services for celebrities.

To become a massage therapist, you need to obtain a state license. In most states, this requires four years of experience as a masseuse. You’ll also need good communication skills to interact with your clients.

Did You Know?
  • The US is home to more than 105,000 massage therapists.
  • 76.4% of massage therapists are women; 23.6% are men.
  • The average American massage therapist is 41 years old.

Source: Zippia


A consultant is an expert in a very narrow field. For example, someone may have an encyclopedic knowledge of building a skyscraper foundation on a particular substrate. A building firm could hire them to consult with the architect during the design.

That’s just an example. A consultant can be an expert on pretty much anything.

Consulting is a broad field with no single set of requirements. But in most cases, you’ll need a four-year degree in your field. Depending on your field, you may need a graduate degree.

Did You Know?
  • There are just under 500,000 consultants in the US.
  • 58.4% of consultants are men, and 41.6% are women.
  • The average consultant is aged 43.

Source: Zippia

Interior Designer

An interior designer who plans the interior of a finished structure. They coordinate fixtures, furniture, and lighting. A designer needs to work closely with clients to determine how they intend to use the space. Then they can plan the layout accordingly. They also talk to clients about their favorite color schemes and other preferences.

An interior designer needs to have a Bachelor's degree in the arts. You'll then have to work for at least three years as a junior designer for somebody else. During that time, you'll learn to use CAD programs and other tools of the trade. Then you can go out on your own.

If you want to make more money, check out these side hustles for interior designers!

Did You Know?
  • There are currently almost 43,000 interior designers in the US.
  • 79% of interior designers are women, and 21% are men.
  • The average age of an interior designer is 42.

Source: Zippia


A speechwriter prepares speeches for another individual. They may do this on a freelance basis; for example, writing speeches for business leaders on special occasions. Or they may work for an organization, or even an individual such as a politician.

There are no formal requirements to become a speechwriter. A degree in English or a related field is helpful but optional.

What you do need is a keen ear for your client. They'll typically come to you with a list of ideas or a messy first draft. Your job is to understand what they're trying to say and phrase it compellingly.

Did You Know?
  • 63.4% of speechwriters are men and 36.6% are women.
  • 72.5% of speechwriters are white; 10.8% are Hispanic, 9% are Black, and 4.7% are Asian.
  • 33% of speechwriters work for Fortune 500 companies or the US government.

Source: Zippia

Commercial Pilot

A commercial pilot is a professional pilot who doesn’t work for the military. Pilots work in teams, either with a copilot or a copilot and second officer. They can work for a passenger airline or a freight company like UPS or FedEx. Many work on charter airlines, and some are on call for businesses or celebrities.

A pilot needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering or a similar field. You then need to complete two months of simulator training an and additional 1,500 hours of flight time.

Flying is exciting and can pay very well, but it’s also stressful. 26% of new pilots fly for two years or less. Then again, many seem to enjoy the lifestyle; 20% of pilots fly for 11 years or more.
Did You Know?
  • 91.9% of commercial pilots are men, and only 8.1% are female.
  • 86.5% of commercial pilots are white; 7% are Hispanic, 2.2% are Asian, and 1.6% are Black.
  • 67% of current US pilots are aged 40 or older.

Source: Zippia


An orthodontist is a specialist in the alignment of teeth and jaws. They most often install braces and similar devices, and supervise their adjustment.

The majority of orthodontists work with children, since dental misalignments first develop in childhood. Then again, there are also plenty of adults who need orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontist Salary

An orthodontist needs to graduate from dental school and obtain a state license to practice. You’ll have to keep up with technology over time, as science develops new and better orthodontic tools. And like any medical professional, you’ll need to develop a warm bedside manner.

Did You Know?
  • 70.3% of American orthodontists are women; 29.7% are men.
  • 72.5% of orthodontists are white. 14.3% are Asian, 7.8% are Hispanic, and 3.6% are Black.
  • 68% of orthodontists are more than 40 years old.

Source: Zippia

Freelance Writer

Some freelance writers can make $100 an hour or more depending on the client they're working with and their skills and experience.

Most often, they charge clients on a per-word basis for their writing.

This means they could write a 1,000-word blog post and get paid $250 for it, or they could write a 500-word article for $50.

Experienced writers can command over $.25 per word which can certainly amount to $100 an hour if you're a decently quick writer.

Best of all, freelancing is a form of self employment, so you won't have to sit through useless meetings, and you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

You also don't need a formal education to work this job. While having an English degree could certainly help, many writers get started with just a high school diploma.

Did You Know?
  • There are over 5,785 content writers currently employed in the United States.
  • 60.2% of all content writers are women, while 39.8% are men.
  • The average age of an employed content writer is 41 years old.

Source: Zippia

Freelance Photographer

Another popular freelance job that pays well is photography.

With this job, you can make great money if you are highly skilled and have the knowledge to produce great photos.

Freelance photographers are paid on a contract basis, so you can certainly make $100 an hour with this low stress job.

Some types of photography will pay higher rates than others. For example, newborn photography could pay more than pet photography.

Did You Know?
  • There are over 12,125 freelance photographers currently employed in the United States.
  • 48.8% of all freelance photographers are women, while 51.2% are men.
  • The average age of an employed freelance photographer is 38 years old.

Source: Zippia

Final Thoughts on the Best Jobs That Make $100 an Hour

There are many options when it comes to finding a job that pays $100 an hour.

Whether you choose to work as a film producer, tattoo artist, or freelance photographer – finding a job in the right field is key to making great money.

You'll want to dedicate some time to your job search to ensure you find a role that suits your skills and interests.

Once you find the right position, you can enjoy the high pay and reach your financial goals!

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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