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30 Best Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing (Ultimate 2024 List)

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  July 30, 2022

Traveling for work is a way of life that many wish they could enjoy.

The thing is, there aren’t a lot of jobs out there that compensate for both travel and housing expenses. That being said, there are opportunities out there. So what are the jobs that pay for travel and housing?

In this post, I'll explore the best jobs that pay for travel and housing, how much money you can make, and much more. Let's get started!

Best Jobs that Offer Free Housing and Travel

Below are some of the top jobs that provide free housing and travel opportunities. While some may be seasonal jobs, there are also year round jobs that will pay for your expenses. Take a look and see which ones fit your interests! You can also check out these digital nomad jobs for beginners.

Travel Nurse

Traveling Nurse

A travel nurse goes to locations where regular nurses are in short supply.

These professionals work in patients’ homes and at understaffed hospitals.

A traveling nurse must be able to adapt so they can provide high-quality care consistently. It's an intense job, but it pays well and affords an opportunity to travel around the world.

The more experience you have, the more opportunities you’ll have as a traveling nurse. And if you choose to work in a place where nurses are desperately needed, you will be compensated well. Plus, you could have your housing paid for.

Most travel nursing agencies will offer a stipend to provide housing for their workers which makes it an ideal job for any travel bug who enjoys health care work.

On average, travel nurses make about $3,000 a week. You could make more or less—it all comes down to how much you’re willing to work.

Military Worker


Joining the military is a well-known way of getting travel and housing expenses covered.

You will serve your country in one of several branches, and there are a variety of jobs one can perform in each branch. For example, you could operate technology or be a maintenance crew member on the ground.

If you have a strong desire to serve your country and you want to see the world, joining the military may be an ideal option for you. You’ll also learn skills and concepts that’ll help you throughout your life.

How much your paid is largely according to rank and branch. Therefore, do your research before you enlist in a branch.

While this is one of the most dangerous jobs on the list, it can be an unforgettable experience that include many benefits like paid leave, compensation for advancing your education, and many other perks.

Wilderness Therapy Field Guide

Wilderness therapy field guides will go out on hikes with teenagers and young people to make a positive impact in their lives.

On these hikes, the hikers will learn about and practice self-confidence, team-building, and decision-making.

These programs are aimed at those who are struggling with depression, substance abuse, and other mental ailments that may prohibit them from living a productive life.

If you love the outdoors and want to help people while working a low stress job, this job could be ideal for you. It’s typically a seasonal job, though housing is usually paid for.

Working this job, you get to enjoy nature and change lives at the same time making it a great job that doesn't suck.

On average, wilderness therapy field guides make $66,000 annually. If, however, you’re only working this job for a season, it’s likely you’ll make less. Still, the free food and housing make this job attractive, whether it’s year round or seasonal.

Ski Resort Worker

Ski Resort Worker

Ski resort workers are a vital part of any ski lodge or resort and the industry as a whole.

There are several jobs that one can work at a ski resort and some are even perfect jobs for lazy people.

For example, you could help with booking, operate the ski lifts, work in security, or even cook for guests. Many resorts provide free housing for their workers, as commuting to a snowy ski lodge can be dangerous.

If you love snow and skiing, you’ll love working at a ski resort. Plus, a lot of resorts allow their employees to ski for free or at a discounted rate. You can earn some cash from working in the morning and hit the slopes in the afternoon.

On average, ski resort workers make $50,000 annually. Those in managerial positions may make more, while those in entry-level positions make less. If you want to work at a resort, apply to a place where you can work your way up to a high-salary position.

Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand

While ranches aren’t as common as they used to be, they still employ large numbers of people.

Ranch hands tackle a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis. You might be in charge of horse training, harvesting, animal feeding, or tool repair.

As a ranch hand, you’ll learn and utilize a range of skills, and you’ll also learn the ins and outs of farm operations.

If you’re good with your hands and you love to work outside, this job could be great for you. A ranch will often pay for the room and board of its employees, though this practice isn’t universal.

On average, ranch hands make about $29,000 annually. It's not a lot, but there are plenty of benefits that come from working on a farm. For example, you’ll get plenty of exercise, and you’ll always have access to fresh food.

Camp Counselor

If you’re young and looking for a part-time job, you may love being a camp counselor. In this position, you can work with kids and enjoy a range of camp activities. For many children, going to camp is their first time being away from home for an extended period. As a camp counselor, you’ll guide the campers and encourage them to grow.

If you love to have fun and don't mind spending time outside, being a camp counselor may be an excellent job for you. Your meals will be free and you’ll get paid to sleep in a cabin. Plus, modern camp sites have amenities, so it’s not like you’ll be without the comforts of home.

On average, camp counselors make about $12 an hour. However, if you’re a supervisor, you could make upwards of $20 an hour.



Some parents will hire live in nannies when they need help looking after their children.

It may be that the parents are too busy or that they’re away on business. Nannies will do a variety of activities with children, like going for walks, cooking, playing games, telling stories, and going for ice cream. They also make sure the children are clean and well-behaved.

If you nanny abroad, your host family will likely house and feed you without a second thought. After all, you’re operating as an extension of their family, so you should be treated as such.

You could nanny in Italy, France, and even parts of Africa. Just keep in mind that you may need to know a foreign language to succeed.

On average, nannies make close to $34,000 a year. However, you could make much more if you nanny for a wealthy family. Explore your options and make sure the location is safe before you take a job as a nanny. You could even go to school while you work this job.

Security Guard

Many properties need round-the-clock security. In this role, you will keep a watchful eye over the property and alert the authorities if there’s a breach. You may also be required to confront an intruder. 

If you like to defend, your skills and passion could be utilized in the security guard position. You could also have your housing and meals paid for (depending on where you work). And in between shifts, you could take online classes and develop your skills so you’re qualified for a position that pays more.

Security guards usually make about $34,000 a year. Security guards who are protecting critical infrastructure will make more than those who are defending something non-essential. You need to be brave, confident, quick, and strong to be a security guard, as you may face dangerous situations.


Butlers might sound old-fashioned, but many individuals still want them in their homes. These professionals greet guests, lead them to their rooms, make arrangements for entertainment, clean rooms, and handle the unpredictable events that come when one is trying to keep a house in order.

If you like to clean and keep things in line, being a butler could be an ideal career for you. And once you develop a reputation, you may be able to work and live in a luxurious home, eat great food, and interact with famous and powerful people.

Butlers make about $59,000 a year if they work year round. If you work part-time, you will make less. However, you can make close to six figures if you’re a butler for someone who’s extremely wealthy.

Personal Chef

Personal Chef

A personal chef is a kind of butler, but they only handle matters relating to food. In this position, you will plan, prepare, and make meals and snacks for a family and their guests. Wealthy individuals hire personal chefs to work in their homes, at vacation properties, and on yachts.

If you like to cook and you’re good at planning, you’ll do well as a personal chef.

As compensation, you’ll get free housing, a salary, and the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food you prepare.

Personal chefs make about $62,000 a year. However, you could make much more if you work for someone wealthy.

Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise Ship Employee

Cruise ships carry millions of people every year, and there are many job opportunities on a cruise ship.

You can work as a chef, an entertainer, a guide, etc. There are even seasonal resort jobs one can work through the cruise line. Cruise lines will offer free employee housing

If you want to be on a boat and see the world, being a cruise ship employee could be an excellent job for you. There are many entry-level and middle-management positions available, and you could utilize your skills and develop new ones while working aboard a cruise ship.

On average, cruise ship employees make about $20,000 annually. However, if you’re a supervisor in a specific part of the ship, it’s likely you’ll make double, if not triple that. Of course the captain of the ship is one of the highest-paid professionals on it.

International Educator

An international educator works in different locations to teach vital skills to children and adults.

Many of these educators specialize in language skills, while others teach math, science, history, etc. They bring different perspectives to parts of the world where these aren’t common.

If you want to live somewhere exotic and receive free room and board, this could be the job for you. You’ll get to explore new places as an international educator, and you won’t spend nearly as much as a typical traveler.

Most international educators make close to $52,000 a year. It’s decent income, especially if you work in a place where things are very cheap (relative to what you’re earning).

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are critical in modern society.

They design and construct bridges, dams, highways, and other vital infrastructure around the world.

When a civil engineer takes on a project, they’re involved at every step. They conceive the project, oversee its completion, and maintain it thereafter.

If you’re well-versed in mathematical concepts and the principles of design, you may make an excellent international civil engineer. Essentially, a country will provide housing so you can work on their critical infrastructure.

Civil engineers make about $71,000 annually but some engineers can hold a job that pays over $200k.

If you work in another country, you can enjoy a new way of life while making a difference for the people who live there.

ESL Educator

ESL educators are in high demand throughout the world.

As an educator, you’d get to teach the English language to children and adults who need to learn it. You can work in the countryside or in a major urban center, immersing yourself in the culture as you do.

If you love to teach, this job could be ideal for you. Companies will pay your travel and living expenses so you can provide your knowledge to people who need it. And while you teach English, you may learn another language from those who speak it fluently.

ESL educators make about $50,000 annually. However, where you work and who you work for largely determines how much you’ll make in a year.

Live-In Caretaker

Sometimes, people need at-home care in the later years of their life. This is where live-in caretakers come in.

They live with an individual who needs help with a range of day-to-day functions. The patient might be elderly, on hospice, or suffering from mental illness.

If you want to care for people, being a live-in caregiver may be an excellent job for you. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy free room and board as you make an impact and improve someone's quality of life.

On average, live-in caretakers make about $34,000 a year. While the salary isn’t the highest, since a lot of your day-to-day expenses will be taken care of, you won’t have to spend a large chunk of your salary on living expenses.

Building Manager

A building manager is responsible for keeping a building in working order year round. They handle the day-to-day daily operations and make sure the building looks good both inside and outside. If the building is a large one, the manager may be required to live on the premises. Seasonal hotels, apartments, and lodges often need building managers.

If you’re looking for a quiet job, being a building manager may be for you. However, if you’re maintaining a building that’s occupied, you’ll need to help tenants with problems.

Building managers usually make about $89,000 annually. However, the amount of income you receive from this role is largely determined by the property owner you work for.

Oil Rig Engineer

Oil rigs are constructed in the middle of the ocean. As an oil rig engineer, you’ll live on a rig, ensuring everything is in working order. Being an oil rig engineer is dangerous work, which is why they are compensated well. Their food and lodging are free as well.

If you’re an engineer and you’re looking to travel the world, working on an oil rig may be a great option for you. It’s hard work sometimes, but since you’re providing a vital service, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction after a long day of working.

On average, oil rig engineers make about $121,000 a year. If you’re in a managerial position, you can make even more. Even entry-level engineers make upwards of $70,000.



Diplomats play a critical role in the world. They work on peace deals, human rights issues, cultural concerns, and economic crises.

As a diplomat, you’ll do lots of traveling, and you won’t have to pay out of pocket for these expenses.

If you’re good at talking, this job might be for you. You’ll get experience working with the government and earn decent income at the same time. Plus, room and board is free no matter where you go.

Diplomats earn about $153,000 a year. They command a high salary because their work is important and often demanding. This is not a career for those who get nervous easily or struggle with responsibility.

Peace Corps Volunteer

Peace Corps volunteers work overseas to make a positive impact in the developing world. You may specialize in teaching, building, or community organizing as a Peace Corps volunteer. You’ll get to make a change in the world, and the organization will pay for your food and housing as you do.

If you work for less than twenty-four months, you get $375 a month. If you work for more than twenty-four months, you get $475 a month. There are many paths to success in this organization.


Clergymen and clergywomen are members of the church. These individuals teach their faith, often in places where it’s uncommon. This is a calling for those who are passionate about their religious beliefs.

If you feel like you have a calling to become a member of the clergy, contact the local leader of your sect. This individual will help you get started on the path to becoming a clergy member.

As a clergy member, you won’t have to pay for your room and board. You will most likely stay in a religious building like a church or monastery while you perform your services.

Circus Performer

Circuses still exist and they’re always hiring people, as there are many positions in a circus. You can be an acrobat, a dancer, a fire-breather, etc. Circuses travel from place to place and provide free food and housing for their members. 

If you have a talent, it doesn't hurt to look online and see if there are any openings with the local circus. Joining the circus is a fun, unique way to earn money for a talent you possess.

On average, circus performers earn about $60,000 a year. High-end circuses will pay their performers top dollar, where as local circuses won’t pay as much.

Antarctic Technician

Antarctica is a continent with few humans, but like the space station, there needs to be a human presence there so the research centers are maintained.

An Antarctic technician will live at one of these centers, monitoring the nearby area and ensuring the tools and instruments are working properly.

If you don't mind isolation and working alone, this could be an ideal job for you.

Usually, you’ll spend a few months at a research station, then you’ll have a month-long break on another continent.

Obviously, employee housing is paid for so you don't have to worry about that.

Antarctic technicians make about $80,000 a year. In this role, you’ll earn a decent income while living and working in an environment that few ever experience.



A housekeeper is responsible for keeping a home in order. They sweep floors, clean countertops, make beds, and perform many other necessary functions around the home.

If you like to clean and organize, housekeeper may be an excellent job for you. In this role, you can travel the world and meet a variety of interesting people. Housekeepers work in private homes, hotels, resorts, etc. If you work for a wealthy family, it’s likely you’ll live with them.

On average, housekeepers earn about $38,000 a year. If your client is a wealthy individual, however, you may make much more.


Concierges work at hotels, lodges, and resorts, and they ensure guests are taken care of during their stay.

When a guest has a request or requirement, a concierge is the person they see. They also handle wake-up calls and inform guests when they have company.

If you are friendly and hospitable, you will love working as a concierge.

Many hotels pay for their concierges’ travel and housing expenses so these professionals can stay on the premises and be available at all hours.

On average, concierges make about $18 an hour. You could, however, make much more if you work at a luxury hotel or resort. Concierges also get tipped sometimes, and a tip can be anywhere from $10 to $100.

This can be one of the better resort jobs that offers paid housing.


In a restaurant, the server is responsible for bringing food to the table. They must also ensure their guests are having an overall enjoyable dining experience. Many companies will pay for their servers’ housing accommodations, including cruise lines and seasonal resorts.

If you’re a friendly individual who can work under pressure, you may do well as a server. All you have to do is bring food and drinks when guests order them. And you’ll get cash after each shift, so there’s no waiting for a paycheck.

Servers make about $26,000 a year. However, you can make a lot more if you work in a restaurant that serves a high-end clientele.

Park Ranger

Park Ranger

Working at a national park can be a tremendous experience that can sometimes include subsidized housing.

There are many different jobs that you can do at a national park.

From enforcing park rules, to patrolling the grounds, there's never a dull day working as a park ranger.

While this might not be one of the highest paying jobs on the list, it can be a slow paced job for anyone to consider.

Where to Find Job That Pay for Housing and Travel

Now that you know what the best jobs are, how can you find one?

Below are some of the best way to find jobs that pay for travel and housing!

Browse Job Boards

Browsing job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster can help you learn about job openings in your area of interest and expertise.

Another benefit of using these sites is that you can oftentimes find an approximate salary for the position you're interested in.

Reach Out to Companies

Reaching out to companies directly can be tedious, but effective in finding a new job.

You'll oftentimes need to send several emails to several companies before you hear back from anyone, but it's worth it to get your name out there.

Use Social Media

Social media, specifically LinkedIn can be an excellent way to find jobs that offer paid housing and travel.

You can find companies that post about these types of opportunities and research them further to see if they're a good fit for you.

Work with a Headhunter

Headhunters and recruiters spend their time connecting employers to employees, so they're a great resource if you're looking for a new job.

If you can find a headhunter in your industry, they may have insight into companies that are hiring and the types of positions they're looking to fill.

Final Thoughts on Jobs that Provide Housing and Travel

There are plenty of jobs that provide free housing and the ability to travel.

While some might be seasonal jobs, there are also many jobs that can offer work year round.

Whether you work as a travel nurse, live in nanny, or a park ranger – you're sure to find the perfect job that's both fulfilling and rewarding.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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