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What Does Left Hand Itching Mean? [Good Luck & Money]

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  January 13, 2022

More money is always welcome, which means it's no wonder that some people are always on the lookout for signs that more money might be coming their way.

There are a lot of superstitions and ideas about signs that you might have money on the way, but one of the most popular is your left-hand itching.

Your left-hand itching might not seem like a big deal at first, but there are a lot of stories of people winning the lottery or making important business decisions based on information from their itchy palms.

Is your left-hand itching really a good sign you're about to make money? Is your left-hand itching lottery luck or just a sign of dry skin?

We're going to go over this superstition (along with some other common money superstitions), what it means, and whether you should take your left hand seriously when it comes to money-related luck, and advice.

Left Hand Itching

What Does It Mean If You Have An Itchy Left Palm?

Itchy palms might not seem like a big deal, but that might be because you haven't heard that left-hand itching is a sign that money is on the way.

If you're looking for good fortune in money and in life, you might want to pay closer attention to those left palm itches.

If your left-hand starts itching while you're buying a lottery ticket, pay attention! You might just be getting some lottery luck courtesy of itchy left hands. Of course, there's more than one side of this story, so here's what you need to know about those left-hand itches.

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Is Your Left Palm Itching Always A Good Thing?

There are a lot of superstitions that your left-hand itching is a sign of good money fortune, but it depends on who you ask.

For instance, in Hindu culture, your left-hand itching is only a good sign if you're a woman, but it might mean you're about to lose money if you're a man.

This version is pretty much limited to Hindu culture, though. In this version, itchy left palms mean money for women, but it's an itchy right palm you want if you're a man.

Of course, your right-hand itching is probably about as common as your left-hand itching, so there's still a good chance of making money when you have an itchy palm.

But keep an eye out for bad luck, too, just in case.

Do You Need To Do Anything About Your Left Palm Itching?

Other versions of this superstition say that you need to touch wood with your left hand when your left palm itches. This version says that touching wood lets the wood absorb unwanted energy buildup that causes your left palm to itch but doesn't take your good luck with it.

Some people think that your left-hand itching is a specific sign that you're about to get a lottery win, while some people think that it's a general sign of money coming and not related to the lottery at all.

That's a lot nicer than the versions where your left-hand itching means you're going to lose money!

When it comes to the left-hand itching meaning money, it's hard to say whether the superstition is true or not. After all, there are a lot of things that can cause an itching palm. But, if listening when your left hand is itching is one way to reach financial freedom it's not such a bad thing to pay attention.

Some people think that your left-hand itching means you're about to have good lottery luck. Others think those left-hand itches are a sign that the idea you just had will help you make money, and still others think that the money is already on the way when you notice your itchy palm.

The fact is there are a lot of reasons for itchy palms, and no one really knows if itchy palms are a sign of good luck, bad luck, or something in between. It's all about what you believe and what works for you.

What Causes Palm Itching?

When your palms itch, you might wonder if there's another reason other than good fortune or bad luck. The truth is that there are a lot of reasons for itching palms, and some of them can be easily explained by science and medicine.

For instance, if your hands are dry, you might start to have itchy skin, especially in the winter. Itchy hands can also be a sign of allergies or psoriasis rather than good fortune.

Especially if you have a terrible itch or the itching starts to bother you or become distracting, that may be a sign that something more medical than supernatural may be to blame. In fact, the skin cells on your left hand might start itching because of almost any irritation.

If you have a rash or other signs of a medical reason for your itchy left palm you should probably go to a doctor just in case.

You might have a simple case of dry skin, or your hand palm itching might be a sign of a more serious problem like an allergic reaction or a skin condition.

Does Left Palm Itching Really Mean Money Is Coming Your Way?

There's no way to know for sure if your left-hand itching really means you're going to buy a winning lottery ticket, make a good business decision, or get more money. Some people even think left-hand itching lottery odds are better than when your left hand isn't itching, or if you have an itchy right palm.

An itchy left palm means a lot of different things. It may mean you have dry skin, accidentally touched some poison ivy, or that your bank account is about to get a bit bigger.

The truth is we'll probably never know if your left-hand itching means money or lottery luck. But that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun or make money by listening to your left palm itches.

How Much Money Does A Left Palm Itch Indicate?

A lot of people think hand itches are a predictor of a big lottery win, huge profits, or a great business decision. Others think that listening to hand itches means it's a good time to save money, especially if it's your right-hand itching.

Like most common money superstitions, there's no real way to verify how much money itchy hands indicate.

There are too many variables, and different people seem to have different results from this superstition.

Some people attribute jackpot lottery winnings to their itchy palms, while other people think their itchy palms helped them find a couple of dollars on the sidewalk.

What About Right Palm Itching?

Like most common money-related superstitions, there's another side to this superstition. If an itchy left-hand means you're about to make money, an itchy right palm might mean you're about to lose money.

Of course, there is a more generous version of this superstition as well. Your itchy right palm might mean it's a good time to save money rather than warning that you're about to lose money.

Since saving money is almost always a good idea, it seems like listening to your itchy right hand might be a good idea in that case.

There are some questions though, like what it means when you have an itchy left hand and an itchy right palm at the same time.

Of course, in those situations, you might have to ask if your itchy hands are a sign of good fortune, bad luck, or just a sign that you've gotten into something that makes you itchy!

Regardless of whether you believe in this superstition, talking about your left hand as your lucky hand makes a lot more sense if you're about to make money when your left hand is itching.

Trusting this superstition might not be a great way to make a billion dollars. But who knows, maybe you'll be able to get a little unexpected money by paying attention to your itchy left hand.

How Did Itchy Hands Get Linked To Money?

The superstition about an itchy palm, especially an itchy left hand, is so old that it's hard to know where the superstition got started.

It's possible that the superstition is related to ancient Celtic beliefs that wood and certain trees are connected to good luck, which would explain why you're supposed to touch wood when you have an itchy left palm.

But, like a lot of other money superstitions, it may just be that someone connected left-hand itches to making more money by coincidence.

We may never know for sure how this superstition got started, but there are plenty of anecdotes about it working.

So who knows, maybe your palm itching symbolizes something real, or maybe the stories just come from people having good fortune and the itching was a coincidence.

Money matters, so it's no surprise that there are a lot of money superstitions out there. What might seem a little stranger is the number of people who attribute their financial success to these kinds of superstitions.

It's not just your itchy left hand that means money. Here are a few more money-related superstitions other than one palm itching. Like all superstitions, from a lucky hand to walking under ladders, you're free to pick and choose which superstitions work for you.

If you want to avoid paying money when you don't have to, these superstitions might just come in handy.

Shiny Penny

Shiny Pennies

See a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck. 

Shiny pennies might be the most common money-related superstition out there, and one of the most popular.

A lot of people hear this superstition from family members when they're growing up, but this superstition might be a little more complicated than you think.

For one thing, picking up shiny pennies is a recipe for general good luck, not a recipe to bring wealth.

That's a little different from a lot of superstitions about money since the results aren't about getting or losing money.

There's also one important caveat that a lot of people leave out.

When you're picking up those pennies, you should check to make sure the face is up. Supposedly picking up a penny that's face down has the opposite effect.

So, instead of getting better luck for the rest of the day, picking up a face-down penny might ruin your chances for the day.

Black Cats (Japan)

In the United States, you might have been told that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck.

In fact, the superstition is so strong that black cats have a harder time getting adopted at shelters and some people avoid black cats outright.

That's bad news for the cats, especially since there are so many strays in the United States!

But in Japan, the opposite is true.

A black cat coming across your path in Japan isn't just good luck. It's also a sign you might have some money on the way or that you're headed for greater prosperity.

Like a lot of superstitions, this one definitely depends on which version you believe, especially since the black cat can't exactly choose which way your luck is about to go.

Maybe scratching a black cat with your left hand will improve the odds, who knows.

Brown Spiders and Grasshoppers (Trinidad and Tobago)

Spiders and grasshoppers might not sound like the kind of thing you want in your house, but if that's the case you must not be from Trinidad and Tobago.

In Trinidad, there's a particularly interesting superstition about spiders and grasshoppers, but only the brown kind.

The superstition is that if you have a brown spider or a brown grasshopper in your home it's a sign of good fortune and good luck or money on the way.

Some people even go so far as to encourage brown spiders and grasshoppers into their homes when they're in the area or refuse to take a brown spider or grasshopper out in case they were going to bring the family money related luck.

Spiders In Your Pocket (Trinidad and Tobago)

Another common spider superstition in Trinidad also has to do with money. This one might be a little more frightening than what it means when your left wrist or left hand starts itching.

In this version, it's a sign of good luck you have a spider crawl into your pocket. Yes, it's a good thing to have a spider crawl in your pockets.

That might seem a little strange, or like it's just an old wives tale, but it's no stranger than people who listen to your left-hand itching lottery superstition.

So, the next time you find a spider in your pocket or in a shoe, try not to crush it. Instead, let the spider out in the hopes that it helps bring money into your life, or at least a little bit of good luck.

Besides, anything must feel lucky after finding a spider in your pocket!

Purse on Floor

Don't Put Your Purse On The Floor (China)

This one is based on an old Chinese saying that talks about putting your purse on the floor (or even too low on your body) being a recipe for losing money. After all, it's not just the Hindu religion that has superstitions about money.

This superstition even has a plausible explanation for its origins. For instance, putting your purse on the floor at a restaurant might make it easier for a thief to grab it without alerting you.

Other versions of this superstition say you shouldn't wear your purse too low on your body, which means anything below your waist if you don't want to lose money.

Maybe that's because shoulder bags and handbags are a little more fashionable and popular right now, but it could also be because it's harder to reach into a bag that's held closer to your body.

Or it might just be that this superstition has older origins and isn't related to modern handbags and purses at all! Regardless of the reason, this can be pretty good advice, especially in crowded places.

Bird Droppings (Turkey)

Bird poop might be one of the last things you think of when you're thinking about money, but this superstition is just as common and widely believed as the other money superstitions on this list.

In Turkey, you might actually want the birds to poop on you.

That's because bird poop is considered a sign of good luck and money coming your way.

Though, like the superstition about spiders in your pocket, that might just be because anything good that happens after a bird poops on your shoulder will probably feel like good luck.

Bonsai Money Trees (Taiwan)

Have you ever heard that taking care of a bonsai is a good way to encourage money-related luck in your life? Well, it turns out a certain kind of bonsai tree might just do exactly that.

Money trees, which are commonly made into bonsai, are thought to attract money into your home, and there are a lot of myths and legends about people using money trees to turn their fortunes around.

Of course, money trees only work when you take good care of them. Let them die or stop tending to the tree's needs and the blessing (and money that comes from it) will dry up. Like many superstitions, fail to take care of your money tree and your fortunes may even reverse.

Lucky Cats (Japan)

Looking for a symbol or decoration to help bring money into your life? You might want to borrow from Japanese tradition and bring a Lucky Cat into your home.

These cheerful waving statues are thought not only to help improve your luck but also to bring money and other kinds of good fortune.

Unlike the left-hand itching female/male debate, Lucky Cats work for anyone.

You might even see some people putting money on a Lucky Cat's paw to tip restaurants or as a kind of offering for better luck in other spaces.

But, honestly, even if Lucky Cats aren't really lucky, they're still an adorable decoration.

Money In Your Pocket (Greece)

Looking to make money? One superstition is about keeping a little money on hand to help attract more. In Greece, this is most literally interpreted as keeping a few coins in your wallet or pocket to help attract more money, but it may also mean that saving money is a better way to make money.

No matter how you interpret this superstition, having a lucky coin or two in your wallet is probably a good idea.

Hammer A Coin In Fallen Trees (Wales)

This one might seem a little strange, especially if you see fallen logs covered in old coins on a visit to Wales, but it's taken seriously. If you need to make money, one way to help that along might be to take a small coin and hammer it into a fallen log.

One reason that might work is that some people think evil spirits trapped in wood or lurking in wood can listen to you and influence your life.

Hammering money into fall logs might help appease those spirits and encourage them to turn your fortunes around, or it just might make it harder for them to negatively influence your life.

Just like the knock-on-wood superstition for the same purpose, some people really believe this while other people aren't quite as serious.

But be careful not to do this with live trees. The coins and damage to their bark leave trees vulnerable to insects and other kinds of infection that can kill the tree.

Final Thoughts on Left Hand Itching Meaning

When you get right down to it, being lucky in money may not matter as much as being responsible or careful with your money. But, at the same time, some of the biggest windfalls ever come down to luck, not strategy.

Whether you believe wholeheartedly that money-related luck matters, or not, following a few of these superstitions can't hurt.

If nothing else, following the superstition may get you thinking about money and strategizing.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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