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Money Affirmations

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  November 29, 2021

Using affirmations to attract money might seem silly, but it's one of the secrets behind the success of many millionaires and billionaires. Some might not even realize that they've internalized these affirmations because a lot of your thoughts happen silently and subconsciously, without you even realizing.

Making these affirmations a part of your daily life can help you embrace positivity about money. Thinking like a millionaire can really help you become one, and these affirmations are one step on that path.

We've broken the affirmations up into several groups based on the negative thought processes they help address, or the kind of affect you're looking to have on your finances. Ready to attract prosperity through affirmation? Check out these 300 money affirmations to start bettering your finances.

Money Affirmations

Money Affirmations For Financial Abundance

Here are some of the most effective money affirmations for every need. Using positive affirmations is a great way to help keep your eyes on the goal and create what you're looking for in your life. Remember that aspirations can work in both expected and unexpected ways, so you might not always attract money the way you're expecting.

No matter how you use positive affirmations, money affirmations can help you create wealth and abundance in your life and foster a positive money mindset that will help you look for and capitalize on opportunities.

So, without further ado, here's a list of money affirmations you can use to build wealth and abundance in your daily life.

Money Affirmations To Attract Money To You:

These money affirmations are all about using the law of attraction and positive thinking to help attract money to you.

Money affirmations work by setting your intention and putting energy out to the world that you're ready for more. You can use these affirmations a few times a day as needed, or treat them like money mantras and really concentrate on the affirmation.

Let's take a look.

  1. I release all resistance to attracting money.
  2. I am open to all opportunities to earn more money.
  3. I call more money to myself through my actions and intention.
  4. I am a money magnet.
  5. My actions create the opportunity to make money.
  6. I attract money happily and effortlessly.
  7. I am open to wealth and abundance in life.
  8. Wealth constantly flows toward me, and I am open to opportunities.
  9. Money is energy, and I call energy and wealth to myself.
  10. I accept all money and wealth coming my way joyfully and gratefully.
  11. I accept more money coming into my life with gratitude.
  12. I joyfully accept that money is coming to me.
  13. Unexpected money is welcome and accepted in my live.
  14. I constantly attract opportunities to make more money in my life.
  15. All the money I need is coming to me, and I will see and accept it.
  16. The money I need for financial abundance will come to me.
  17. I will have enough money to reach my goals in life.
  18. I have the power to attract wealth and more money into my life.
  19. I will receive unexpected money when I need it.
  20. I attract money with intention and clarity.
  21. I embrace an abundance mindset and attract wealth with every action.
  22. I am open to receiving the money I need to meet my financial goals.
  23. I am ready to handle massive success in finances and in life.
  24. I will have the money I need to deal with every financial situation in life.
  25. My actions create constant prosperity and attract more money to my life.
  26. Money is pouring into my life.
  27. I am open to all the wealth life offers.
  28. I am open to the abundance of money in life.
  29. I release my limiting beliefs and welcome money into my life.
  30. I release negative energy from my life and make room for wealth and abundance.
  31. I understand the law of attraction and call all the wealth life brings.
  32. I release my scarcity mindset and accept financial success in my life.
  33. I deserve money.
  34. I am worthy of the money and wealth I receive.
  35. I accept a money mindset into my life and attract wealth through my actions.
  36. Money is naturally abundant, and I attract it to me.
  37. Money is all around me, I just have to accept it.
  38. My work for more money will be successful and I will have more than enough money.
  39. I invite financial abundance into my life.
  40. Money is ready and waiting for me to accept it.
  41. I use the law of attraction to ensure my financial future.
  42. Money is available to me at all times.
  43. Money comes into my life in expected and unexpected ways.
  44. I use wealth affirmations to invite money into my life.
  45. I accept enough money to see to my needs.
  46. My financial life is rich, and I invite more money into my life at all times.
  47. I release money obstacles and manifest money in my life.
  48. Money flows into my life at all times.
  49. I accept the opportunity money creates, and invite more money into life.
  50. I will always have enough money for my own financial freedom.
  51. I earn money throughout my life, I attract money with my energy and intent.
  52. I release negative thoughts and accept money into my life.
  53. I receive the wealth I need to meet my money goals.
  54. I embrace the truth that I am worthy of money and money will come to me.
  55. I use money affirmations to attract wealth and prosperity in my life.
  56. Money is always available to me and I am financially secure and prosperous.
  57. My mind helps me attract money and wealth.
  58. I have the power to attract the money and resources I desire.
  59. I manifest an abundant future with my thoughts and intention.
  60. I accept the money I need to live my own life the way I want to.

Money Affirmations to Build Gratitude and Acceptance

Often one of the barriers between us and having a money mindset is that we somehow don't deserve the money we have, or that we don't deserve to make more money.

Use these money mantras to help overcome that feeling and learn to invite money into your life.

  1. I deserve all the money that comes to me.
  2. I deserve wealth and abundance in life.
  3. I welcome my financial future and attract money into my life.
  4. I deserve financial wellness.
  5. I invite a positive mindset to attract more money.
  6. I am worthy of the wealth and resources I have.
  7. I am an excellent money manager and deserve to have more.
  8. I release my limiting beliefs and accept money happily.
  9. I am grateful for the money I have and invite more to come into my life.
  10. I deserve to meet my financial goals.
  11. I accept financial prosperity and wellbeing into my life.
  12. I give thanks for the wealth I already have, and accept more in the future.
  13. I deserve to have the money I need to address my financial situation.
  14. I reject a belief system of guilt and accept money and abundance in my life.
  15. I am actively attracting money through my actions and thoughts.
  16. I am worthy of a wealthy life.
  17. I am worthy of the money and opportunities I receive.
  18. I am grateful for what I have, and constantly discover new ways to make more.
  19. I deserve a fulfilling financial life.
  20. I understand that I am worthy of money and comfort.
  21. I accept all money that comes to me, large sums or small, with gratitude and joy.
  22. I reject negative self-talk and accept money and opportunities.
  23. Life constantly gives me the resources and money I need, and I am grateful.
  24. I use my positive energy to accept and express gratitude for my wealth.
  25. At this very moment, I accept that I deserve money, comfort, and wealth.


Financial Mantras For Financial Freedom

Many people think that money affirmations are mostly for the rich and powerful trying to attract more wealth to themselves. While it's a popular mindset among many rich and successful people, they aren't the only ones who can use these affirmations.

This set of money affirmations is all about inviting the money you need into your life and ensuring you have the resources you need to survive each and every day.

  1. I attract the money I need.
  2. I will always have the money and wealth I need.
  3. Money will come to me when I need it.
  4. My financial life attracts money and wealth at all times.
  5. I will have the money I need for financial freedom.
  6. I will always have a path to financial freedom.
  7. My money situation is always moving toward greater wealth and freedom.
  8. Money in abundant in my life.
  9. I am financially free.
  10. Financial freedom will be my reality.
  11. I can easily afford anything I want.
  12. I can easily pay to have my needs met.
  13. I can afford to spend money the way I want to.
  14. I choose to focus on an abundance mindset, no matter what.
  15. I am what a wealthy person looks like.
  16. There is enough money for everyone, including me.
  17. Everyone deserves to have their needs met, including me.
  18. My bank account will always have the money I need.
  19. My financial future is freedom and wealth.
  20. I accept the Universe's gift of the money I need to get by.


Affirmations To Influence How You Feel About Money

A lot of people struggle with how they feel about having money, either because they can't believe they have it or because they feel guilty for having money when others do not.

These money affirmations are designed to help you accept money while being grateful and mindful of it.

Let go of guilt and embrace a more positive look at money with these simple affirmations.

  1. I deserve my prosperity.
  2. I am worthy of the wealth and resources I have collected.
  3. I am grateful for the gifts of wealth and abundance in my life.
  4. I accept that I have money for a reason, and deserve it.
  5. I accept the advantages money brings to my life.
  6. If others can be wealthy, so can I.
  7. Anyone can be wealthy, including me.
  8. I embrace the wealth I have been given.
  9. I reject guilt for having money and embrace my prosperity.
  10. I am worthy of financial freedom.
  11. I deserve the financial success I have been given.
  12. I built my wealth and deserve the prosperity that comes with it.
  13. I reject all negative thoughts about my wealth.
  14. I deserve financial security.
  15. I release my fears about money.
  16. I am not anxious about money or spending money.
  17. I choose to accept my wealth every day.
  18. I accept the peace that comes with financial security.
  19. I see and understand all the good things my wealth brings into my life.
  20. I am as worthy of wealth as anyone else.
  21. I am responsible with my money and make good financial decisions.
  22. I am a good money manager and deserve the wealth that has brought me.
  23. I embrace a life of abundance and prosperity.
  24. It is safe for me to be wealthy.
  25. It is fair for me to be wealthy.
  26. Financial wellbeing is my reality.
  27. I am healing my relationship with money.
  28. I release my money anxiety and accept my prosperity.
  29. I am focused on positive thinking and accepting the wealth life has given me.
  30. I give myself permission to accept my wealth.
  31. I give myself permission to grow my wealth and make wise financial decisions.
  32. I give myself time to come to terms with my wealth and prosperity.
  33. I reject fear of losing my money.
  34. My relationship with my wealth gets better each day.
  35. My understanding of money is better every day.
  36. I encourage every day to be a day my finances improve.
  37. I accept the financial outcome of my choices, and invite abundance into my life.
  38. I embrace positive thoughts about my money and wealth.
  39. Financial security brings me peace.
  40. I understand the responsibility to manage money well and invite opportunities to help my money grow.
  41. I enjoy money.
  42. I accept that I enjoy money and am grateful for the opportunities it gives me.
  43. I accept that my financial reality is better than my wildest dreams.
  44. My honesty and integrity have a positive impact on my wealth.
  45. I am honest about how I earned my wealth and accept that I deserve a wealthy life.
  46. My finances are safe and I am secure in my financial future.
  47. I reject my limiting beliefs about money and wealth and accept the abundance I have been given.
  48. I choose to embrace positive thinking about finances and money.
  49. I choose to be positive about my finances every day.
  50. I choose to be free in my finances.
  51. I choose to feel confident in my finances.
  52. I give myself permission to feel wealthy right now.
  53. I thank the Universe for giving me the opportunity to make and receive money.
  54. I believe that I have plenty of money.
  55. I give myself permission to be content with what I have.
  56. I am worthy of financial security and the stability it brings.
  57. I am calm about my money and financial prospects.
  58. I am confident in managing large sums of money.
  59. I accept my finances, past, present, and future.
  60. I reject feelings of anger or fear about my finances and manifest positivity in my finances.


Money Affirmations for Spending Your Money

A lot of people get nervous when it comes to actually spend and using their money, especially if you didn't always have a lot of money to spend.

These affirmations help you improve your relationship with money and make responsible spending easier, whether you're used to spending too much or too little.

  1. Money is a means to an end.
  2. Money exists to provide comfort and security.
  3. I have the right to do what I want to do with my money.
  4. I give myself permission to use my money to better my life.
  5. I am free to use my money to better my life and other people's lives.
  6. My money works for me, and helps me get more money.
  7. Money works in cycles, and I give myself permission to participate in the cycle and use my money.
  8. My money exists to serve my needs.
  9. I give myself permission to use money on things I want.
  10. I give myself permission to spend money on myself without guilt or fear.
  11. I give myself permission to decide how I want to use my money for myself.
  12. I give myself permission to be comfortable spending money.
  13. I reject feelings that my money defines my worth.
  14. I reject the need to spend money to have fun.
  15. I am stronger than my money.
  16. I contribute value to the world, and deserve the money I have.
  17. The more I work, the more money I will have.
  18. I have worked for my financial freedom, I deserve to enjoy it.
  19. I can use money to make real improvements.
  20. Money is a tool.
  21. Through my generosity money will continuously flow back to me
  22. I use money affirmations to reinforce my success and right to use my money as I choose.
  23. I am happier when I use money responsibly.
  24. I give myself permission to take joy from good financial decisions.
  25. I am proud when I save money.
  26. I am confident in my choice to spend money.
  27. I am a good money manager and can make smart decisions for my financial future.
  28. Money helps me secure my financial future.
  29. I give myself permission to enjoy the new opportunities money gives me.
  30. Money gives me opportunities to make more money, which I embrace with gratitude.
  31. Money well-spent is just as good as money saved.
  32. I give myself permission to take joy in money well-spent.
  33. I am responsible with my money and wealth.
  34. I give myself permission to use my wealth to improve the lives around me.
  35. Every dollar I spend comes back to me.
  36. I multiply the money I spend through clear intention and by manifesting abundance in all things.
  37. I understand money as a means to do what I want to do.
  38. I accept the life I have because of my money.
  39. I love the lifestyle my money gives me.
  40. I reject feelings of guilt for living a comfortable life.
  41. Money used for good things is good money.
  42. I reject the urge to put negative judgments on how I spend my money.
  43. I embrace that money lets me live the life I want.
  44. I accept the power of money in my life and invite more.
  45. I am more powerful than my money or assets.
  46. I can choose how I use my money.
  47. I use my money in service of my most important goals.
  48. I use money to more fully embrace who I am.
  49. I spend money as a way of expressing myself and my goals in the world.
  50. I am more important than my money, and I deserve prosperity and comfort.

Helping Money Grow Through Affirmations

When people start to financially succeed it's easy to be frightened by your new prosperity and frightened that you'll lose it.

These money affirmations are about accepting money for what it is and accepting the abundance of money and resources in your life.

That way you can help your money grow and nurture the life you've been dreaming of instead of fearing its creation or loss.

  1. I am becoming richer and more prosperous in every way.
  2. Money is all around me, and I accept that I deserve to reach for it.
  3. Money is a form of energy, energy is what I do with it.
  4. My mind creates money and I embrace this wealth calmly and gratefully.
  5. I am happy in my wealth.
  6. I am content in my wealth.
  7. I am confident in my wealth.
  8. I am secure in my wealth and financial well-being.
  9. I trust myself to make money decisions well.
  10. I embrace my growing fortunes and accept that I deserve this wealth.
  11. My actions gave me my wealth, my actions will preserve it.
  12. Money comes to me easily, and frequently.
  13. I will always have the abundance of money I have earned.
  14. Abundance within leads to abundance without.
  15. I am wealthy inside and will be wealthy outside.
  16. I set my intention to attract and use money wisely.
  17. I love my money, my money loves me.
  18. I am capable of caring for my fortune.
  19. I make myself a millionaire, my money is a natural consequence.
  20. I radiate prosperity and wealth, and so attract prosperity and wealth to me.
  21. I put out good into the world, and attract good in return.
  22. My spent money is not lost, it will return as future income.
  23. I am ready to embrace the life my money gives me.
  24. I am serene and confident when it comes to money.
  25. My newfound abundance did not come to me by chance, I embrace and deserve this wealth.

Money Affirmations About Overcoming Obstacles

Having money isn't a given, and for many people adopting an abundance mindset is an important part of overcoming money obstacles as well as generating new wealth.

These affirmations are great if you're overcoming financial difficulties and need to keep your eyes on the goal.

Of course, these affirmations can also be great for people who want to avoid financial difficulties or who are taking steps to ensure they don't struggle financially.

  1. A debt-free future is possible in my life.
  2. I have the power to pay off my debts.
  3. I deserve wealth, and my current financial status is temporary.
  4. My future self will be grateful for the money I'm saving now.
  5. I know how to make responsible financial decisions.
  6. I can handle my current financial situation.
  7. I deserve happiness even while I pay down my debt.
  8. I am proud of the decision to live debt-free in the future.
  9. I have the power to attract more money into my life.
  10. My savings will continue to grow.
  11. I will use all the financial tools available to me to improve my financial situation.
  12. I am committed to learning the skills of financial freedom.
  13. I can use money responsibly and well.
  14. I will learn to make the most of the money I have and to attract more money into my life.
  15. I am in control of my financial life and future.
  16. Being financially secure is part of my future.
  17. Wealth is part of who I am and who I will be.
  18. I remove the obstacles between me and financial success.
  19. I reject all feelings of failure and embrace the abundance in my life.
  20. I will have an emergency fund to protect my future.
  21. I will be able to take care of all my expenses without worry.
  22. I will have financial security to handle hurdles in my life.
  23. Every dollar I save is one dollar closer to my financial goals.
  24. I accept all progress toward my financial future.
  25. I make decisions that attract wealth and prosperity every day.
  26. I have the energy to attain my financial goals.
  27. I am confident in a financially stable future.
  28. I call everything I need to come into my life and be embraced.
  29. I thrive on the challenge of building a better future.
  30. I accept the challenges of saving more.
  31. I know that I can reach my financial goals without difficulty.
  32. I can save to meet my goals.
  33. I give myself permission to be prosperous.
  34. I reclaim my money power.
  35. I have the power to change my money story.
  36. My financial situation can change and is changing.
  37. I attract the financial future of my dreams every day.
  38. My choices are designed to bring prosperity and security into my life.
  39. I have the power to ensure my future wellbeing.
  40. I am more powerful than my debt.
  41. I am getting out of my own way when it comes to earning money.
  42. I take pride in the financial decisions that lead to a better future.
  43. I pay off debt joyfully and with pride.
  44. I have the right to learn how to use money well.
  45. Money is within my reach.
  46. Prosperity follows dedication, and I am getting closer every day.
  47. I am willing to do what it takes to have a better financial future.
  48. I am proud that my savings are increasing.
  49. I have control over how I use my money and use that control to help my money grow.
  50. I am meant to be rich.
  51. I am meant for financial security.
  52. There is nothing between me and financial security that I cannot overcome.
  53. My finances are always improving.
  54. I spend money only on the things I need or love.
  55. I am free to create a more prosperous future.
  56. My actions constantly create prosperity in my life.
  57. I am open to receiving the wealth and prosperity life has to offer me.
  58. I am ready to discover new sources of income.
  59. My income grows every day I set my intention on wealth and prosperity.
  60. I can handle wealth and I deserve to be financially free.

Final Thoughts on Money Affirmations

We hope these money affirmations can help to better your financial future and help you attract money in no time.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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