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How to Stay Motivated With Your Business

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How to Stay Motivated With Your Business

If you’ve started a new business, the first few weeks or months can be thrilling. But what happens after that? For many entrepreneurs, you might lose some of the motivation you initially had. And this is when most people will choose to stop working on their business or drastically cut back their efforts. The problem? This is when you should be working even harder in order to push your business forward. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to stay motivated, even when everything seems to be going wrong.

Realize Your Motivation Isn’t There

Like many programs, the first step in learning how to stay motivated working on your business is realizing there is a problem. Sometimes this can be easy to tell and sometimes it can be much more difficult. You could wake up one morning and not want to work on your business anymore or you could slowly dedicate less and less time to your efforts. Either way, knowing there is a problem is key.

How to know if you’re losing motivation:

  • You feel exhausted mentally
  • You find yourself easily distracted when working on your business
  • You find it more difficult to work on your business
  • You are dedicating less time towards your business
  • The quality of your work decreases
  • You have not made your business one of your top priorities

What to do when you lose motivation:

If you’ve put in a lot of work on your business and you start to lose motivation, it can be demoralizing. But there are several things you can do to get re-inspired.

Remember why you started your business

Did you start your business because of a passion you had to solve a problem? If so, remember what that passion was and try to reignite the fire inside of you.

Maybe it’s to help educate people about a certain topic, or solve a problem that many people face. Either way, think about the positive impacts your business can make.

Work so hard, you cannot give up.

If you’ve started a new business and want to ensure you won’t give up, dedicate more time and resources towards it. You’ll eventually reach a point in which you “cannot” give up on the business because of all of the efforts you have put in. It can be your time, your money, or a combination of both. Putting in the resources will help you to stay motivated.

Note: This doesn’t mean you should drain your savings for your business, but you can certainly invest a little more than normal to keep yourself motivated.

Envision your success.

Most people choose to start a business because of its’ potential for success. Try to envision the success that could come if your business starts to grow. This could be things like:

  • Your first (or 100th) sale
  • The first time you had 100 website visitors in a month
  • The first time your business was mentioned in the media
  • Being able to quit your day job in order to pursue your business full time

Take a break.

If you’ve been working tirelessly on your business for a few weeks or months now, you could risk the chance of getting burnt out and giving up. Take a break from your daily work and do something you truly enjoy. A break could mean something as little as a day off, a full week, or maybe it’s just a change in your daily tasks. A break should be whatever feels right to you. The goal is to come back from your break refreshed and ready to dedicate more resources to your business.

Get social.

As humans, we don’t like to disappoint people. Some entrepreneurs will try to “hide” their business with the fear of others seeing them fail. Instead, this is your chance to do the opposite. Tell people about your business and use your natural instinct to your advantage. Because you won’t want to disappoint the people you’ve told, you’ll be encouraged to work harder and smarter.

Don’t focus on the small things.

It might be easy to focus on specific indicators for your business's success. Sales, website traffic, phone calls, or appointments can all be overanalyzed for startups. And while these numbers need to be analyzed, you shouldn’t look at them under a microscope when starting your business.

Instead, try to find trends in your data. If you had 1 website visitor last week, see if you could either maintain 1 visitor for the next week or get 2 visitors. Two website visitors won’t bat any eyebrows, but when you put it in the context of your business, it can become valuable.

Celebrate victories.

Once your business has opened, try to celebrate any victories you have. It could be your first sale, your first email sign up, or anything else you deem important. These smaller victories can add up to help keep you motivated. Keep track of them so you can see how they trend over time.

Get more sleep.

Your brain needs a break. You cannot expect to work 16 hours a day consistently and output quality work. If you have a lack of sleep, the chances of becoming unmotivated will increase exponentially. Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night to keep your mind and body sharp.

Look at other's success.

Have you ever read a success story that motivated you to take action right then and there? If so, it’s time to revisit some of your favorite stories in order to regain your motivation. These are a few great podcasts you can check out to boost your mood:

Set realistic goals.

If you expect to have $1 million in sales the first week of opening your business, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Be sure to set realistic goals upfront in order to keep yourself motivated.

What causes entrepreneurs to lose motivation?

Many things could cause you to lose interest in your business. Maybe you haven’t generated any sales, maybe your website traffic is below your expectations, or maybe you just aren’t making any money. These are all legitimate reasons to become unmotivated.


Owning any business is tough. Even more so for a small business that is just now getting off of the ground. Many entrepreneurs will start to lose motivation if they do not see success after the first few weeks or months. There are many things you can do to combat this such as taking a break from your business, dedicating more resources to it, or telling others about it but it all comes back to you. Part of being an entrepreneur is about dedication, passion, and hard work so staying motivated is critical.

What do you do when you feel unmotivated? Comment below!

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