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70+ Under The Table Jobs for Anyone (2024 Guide)

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  August 20, 2021

Working under-the-table jobs might not be for everyone, but it's a great way to make a little extra cash. Better yet, working under-the-table jobs can be a good way to save money and increase your net worth since cash earnings aren't taxed.

In this post, I'll explore some of the best under the table jobs and where to find jobs that pay under the table. Let's get started!

73 Best Under-The-Table Jobs Of All Types

Below are some of the best cash paying jobs to help you earn extra money!

Under the Table Jobs - Babysitting

1. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the most common under-the-table jobs. Usually paid in cash, being a babysitter means watching young kids, usually making them dinner, and maybe helping with homework or other activities while their parents or guardians are away. It's pretty simple, easy to do, and easy to turn into a regular gig.

It might not be easy to turn babysitting into a full-time job, but it's a great way to make a little extra cash.

2. House Sitting

House sitting is an even easier option than babysitting. House sitters visit the home they are looking after, may be asked to do some light cleaning and may need to do some light yard work. Some house sitters even live in the homes they are watching, which makes it easier to do small odd jobs around the house. House sitters are almost always paid in cash, so it's a good way to make extra cash under the table.

However, unlike many under-the-table jobs, house sitting usually isn't consistent income. If you're looking for financial freedom you'll probably need other under-the-table jobs on top of this one.

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3. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a great way to get paid cash, especially if you're an animal lover. People will pay others to keep an eye on their cats, dogs, fish, and other pets. Pet sitting is usually pretty relaxed, which makes it an easy way to make good money. Plus, since people like to go on vacations there is pretty consistent demand for good pet sittings. Since pet sitters are almost always paid in cash, it's a good cash job that you may even be able to turn into a full-time gig.

Being a pet sitter is one of the most laid-back ways to earn cash. Plus, a good pet sitter can make pretty decent money.

Start Pet Sitting!

4. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great job for animal loves in the gig economy. Lots of people who work out of their homes need someone who can take their dog for a mid-day walk, and others may pay cash for a dog walked because they can't walk their job themselves. Since dog walking is one of the most popular cash jobs you may need to get additional training for this work, but it's incredibly rewarding.

Plus, since most people pay cash for dog walking services, it's easy to turn dog walking into one of the best under-the-table jobs.

5. Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is hard work, but it can also be very rewarding. If you're good with animals and know how to groom cats and dogs, this may be a good job for you. Pet grooming isn't what most people think of when they think of under-the-table jobs, but it can be done.

Most under-the-table pet groomers travel to their clients and bring their own equipment, so it does take a little investment upfront. That said, being a pet groomer can also be one of the better paid under-the-table jobs. it's a great way to make extra money on the side and can even help give you financial freedom if you're good at it.

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Under the Table Jobs - Cleaning

6. House Cleaning

House cleaning is another cash-paying job that's great for people who are looking to make a little extra money on the side. A lot of people are willing to pay cash for one time house cleaning and ongoing house cleaning services.

If you have a good eye for detail, enjoy cleaning, and don't mind traveling to other people's houses, this is a great under the table job for you.

7. Office Cleaning

Just like house cleaning, office cleaning is a good way to make a little more money under the table. Generally, this kind of gig is going to be office cleaning for small individual offices rather than big corporations. Not all office cleaning jobs are willing to pay cash, but some are.

Since office cleaning is usually a regular job, it's a great way to make more money consistently.

8. Landscaping

Landscaping is another job that can easily turn into a regular gig. Landscaping workers typically do the more heavy lifting work of shaping yards and gardens. That can include laying masonry, mulch, ground covers, and other work. Some landscapers also install ponds and other large projects.

A fair number of people are willing to pay cash for landscaping work, so it's a good cash-paying job if you have the skills required. Plus, it's fairly easy to mix under-the-table jobs in with your regular landscaping business anytime you get cash-paying jobs.

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9. Yard Work

Yard work is a little easier than being a landscaper. Yard work is usually things like raking leaves, mowing lawns, re-seeding lawns, and making sure an existing yard is in good shape. You won't be expected to change the shape of the landscape or install masonry and new features.

That's great because it means you won't need as much equipment or as many skills to start making a little extra cash doing yard work. There's a lot of demand for basic yard work though, so it's possible to make good money doing yard work.

10. Gardener

Gardeners are a little different again from yard workers and landscapers, though it's possible to do all three jobs. Gardeners help design gardens, care for the plants, and keep everything healthy and thriving. A good gardener also knows how to trim shrubs and may do some mild shaping and trellis training.

Some people may also hire gardeners to come in and take care of vegetable and fruit gardens, though most gardeners are not arborists and don't take care of fruit trees.

This is one of those under-the-table jobs that takes a fair amount of experience and know-how, but some clients are more than willing to pay cash for a good gardener.

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11. Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a good job in the gig economy, especially since most people don't like cleaning their own gutters. As long as you're willing to do a thorough job, gutter cleaning can be a good way to make extra cash on the weekends.

If you live in a crowded area you may even be able to make gutter cleaning a full-time job.

12. Carpentry

Carpentry takes a lot of skill, so it's not a cash-paying job for just anyone. That said, working odd jobs as a carpenter and under the table jobs that pay cash can be incredibly lucrative and is a good way to earn a little extra money.

Jobs that pay cash in this field are usually smaller jobs, but the skill and experience required also mean you'll be paid well.

13. Home Repair

While most home repair contractors don't work under the table jobs, it is possible. Some homeowners would rather pay cash for a contractor than work on the books with a detailed contract. That means that working home repair for a little extra cash is very doable, but also means that the jobs you'll get tend to be smaller odd jobs rather than big projects.

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14. Handyman

Working as a handyman is pretty much always available. After all, things need repairs, modifications, and simple fixes all the time, and not everyone has the skill to get the job done.

As a handyman, it's usually pretty easy to find cash-paying clients, but you might want to keep an eye on job websites and other easy sources for new jobs.

15. Junk Hauler

Junk haulers come and collect people's unwanted possessions and junk and take a fee for removing them. It's pretty easy to find cash-paying jobs as a junk hauler, and it can be fairly profitable work. Many junk haulers also work are metal recyclers and help to sort through trash and junk to find and resell profitable items and materials.

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Under the Table Jobs - Snow Removal

16. Snow Removal

Most people dislike shoveling snow, which means that snow removal is one of the most common under-the-table jobs you can get. All you really need to work snow removal is a good shovel and a strong back, but the job gets a lot easier if you get a snowblower.

It's easy to find jobs that pay cash as a snow remover, in fact, it may be harder to find jobs that pay with a credit card instead. That makes working as a snow remover one of the easiest under the table jobs to find, at least in the winter.

17. Farmers Markets

Farmers' markets often let patrons buy items in cash, which makes it a reasonable option for an under-the-table job. However, it can be hard to run a successful farmer's market booth without also have a credit card reader, so this may be one job that you'll still need to report some of your income, even if you're actually making more money than you report.

18. Festival Booths

If you sell crafts, can do henna or airbrush tattoos, or have any other ideas for a festival booth, working faires and festivals is one of the best under-the-table jobs out there.

These booths come in a wide variety of types and you can make and sell almost anything at festival booths. However, you do need some money to start since many festivals, faires, and conventions charge merchants extra. You'll also need to be able to make whatever you want to sell, and you'll need tables and other display items as well.

19. Busker

Buskers are street performers of all stripes, and it's a fantastic way to make a little extra cash on the side. If you're good at busking you may even be able to turn this into your full-time job. Buskers have a wide range of skills, including:

  • Making music
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Juggling
  • Acrobatics
  • Mime

And many other skills.

Just note that many cities require buskers to get a license and to pay the city a portion of their earnings at the end of the day.

20. Yoga Instructor

Lots of people want to get into yoga, but they either don't have the skill, don't want to go to the gym, or aren't sure how to start as a beginner. Working as an under-the-table yoga instructor can be a good way to make more money while also helping people on their fitness journies.

Yoga instructors usually either invite their clients into their homes or travel to them if they don't work at a gym. That means that this position comes with a little more risk if you're looking for jobs that pay cash and don't have reporting requirements.

21. Dance Instructor

Dance instructors work very similarly to yoga instructors, either traveling to students or inviting them into their own home or dance studio for lessons. A lot of dancers, especially youg dancers, are looking for one on one instruction that can help them improve. That means that there is a huge market for dance instructors and plenty of families that are willing to pay under the table for a good instructor.

If you're a skilled dancer or dance coach, this is a great way to earn money on the side.

22. Fitness Coach

Working as a fitness coach or personal trainer can be a great way of making money on your own hours. If you want to work for pay under the table you'll probably have to travel to your clients, but a lot of people are happy to pay cash for a good personal trainer.

You can also work as a fitness coach on the side for a little extra income if you don't want to turn it into your full-time job.

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23. Art Instructor

Artists and hobbyists alike often work with art instructors to help take their art to the next level. Some local businesses may even pay for an art instructor to come teach employees for a team bonding night, or as an award for high achievement.

Almost all kinds of art need qualified art instructors, from drawing and sketching to painting and ceramics.

Skilled art instructors can make serious money passing on their hard-won talents.

Under the Table Jobs - Tutoring

24. Tutoring

Tutoring is a great way to make money at almost any age. That means that you can earn a little extra spending money working as a tutor in high school, or make cash earnings as an adult tutoring students.

The more education you have, the more clients you are likely to get and the more money you can reasonably charge for tutoring services.

25. Instrument Instruction

Much like art, musicians always need competent instructors to help them learn to play and then refine their techniques. If you know how to play an instrument you can work as an instrument instructor or tutor for students. If you're skilled and well known you may even be hired on as an instructor for professionals.

Working as an instructor under the table is also a great way to avoid paying taxes and save money.

26. Home Painting

There aren't that many people who enjoy painting walls, trim, sheds, and other big projects. But, if you're one of those lucky few there are plenty of painting jobs that pay cash just waiting for you to get started.

Home painting can be a lucrative business, and picking up cash-paying jobs isn't too difficult if you want to make a little extra money at the same time.

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27. Photography

Photography can be a good sideline even when you're just getting started. Photographers are in high demand for events lit bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and weddings. Photographers can also be paid for family portraits and even individual portraits of family members. Plenty of photography jobs that pay under the table are posted online, on Facebook groups, and other job listings locally.

All you need is a decent camera and a little photoshop experience and you're ready to get started.

28. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another option if you want to earn cold hard cash on the side. Many business owners need graphics and other small pieces of art designed, and will gladly pay cash to have it done quickly and well.

It can be a little harder to get paid cash under the table with graphic design, but it is doable and can help you make good money.

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29. Selling Crafts

Almost all handcrafts can be sold, from little beaded keychains to macrame art or quilts. If you have a crafting hobby that makes a lot of products you can easily turn that into an under-the-table job. This job is a little self-limiting since you'll mostly be able to charge cash from friends and family. If you decide to start an online store or others way of selling crafts you'll have reported income and won't be working under the table.

30. Selling Home Goods

Home goods are a little different from crafts. These are often things like homemade all-natural cleaners, jams, and preserves, and other things that are less a craft and a little more utilitarian. Home crafts can be a lot of fun to make, and there are a lot of people who will happily pay cash for home goods. You can even sell these at a local farmer's market as a way to get cash instantly.

31. Personal Assistant

Many people need a personal assistant, but don't need someone for long enough that they want to officially employ someone. Working as an under the table personal assistant can be lucrative and a good way to ensure your financial future.

Plus, after you've been working as a personal assistant for a while you may be able to transition this job into a traditional career.

You need to have strong organizational and communication skills to make this job work, but it's a great way to make money. Plus, it's relatively easy to find job postings for personal assistant work.

32. Tailor

Tailors might only be in demand to a certain clientele, but the people who go to tailors are often happy to pay cash for good alterations and tailoring work. You'll need to already have a lot of tailoring skill and know exactly what you're doing before you can start making money as a tailor. But once you have those skills working as a tailor can be a lucrative and rewarding future career.

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33. Baking

Baked goods aren't just delicious, they're also in demand. Starting a home backed goods service is a good way to earn cash and save money, especially for stay-at-home parents and others with free time in the day.

Selling baked goods can be more difficult, but local ads and flyers are a good way to start. Online listings are also possible, and you can always bring your goods to the local farmer's market or faire.

34. Catering

If you're a good cook, catering events for individuals can be a fantastic way to earn money. Caterers can work all kinds of jobs, from large events like weddings down to smaller specialty events like a catered game of D&D. Just join relevant Facebook groups and social media pages for the kind of catering you want to do.

You'll need your own tools and your own vehicle as a caterer since it will usually be your responsibility to get your food to the even.

35. Housekeeping

Housekeepers do a little more than regular house cleaners, and may also cook and babysit depending on the job. Housekeeping is a full-time job, and it can be hard to find a client that pays cash. However, it's a good way to improve your income if you're willing to look for the right job.

36. Nanny

Nannies do more than babysitters and are usually responsible for large parts of raising children, including teaching manners and enforcing rules. However, nannies are also paid more than babysitters, and usually have a lot more long-term job security and regular income.

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37. Personal Driver / Chauffer

If you own your own car, or are comfortable driving a client's car, you may be able to work as a personal driver. Unlike Lyft and Uber, personal drivers are paid to be available when a ride is needed by a specific person or family, so the work is much more regular. Being a personal driver can also be easier driving since you likely will be driving the same areas much more often.

Under the Table Jobs - Delivery Driver

38. Delivery Driver

Delivery driver work is often under the table and a cash-only business. It's pretty easy to find cash-only delivery driver jobs if you know what to look for in the listing. Delivery drivers usually work for restaurants, but you may also be able to get a job working for businesses that offer delivery, parts and materials suppliers, or even just offering to deliver items for friends and family.

39. Mechanic

Car mechanics are always in demand. Working as an under-the-table mechanic for things like flush and fill fluid changes, oil changes, and simple repairs is incredibly easy. Many mechanics set up in their backyard to work and make good money charging cold hard cash for their services.

40. Car Washer

Car washing might be a common job for fundraisers, but it's a decent part-time gig as well. Since most car washers are paid in cash it's easy to accept pay under the table. However, car washing is usually a job that's most available in the summer, so you'll need a different source of income for the winter.

41. Car Detailer

Car detailers get into the nitty gritty details of really making a car look good. Detailing is usually inside and outside of a car, and takes more skill and specialized tools compared with car washing. But, if you love cars and have a good eye for details, you can make decent money as a detailer.

42. Vehicle Customization

Vehicle customization, including shaping, painting, and redoing in the interior, is an incredibly skilled job, but it's one you can do under the table if you have the right equipment and time. Most vehicle customizers have worked with customizing businesses before, so you'll need to take some time to learn the relevant skills and what people want from good car customization.

43. Online Reselling

Reselling products is nothing new, but the internet has made the job easier than ever. Working as an online reseller you can either work with dropshipping companies or sell products from thrift stores and other cheap retailers to make money.

44. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good way to make money online. Working as an affiliate marketer you'll be paid any time an online visitor goes from your website and buys a product you've recommended with the right code. Sometimes you'll even get paid if they buy something else on the same website.

You need to have a good grasp of writing to really succeed as an affiliate marketer, but it can be done.

45. Makeup Artist

Makeup artists help people look their best on big days, especially weddings and proms. It's easy to get paid cash as a makeup artist, but this job does take a fair amount of upfront investment. You'll need a wide variety of makeup, good makeup brushes, sponges, and other tools, and cleaners to keep your tools sanitary.

46. Hairdresser

If you've worked as a hairdresser before you know how easy it is to get paid cash for this skill. Hairdressers can often work out of their homes for a little extra income, and many work at home for a different kind of styling than they would do in a salon. That means that not only can hair dressing get you more money, but it can be a way to keep your job interesting.

47. Nail Technician

Nail technicians are another profession that can often work out of their home for extra cash on the side. As a nail technician, you may also be able to pre-make acrylic nails as another source of income, plenty of people are willing to pay cash for a beautiful manicure.

48. Wax Technician

Wax technicians can also work from their homes, or travel to clients homes, to offer discreet waxing services for cash. Plenty of people don't like traveling to a salon for waxing services, so being a traveling cash-only wax technician does them a huge favor too.

Just remember that wax can cause serious harm if you don't know what you're doing. You need to be a qualified wax technician before this job is a good option.

49. Barber

Barbers specialize in a different kind of hair care than hair dressers, and usually also need to know how to shave and trim and shape facial hair. While many people like going to the barber, others are willing to pay cash for a traveling barber, or for barber services on location at events. Either option is a good way to make cash under the table.

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50. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is usually done on contract instead of under the table, but it can be a good under the table job as well. Working as a freelance writer involves creating content to specific customer requirements, and being able to write quickly and accurately. If that sounds like you, working as a freelance writer can be a good way to earn more money.

51. SEO Specialist

SEO specialists help businesses and website owners attract more organic traffic from search engines, mostly Google. These specialists can be content and copywriters themselves, or they might just consult and create SEO requirement lists for the business to implement. While often an employment contracted position, SEO specialists can also work under the table.

52. Web Designer

Web designers create the format your website uses, along with picking the colors, fonts, and text size. Many also provide stock photos for use on your website and work with individuals, businesses, and corporations. Working as a cash-only web designer can sometimes be difficult, but payment apps are making it easier than ever.

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53. Business Consultant

Business consultants can help with almost any aspect of running a business. If you have business expertise and think you could help other business owners thrive, working as a business consultant can be a great option. Working cash-only may be more difficult, but you can work with a payment system linked to your bank account more easily.

54. Data Entry

Data entry takes attention to detail, good internet connection, time, and not much more. That makes working data entry or as a virtual assistant a great way to make money on the side in your free time. It's also a easy enough job that college students and busy professionals can often do this job.

55. DJ

If you have a fantastic ear for music and like going to clubs or events, being a DJ offers a lot of under the table jobs that pay cash. Just keep an eye out for cash only listings, smaller listings, and clubs with open DJ slots.

The only real downside is that DJs often need to have their own sound equipment to connect to venue sound systems, which can be expensive.

56. Magician

Being a magician might take a lot of skill, but it also opens up a lot of opportunities. You'll need to know more than a few card tricks to make it as a professional magician, but it's a great job for people who want to be paid cash and set their own schedule and hours at the same time.

57. Party Entertainer

Party entertainers are usually more general the magicians, but you'll need similar skills. Acrobatics, juggling, mime, clowning, and yes, sleight of hand are all useful skills for party entertainers. But it's easy to make money working as an entertainer if you have the talent.

58. Party Planner

Party planners take care of all the details of a party and are usually available during the party to help manage any problems. They take the stress off party-goers and hosts and make the whole event a lot more fun for everyone. It's also an easy job to do under the table, assuming you have the qualifications.

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59. Event Planner

Event planners do the same thing as party planners, but for a wider range of events. That means that they need even more skill and more professional contacts to get the job done, but event planners are also usually paid more than party planners.

60. Event Coordinator

Event coordinators don't necessarily plan parties or events directly, but they help make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Event coordinators may help with booking venues, contracting with service providers, and scheduling deliveries for a successful event. For events with staff, coordinators are also often in charge of the staff and set deadlines for certain pre-event goals.

61. Social Media Manager

Social media managers help make sure public profiles get updated, track positive and negative feedback, and plan posts to attract more online attention. Social media managers may work with businesses, individuals, and performance groups, basically, anyone who needs help with social media content.

62. Dishwasher

Many restaurants are willing to hire dishwashers under the table. In fact, dishwashing is one of the most common under-the-table jobs. That doesn't mean you can't turn dishwashing into a career though. For many people working as a dishwasher can be a stepping stone toward working in a kitchen or even owning your own restaurant.

63. Gig Worker

Gig workers don't need to have one specific job. Instead, many gig workers find work on job listing sites and do a combination of any of the jobs we've already listed. Craigslist and other websites are a good place to find under-the-table gig work of all kinds.

64. Technical Support

Working technical support can be harder to do under-the-table, but there are still individuals and businesses willing to pay cash for good technical support personnel. Just remember that working under the table usually means fewer resources, so you need to already have the skills and equipment you need for the job.

65. Computer Repair

Computer repair is a relatively easy business to get into and advertise as long as you're good at building and fixing computers. It's even easy to get paid in cash for this service, since many people are grateful for having a technician that can work quickly or come to their house.

66. Custom Computer Building

Building custom computers is a little different from repairing computers, and should usually cost more for your clients. But this can be a rewarding work-for-cash option, especially since you can often build custom computers in the comfort of your own home and then ship them to their owners.

67. Computer Modification

Computer modification is a lot like computer repair, but instead of replacing broken parts, you're adding to the existing equipment to improve performance. This is especially common for gamers and artists, who frequently upgrade RAM and graphics performance on their computers. With the right expertise, this is an easy job to charge cash for.

68. Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is tricky fabric, but it's used for a lot of furniture and home decor. If you're good with upholstery why not make a little money from that skill and work as an upholstery cleaner? Cleaners need to provide their own tools and cleaning solutions, and will likely need to travel to the furniture you're cleaning. But, even with those costs, upholstery cleaners can make a lot of money.

69. Upholstery Repair

Repairing upholstery is similar to, but more complicated, than simply cleaning it. If you're skilled a matching upholstery and making seamless repairs, capitalize on that skill! Upholstery repair is highly in demand, which means it can be a great way to make money.

70. Furniture Repair

General furniture repair is a carpentry specialization that can be time-consuming and difficult, but also very rewarding. Offering your services as a cash furniture repair person can be a good way to make money on the side, launch a new business, or even just sharpen your repair skills to start a new career.

71. Furniture Modification/Customization

With more and more people looking for customized furniture and to add functions to their furniture (gaming dining tables anyone?), skilled carpenters who can modify furniture are in a lot of demand. Furniture customizers may also work with clients to make furniture more comfortable, or to make accessibility accommodations for disabled clients.

72. Appliance Repair

Appliances are an important part of any home, but they break down. Appliance repair is always in demand, and clients are often willing to pay premium cash prices for an appliance repair person who can come help right away.

73. E-Book Designer/Formatter

If you know how to format e-books, this is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Formatting can take hours, but most authors and publishing companies are willing to pay you well for your time. Plus, there are thousands of e-books being published every day, so there's always more demand.

Best Ways to Find Under the Table Jobs That Pay Cash

When finding jobs that pay cash under the table, there are a few options that can help you.

Some of the best ways to find a new job include:

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • Nextdoor App
  • Friends and Family

Final Thoughts on the Best Under the Table Cash Paying Jobs

That's it! Those are 73 of the best under-the-table jobs you can get. We hope that this article has helped you figure out some additional income sources and that you found at least one job on this list that you might enjoy.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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