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24 Best Websites To Sell Stuff Locally (2024 Guide)

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  January 22, 2022

Selling things online is an easy and fast way to start making money, especially if you're starting by selling things you don't need or getting rid of things you or your family have outgrown. The problem is that paying shipping fees and other costs associated with selling online can make it hard to make a profit.

That's why a lot of sellers start by selling stuff locally. Shipping fees are lower, the market is a little smaller, and you might even be able to get better prices when you sell stuff locally.

The problem is finding websites to sell stuff locally. A lot of websites to sell stuff don't let you pick your potential buyers to limit your geography. So if you want to sell things online locally you don't have as many options for an online marketplace.

Thankfully selling online is getting easier and easier, and so is selling locally. We've put together a list of the best websites to sell stuff locally so you can control your shipping costs without losing out on a bunch of potential buyers. Let's get started!

Sites to Sell Things Locally

24 Best Websites To Sell Stuff Locally

If you're looking to sell things online locally there are a lot more options than there used to be. For sites where there are only a few different eligible kinds of product listings, we'll mention the limitations. Other sites are broader and rely on good listings and other techniques to help attract buyers to the right products.

If you're not sure how to make your sales work on a site that isn't specialized for a specific niche, keep reading and we'll give you some tips at the end of this article.

Craigslist to Sell Stuff


Craigslist is probably the best-known website to sell stuff locally, especially since they were one of the first sites to let casual users make local listings and start selling things online. If you're looking for websites to sell stuff locally, you've probably been told you should sell on Craigslist.

There are a few things you should know about Craigslist though. Craigslist can be more designed for people who are looking to declutter or sell a few one-off items rather than people who are looking to start a business or sell a product or craft.

Craigslist also has a lot of listings, which means that you're probably going to be dealing with a lot of competition. It's easy for your post to get lost on Craigslist, as opposed to smaller websites and websites that are more niche.

It's also important to know that most people go to Craigslist looking for a deal. There aren't many Craigslist users who want to pay full price, or close to full price, for the stuff they're buying. So if you want to sell items for a profit, or even just close to their market price, you won't have as many potential buyers on Craigslist as some other websites to sell stuff locally.

Still, if you're looking to sell stuff online to get a little money back or declutter, Craigslist is a reasonable option. If you're selling items locally to start a business or make money on the items, Craigslist might not be as effective, even though it's one of the best sites for local pickup and finding local buyers.

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Sell Stuff with Decluttr


Decluttr is a little different when it comes to websites to sell stuff locally, but that's because they have a lot of user protections that help make sure buyers get what they're paying for.

That might not sound great as a seller, but it actually makes Decluttr a great place to sell things online as long as you're not trying to scam people.

That's because Decluttr works as an online marketplace where sellers receive the money for what they sold after the buyer receives the item. Decluttr is also a little easier to use than a lot of local selling sites because they handle shipping and pickup, and also help you evaluate the value and condition of the things you want to sell.

One of the biggest challenges, when you sell items online, is deciding what the item is worth and what condition you should list. Decluttr provides an evaluation tool so you can decide how to list the item.

Then, Decluttr has you sent in the items you want to sell, and handles shipping and getting the items to the buyer. As long as you listed the item with a realistic description of its condition, you get paid for selling stuff online within 24 hours of the buyer receiving the item.

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Sell Stuff with BookScooter


If you're selling locally, one of the hardest items to sell is books. It can be hard to find the right buyer for used books, especially if you're trying to sell books in a niche topic (like textbooks) or from an author that isn't very well known, it can be hard to sell locally.

BookScouter helps connects sellers with the platforms that can sell the books for you. Just type in your ISBN in the program, find the book you want to sell, and get a quote based on the rarity of the book, it's base value, and the condition it's in.

However, if you want to sell locally, BookScouter may be a less effective option. There's no guarantee that the books you sell on BookScouter will get up selling in the local area. You'll also usually have to cover shipping costs to send your books to the retailers, and there are sometimes additional seller fees for the books, especially if the retailer is expecting to have your book in inventory for quite a while before it sells.

However, despite the extra costs of using BookScouter, the site still offers a fair price for most books, and you can often make more money selling through BookScouter which makes it one of the best websites to sell books.

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Sell Stuff with OfferUp


If you're looking for just a general website to sell stuff locally, especially if you're looking for a site that doesn't feel like an online garage sale, OfferUp might be a good option. OfferUp is designed to help people sell stuff online, no matter what kind of stuff you want to sell. It's usually best for unwanted items vs. trying to sell a craft or a profitable item, but its online sales numbers are good and it's easy to sell online via OfferUp.

There are no sellers fees, and if you want to boost a post or try and get a sale faster, OfferUp's internal advertising service is both effective and relatively affordable. If you want to sell items quickly online, OfferUp is a good option.

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Sell Stuff with eBay


eBay, the famous online auction site, is also one of the best websites to sell stuff locally. That's because you can set location parameters and shipping options that help save on shipping fees and limit your audience, while still taking advantage of the huge platform's large audience and customer base.

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Sell Stuff with Swappa


Swappa is one of the best websites for selling things online locally, but it's a little more limited than some of the other websites to sell stuff locally. That's because Swappa is designed for electronic devices exclusively.

You can sell laptops, cell phones, and other electronic goods, which means it's a good place to get rid of unwanted stuff, especially if you tend to have more electronics than you need.

Listing items is completely free on Swappa, but there is an optional $5 sellers fee if you want to list your item as a featured item. Unlike some other local selling sites, you cannot accept cash on Swappa since all of the sales are shipped.

You need to ship within 48 hours of getting paid, which is pretty good seller protection since you get paid before the item arrives. However, payments will be refunded if you don't ship the item in time.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace might be a newcomer in the selling world, but they're also one of the best places to sell stuff locally. Facebook Marketplace has incredible location data for users, which makes it easier for them to match sellers and buyers from the same local area.

That way you have access to almost every potential buyer in your local area, and it's a lot easier to verify that your buyer is a real person. There are also 0 selling fees for selling stuff online through Facebook Marketplace, and it's much easier to make sure everything really is sold locally, unlike a lot of the best websites for sellers.

You get a lot of control, a huge audience, and easy buyer verification all in one platform with Facebook Marketplace.

Sell Stuff with Geartrade


Geartrade is a good option if you're looking for websites to sell stuff locally that also give you options as a seller. For instance, Geartrade accepts consignment business where they maintain the listing and offer your item for sale, and then pay you when it sells. The commission is usually 30-60% of the sale for consignment sales.

Or, as an alternative, you can list the time on the Geartrade Online Marketplace, and get a 13% commission on online sales.

That's a little lower than some alternatives, but Geartrade is designed for used items much more than new items or handcrafted gear. The marketplace especially is a bit like a virtual garage sale, so it's a good way to sell unwanted items for extra cash.

One big limitation though, Geartrade only accepts outdoor equipment and supplies. Camping, hiking, boating, and other outdoor gear all qualify, depending on their condition.

Poshmark to Sell Stuff


If a lot of your unwanted stuff is clothing, you might want to consider Poshmark. This marketplace is a good way to get rid of unwanted items like jackets, shirts, pants, clothing accessories, and other fashion tools.

There are no listing fees on Poshmark, but you'll never make the full price of the sale on their site. They have a flat payment rate for any sales that cost $15 or less, and you'll make a 20% commission on all sales that cost more than $15.

Still, if you're looking to sell second-hand clothing, Poshmark prices are about the best you can expect.

There aren't transaction fees either, and you can be paid via direct deposit which offers good seller protection, but this is more about making extra cash than getting paid instantly or making a profit.

Nextdoor to Sell Stuff


NextDoor is the ultimate selling site if you're looking to sell to your local neighborhood. There are relatively few legit websites that are set up to sell locally, much less to a smaller local community the way Next Door does.

Since your local neighborhood is limited in size, only about 1,000 households per local community, you're guaranteed to get local sales when you sell on NextDoor.

This option is also good if you want to advertise a yard sale, or engage on community pages and sell in a place that feels more like a collection of garage sales.

Buybackboss to Sell Stuff


BuyBackBoss is one of the better places to sell cell phones and other devices online, but, like many websites that specialize in a specific kind of sale, you can't sell anything else. It's free to list your cell phones and other devices, and BuyBackBoss even provides a prepaid shipping label for your listing, which makes it a more affordable online store for sellers.

That said, even with the prepaid shipping label, you might have to settle for lower profits on your devices since this is an exclusively second-hand website.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can be a surprisingly good place to sell unwanted items locally. That's because, when you find local interest groups and local sales groups, you know you're working with motivated buyers who want what you're selling.

That means that you can raise prices a little to help cover a shipping label and other costs.

Plus, since this is an informal way to sell stuff locally, there are no seller fees, and you only have to pay for a shipping label if you choose to ship instead of sticking with local pickup.

Gazelle to Sell Stuff


Gazelle is another selling site that's designed for electronics and personal devices. They don't allow other kinds of products, which makes Gazelle less like a garage sale and more like going to the local tech store.

However, since you can sell your unwanted items without a selling fee, and because selling online is easier and often faster, it's a great place to sell.


Vinted might sound like a site for selling vintage goods, but that's not quite the niche. Vinted is looking for clothing, handbags, accessories, and grooming supplies like brushes, makeup and nail equipment, and lint brushes.

Payment for items sold on Vinted is relatively prompt. You'll get paid within two days of a buyer purchasing your goods, and have up to 5 days to send out your goods to the purchaser.

However, Vinted doesn't provide a shipping label, and there might be an additional cost if you decide to promote your listings.

ToyCycle to Sell Stuff


It makes sense that a lot of parents and young families need to get rid of some of their extra baby equipment and toys as their kids grow up. Some stuff might be worth hanging on to, but a lot of the toys and equipment can be re-sold to make back some of your investment.

ToyCycle focuses on all things child, except the children themselves. They tend to have a lot of listings for infants and toddlers, but there's a reasonable market for middle-age kids and even some of the stuff your pre-teen doesn't want once they're getting ready for high school.

However, ToyCycle does have a fairly expensive listing fee per item, so you'll mostly want to list high-value items like the appliances and furniture you no longer need.

Sell Stuff with RubyLnae


RubyLane is another specialty retailer, but they're a little different from the other websites to sell stuff locally that we've already discussed. For instance, they include antiques, dolls, and vintage art in the list of possible categories.

This website is for lovers of all things vintage, and the selling process is straightforward. They use a secure payment method that protects buyers and sellers, like most selling sites, and can be a great way to make quick cash.

However, RubyLane requires that all sellers have at least 10 items for sale. They don't charge a fee, and you can avoid Paypal fees if you don't choose Paypal as a payment method.

But, unless you have at least a few unwanted items in their chosen niches, RubyLane might not be for you.

Sell Stuff with Depop


Depop is another fashion selling site that's designed to help you get rid of old items you no longer want or need, and has categories for men's fashion, women's fashion, and a range of other accessories. It's a great way to make quick cash if your closet is a little too full.

However, instead of charging a flat fee for the same, Depop charges a percentage fee and will charge more money for some listings.

Sell Stuff with Cash4Books


Cash4Books is one of the best places to sell used books, partially because they won't let you list books in bad condition.

This site specializes in selling college textbooks and other niche books, which means you can often make more money on Cash4Books. But, the book needs to be in good condition, and you might not make as much on books that aren't in high demand, or that are highly common.

One advantage here, Cash4Books provides sellers with a prepaid shipping label, which makes shipping your books to them much easier and more affordable.

Sell Stuff with Reverb


If you're a musician and are looking for the best websites to sell your hold equipment, Reverb is for you.

Reverb specializes in selling all kinds of musical equipment. Electronic instruments, speakers, and other accessories are usually the best sellers, but you can also sell certain kinds of acoustic instruments on the site.

Reverb does charge a payment processing fee, and the fee changes depending on your payment method. Like final value fees, the payment processing fee also depends on the value of your sale. That can be significant since Reverb allows sellers to make individual listings for up to $10,000 worth of stuff.

Sell Stuff with 5Miles


5Miles is one of the best websites to sell stuff online if you have a wide variety of different things to list. Unlike niche sites, there aren't any category requirements or other requirements before you can list.

However, all of the listings are reviewed by staff at 5Miles, to guarantee that your listing looks legit, has good pictures, and that the price is reasonable for the quality and quantity of items you're listing.

It's worth noting though that this site is a little closer to Craigslist than other selling sites. You can also list job opportunities and other kinds of advertisements on 5Miles, which means that your sales listing might get lost in the shuffle.

Sell Stuff with Chairish


If you've inherited a bunch of vintage furniture you don't want to keep, Chairish is one of the best websites to sell on. While it's not as well known as other selling websites, Chairish is one of the sites that has the most motivated buyers.

Plus, since antique furniture is a high-value item, you're much less likely to get buyers who get sticker shock if you sell on this niche site.

However, you won't get to keep as much of your sales as some other selling sites. Chairish keeps a 20% commission on all sales.

Thankfully, you can offset the cost of the commission by letting Chairish handle the shipping instead of paying shipping fees and arranging it yourself.


Selling on Instagram is a little different than selling on other sites, but it's still one of the best legit websites to sell your items online.

You can post your listings, or the listing on another site, as part of your posts on Instagram. Use location settings as well as local tags to help steer customers toward your listing.

Plus, since you can post a lot of high-quality photos on Instagram, it's a great way to promote expensive items or anything that won't sell without a lot of photos.

Instagram also has a large audience and plenty of people who are interested in just about everything that could be sold. That makes it easier to find a buyer.

It's helpful if you have both a website and an Instagram account promoting your sales, but it's up to you whether you want to put in the extra work of maintaining your website.

Sell Stuff with VarageSale

Varage Sale

Varage Sale is literally designed to be an online garage sale. You can sell basically any of your unwanted items in your own yard sale and set up for local selling so that you can avoid shipping costs.

It's completely free to list your items on Varage sale, and there are no commission fees. That way you get to keep more of the profits from your sales. Plus, this site is a little better for selling crafts and other items to help clear out clutter.

It's not a good site to try and run a sales business, it's probably better to stick to Etsy for that. But selling homemade things you no longer need is perfectly acceptable.


While Amazon is not necessarily a way to sell things locally, it's a perfect way to sell things online.

You'll have to consider shipping costs when selling on Amazon, as well as the fees for selling, but it opens up your potential buyer pool because you can sell your items to people nationwide.

Tips To Help Sell Stuff Locally

Below are some tips to help you sell things locally.

Be Honest

When you're selling items online one of the most common questions people will ask is about the condition of the item, its size and color, and other details to make sure it's really what they want.

Some sellers are so eager to make a sale that they lie about those details, especially the condition, trying to make a few dollars in extra cash on the sale.

The problem is that this tactic almost always backfires in the long run. You'll always want to be honest about what you're selling or word of mouth will get around and you'll start losing customers.

Try To Meet In Person

When you're selling stuff locally it's a good idea to try and meet local buyers in person or at least to get local pickup.

For one thing, that way you can get paid cash and don't have to worry as much about taxes or shipping costs and listing fees. But it also means you can get a better sense of whether your customer likes the item, and avoid getting bad reviews.

Use Tags To Help Attract Customers

On any site that lets you use categories or listing tags, you should make sure you're using them. Ideally, a good sales listing should include both specific and general tags to help make sure you're catching all of your potential buyers.

So, for instance, if you want to sell an antique chair on websites to sell stuff locally, you'll probably need to tag it to help attract customers. Tags like: Furniture, Antique Furniture, Chair, Antique Wood Furniture, and Antique Chair, are all equally valid tags.

You might also want to consider any other adjectives that apply. So, if your antique wooden chair has velvet green cushions, you might also use the tags: Green Chair, Velvet Cushions, Antique Wood Velvet Chair, and so on.

Every relevant tag you use helps websites to sell stuff locally match your listing with interested customers and the relevant listing category.

Check Buyer Profiles

A lot of sellers, especially new sellers, get excited any time they get a potential buyer. The problem is that some potential buyers are actually fake buyers in disguise, who will waste your time or try to scam you out of your stuff without paying.

Checking your buyer's profiles is a good way to make sure the buyer is legit and that it makes sense for them to be interested in your stuff.

Be Prepared To Negotiate

Especially if you're selling things on your own site or a custom listing on an online marketplace, you should be prepared to negotiate a little. Just remember that negotiations should still end with the buyer paying a reasonable price.

If an offer is too low, say so. Just because you're selling stuff locally doesn't mean you need to let yourself get swindled on the selling price.

Use A Trusted Website

When you're choosing websites to sell stuff locally it's important to choose a trusted and well-known website.

A lot of websites to sell stuff locally are startups that don't have a huge following or a good reputation with sellers. That's a problem because it will make it harder to sell stuff and won't give you as much of a boost to sell stuff locally.

Choose a trusted website to sell stuff, and make sure they have good protections to help you and your potential buyers.

Final Thoughts on Websites to Sell Stuff Locally

There are plenty of websites to sell things locally, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

You'll want to find a site that suits the items you have for sale to get the most for your products.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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