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Where to Sell Pokemon Cards (Best Places in 2024)

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  June 19, 2022

If you grew up in the 90s or 2000s, you probably had Pokemon cards at some point.

You might even still have them in your home. If you do, you might be wondering how much they're worth and where to sell Pokemon cards.

In this post, I'll explore some of the best places to sell Pokémon cards, how much they might be worth, and much more. Let's get started!


Some of the best places to sell Pokemon cards include:

  • eBay
  • Troll and Toad
  • TCG Player
  • Card Market

How Much Can I Sell My Pokemon Cards For?

Before selling your Pokemon cards, you might wonder how much you can make per card.

After all, why get rid of them if you won't make much of a profit? How much can you anticipate for your Pokemon cards?

There is a massive range for the price of Pokemon cards depending on the cards you have.

You might make a few bucks, and you might make a fortune from your collection.

Most Pokemon cards go for less than $2.00.

These are the common cards, and there is an excessive number of them.

You can find some cards for about $30, but these are rarer.

There are also rare Pokemon cards that can go for thousands of dollars. A few cards have even been sold at almost half a million dollars.

If you have a valuable Pokemon card, it can change your life if you know where to sell it. Why not make profit from your rare Pokemon card collection?

Of course, many items can impact the value of Pokemon cards.

You need to take care of them to increase their price. The better the look, the more likely you will find someone to purchase your cards.

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Pokemon Cards

Factors that Determine the Vale of Pokémon Cards

Pokemon card prices can range in price drastically.

It's critical to note these so you can examine your Pokemon cards and determine the price you can sell Pokémon cards for online.

The more you know, the better equipped you will be for selling Pokemon cards and getting the most money for them.

Here are a few items that can influence the card prices:

  • Rarity: How rare is the Pokemon card? Is it common, or is it a tricky find? The more rare the card, the more money you will gain in a sale.
  • Condition: Is the Pokemon card torn up? What does it look like compared to the original state? The condition can make all the difference to interested collectors.
  • Demand: At the end of the day, the price is influenced by the demand. What do the people want? Is there something to this card that has made it desirable? What is the demand for the product?
  • Edition: What edition of Pokemon card is the one you want to sell? Is it a rarer one, or a common edition?

These can determine the value of the cards, whether they're rare cards or common cards.

Knowing what influences the value can also help you avoid scams.

Someone may attempt to lowball an offer for rare cards. Knowing the factors that impact the price can be handy when selling Pokémon cards.

Where Can I Get My Pokemon Cards Valued?

Although there is a level of examination you can perform yourself, the ideal way to get your Pokemon cards valued is to take them to a third party and ask for an examination.

Locations like local comic book shops and pawn shops will be able to take a look at your collection and determine the value that comes with each card.

Here are a few other sites that work well to value Pokemon trading cards:

  • TCG Player
  • Troll and Toad
  • CCG Castle

These should give you an approximate value that will help sell Pokémon cards online. While it's not definitive, it can be helpful for getting an approximate value for your collection.

Once you have a value for your cards, you can determine which ones are worth selling and which are better off in your collection.

Do you want to sell the valuable Pokémon cards or hang on to them? Do you want to get rid of Pokemon cards online or turn them in for store credit?

Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards

Several places come to mind as ideal places to sell Pokémon cards.

Some are available in an online marketplace, while others provide a way to hand your trading cards to another person.

Some of the best options to sell Pokemon cards include:

  • Troll and Toad
  • TCG Player
  • eBay
  • Card Market
  • CCG Castle
  • Card Cavern
  • Dave & Adam's
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Local Comic Shops
  • Pawn Shops
  • Sell2BBNovelties

Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad

First up is Troll and Toad. This website is an excellent place, specifically for trading cards.

It's one of the best places to sell if you want a site that is dedicated to selling YuGiOh card collections and Pokeman cards.

You can sell on Troll and Toad if you have a single rare Pokémon card or if you want to sell in bulk.

However, you need a card worth at least $30 to start on the site. A sale of over $5,000 requires contact with the site itself to secure the deal.

If you are worried about getting overwhelmed by sites that aren't for cards, Troll and Toad is the solution! They offer a seller's guide, so you can read their rules and restrictions before exploring their site more.

If you don't want to earn cash for your cards, you can earn a 25% store credit in addition to your cards selling price.

Collectors are frequent flyers on Troll and Toad when it comes time to buy their next card. If you have the rarest Pokémon cards and want to ensure they end up in good hands, this site is a tremendous option.

TCG Player

TCG Player

TCG Player is another excellent company that offers a market tailored to trading card games.

They sell multiple cards from games of all kinds, but Pokemon is one of the biggest sellers.

To get started on TCG Player, simply make an account. There are no fees required to list anything and there is plenty of assistance to make it simple to identify your card.

In the pro version, the site can scan your card and provide an approximate value – making it extremely easy to know your cards value.

If you enjoy features like live pricing data, positive feedback, and listing help, you'll love TCG Player.

It's an ideal choice if you have tons of cards because the upload speeds can be much higher than on other sites.

Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay


eBay is a classic place to sell just about anything, including Pokémon cards.

You can find anything from couches to baseball hats and even vehicles for sale. Although it's not dedicated for Pokémon cards, you can still sell on this platform.

To sell the cards on eBay, make an account first (you'll need to be at least 18 to use the platform).

Then, take pictures and list the cards.

You can sell them individually or in bulk depending on your preference.

You can often earn more money for your cards by listing individually, but this will require much more work on your part.

You will have a little more control over the prices if you decide to use eBay because you can set a minimum price as well as reserve prices for the lowest amount you'll sell your Pokemon collection for.

It's critical to note that, although you can sell your cards on eBay, it's not the prominent location where collectors look. But it's worth a shot if you want some control when you sell Pokemon cards online.

It's also important to analyze the fees when selling Pokémon cards on eBay.


Card Market

Card Market is a company that allows you to sell just about any trading card game online.

It originates from Europe and makes selling ultra-rare cards simpler than ever. It only takes a few steps to sell your cards successfully.

To sell on Card Market, you first need to make an account. Next, click on various cards and search to find what you want to sell. You can set a price based on the average value of the Pokemon cards.

You're responsible for grading your cards yourself if you take advantage of Card Market.

If you want, you can get your Pokémon cards professionally valued before adding them to the site – but this requires more work. It's critical to get used to grading yourself as most sites require it from the seller, whether you have valuable cards or common ones.


CCG Castle

CCG Castle is another excellent place to sell Pokemon cards. Here, you can trade your Pokemon cards for store credit or money in the form of cash through PayPal.

To use CCG Castle, all you need to do is turn on buy mode. From there, browse the website and note which cards the site is interested in buying.

You can sell them in the form of a single card or a collection, whatever is easiest.

You will need to cover the cost of shipping if you decide to work with CCG Castle.

Still, if you want a way to sell your cards in the hope of investing in other cards, CCG Castle is an excellent choice as a platform to sell your Pokémon cards.

Card Cavern

Card Cavern

Card Cavern is another top choice if you want to sell your Pokémon cards online.

This site specializes in Pokemon cards, those that have a redeemable code on the back that have not been redeemed. Your card has to have this code to sell on Card Cavern.

This selling process is a little different than other sites. Rather than selling the physical card and sending it to someone, you sell the code. You don't have to ship anything anywhere – instead, you give up the rights to the code.

If you have many codes that have been left unredeemed, Card Cavern is the ideal choice for you.

Dave and Adams

Dave & Adam's

Dave & Adam's is a popular site that has been on the market for over thirty years, working to sell trading cards for excellent prices.

They are known for selling sports cards, but there is a market that sells trading game cards like Pokemon cards and others.

The most common cards that Dave & Adam's purchases are holographic cards. These include cards like Charizard and Pikachu in their rarest forms. Booster packs and booster boxes go well on this site.

There are three ways to get paid on Dave & Adam's – cash, check or through PayPal. They have some of the highest prices compared to all the other places to sell Pokemon cards. Many get paid within 48 hours of the sale. If you want reliability, Dave & Adam's is one of the best options.

Facebook Marketplace

If you frequent social media, you probably have a Facebook account and know all about the buying and selling side of the platform – Facebook Marketplace.

Here, locals can post items they want to sell and set a price that others can see.

Facebook Marketplace is excellent because you can easily take a picture of your cards and feel confident that someone will see them because they have billions of people using the platform.

Another benefit is that because the people browsing the site are local, you don't have to worry about shipping the cards. Instead, you can meet the buyer locally.

Another massive benefit of this method is that there are no fees when selling Pokemon cards through Facebook Marketplace.

Additionally, you might be able to work out trades or other deals instead of just selling them directly.

If you want something more personal without fees, try Facebook Marketplace. You may have more luck with friends than on any of these card-selling sites.

Local Comic Shops

Local comic shops often purchase Pokemon cards, though many offer store credit instead of a cash value.

Almost all comic book stores have a collection they sell themselves.

If you come in with a few rare cards that they might be able to flip, they'll jump at the chance to buy from you.

These stores might not offer the most money for your cards, but it's an easy way to liquidate your cards without much effort.

Remember – the better the condition of your cards, the more likely you can make good money from your Pokémon card collection.

If you have a local comic book shop, it never hurts to ask about their policy for Pokemon cards.

Determine what they're willing to pay and if that offer is worth avoiding a sale through an online source. Often, it's easier to sell face-to-face than it is online. You don't have to worry about shipping or getting scammed as much as you do on the internet.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops will also purchase some Pokemon cards if you can prove how rare they are. They might not consider purchasing common cards, but they may be interested in rare or valuable Pokémon cards.

It's critical to do your research ahead of time.

Ensure the pawn shop advertises card selling, or you may go in for no reason.

You should also know the value of your card to avoid getting scammed. A pawn shop needs to turn a profit. If they can get a lower price point out of you for a valuable card, they will.

If pawn shops seem a little overwhelming, the comic book store may be a more ideal option for you.



Sell2BBNovelties is the last spot on this list, but it's far from the least.

This site buys and sell all sorts of collectables and novelties ranging from Beanie Babies to Pokémon cards.

If you want to sell Pokemon cards on Sell2BBNovelties, you can sell singular cards or collections in bulk. To be eligible for the site, the cards need to be in excellent condition. No creases, dents, or tears will work for this site, even if you have a rare card in your hand. They will also need to be the U.S. version.

Sell2BBNovelties offers some excellent prices for bulk sales.

If you have rare cards, you can make a lot of money by selling them through Sell2BBNovelties. As a bonus, if you sell your cards for over $30, they will offer free shipping costs when you're ready to send them off.


While the popularity of Craigslist has decreased over the past few years thanks to stiff competition from platforms like Facebook Marketplace, it can still be a solid option to sell your Pokémon cards locally.

With Craigslist, you can set your own price and avoid fees that occur when you sell online.

When selling cards, be sure to check prices online or consider a professional grading inspection to get an accurate value for your cards.

Rare Pokemon Cards

What are the Most Valuable Pokemon Cards?

The most expensive Pokemon cards include:

  1. PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card – $5.275 million
  2. 1999 First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4 – $420,000
  3. Pokémon Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram – $360,000
  4. Black Star Ishihara Signed GX Promo Card – $247,230
  5. Kangaskhan-Holo #115 Family Event Trophy Card – $150,100

How to Get the Most Money for Your Cards

When selling your cards, there are a few ways to maximize your income.

Use Local Stores to Avoid Shipping

Shipping can be costly, especially if you sell your cards overseas.

To avoid these fees, try to sell your cards at local venues like game stores or comic book shops.

This way, you can get cash for your cards immediately, and you won't have to worry about paying for shipping.

Take a Look at Seller Fees

Fees can eat into your profits when it comes to selling anything online.

Try to avoid and limit fees as much as possible. You can use free sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to sell your cards without having to worry about seller fees.

Break Up Your Collection

Unless you have a complete collection, it's usually more profitable to break up your collection and sell your Pokémon cards individually.

If you have a lot of rare cards, you can make a significant profit by selling them individually.

Blastoise Pokemon Card

Know Your Cards Worth

Knowing the most valuable Pokémon cards is essential when it comes time to sell otherwise you could end up selling your cards for much less.

To ensure you get the most money for your cards, do your research ahead of time and know the value of each card before selling.

Final Thoughts on the Best Places to Sell Pokémon Cards

If you grew up in the 90s and 2000s, there is a high chance you grew up with Pokemon cards.

You may have a lot left over that you want to sell.

Luckily, there is a large market out there for these cards.

Nostalgic adults and collectors alike want these cards, and are willing to pay good money for them.

There are many different places to sell Pokémon cards whether online or in person.

It's always critical to know the value of your cards before selling them as some of the rarest cards can be extremely valuable and some places might offer you little for them.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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