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Where to Sell Yugioh Cards (16 Best Places in 2024)

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  August 17, 2022

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most popular trading card games of all time, and nowadays some ultra rare cards can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

Recognizing an opportunity to make money, many collectors have flocked to this classic Japanese trading card game.

Since being officially released in 1999, the game has taken the world by storm, with players of all ages enjoying the unique gameplay and incredible artwork.

If you have a collection of cards and you haven't played in awhile, it might be worth taking a look at them. There may be some limited edition cards scattered throughout your collection worth a fortune. 

In this post, I'll explore the best places to sell Yugioh cards, how much you can make when you sell cards, and much more. Let's get started!

How Much are Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Worth?

If you need to make some extra cash quickly and easily, consider selling Pokemon cards, sports cards, and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. But how much are these cards worth?

Some of these cards can be sold for a few dollars while others are sold for hundreds and even thousands. Then there are super rare cards that can be worth a fortune.

The most expensive card made is the Tournament Black Luster Soldier worth over $2 million!

Best Places to Sell Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Some of the best places to sell Yu-Gi-Oh Cards are listed below. Remember that you can get top dollar for your Yu-Gi-Oh cards whether you sell cards in person or online.

Sell Stuff with eBay

1. eBay

On eBay you can sell almost anything, including Yu-Gi-Oh cards and other Manga game cards.

Since eBay is an easy platform to use, you shouldn't have a problem unloading a large collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards to the right buyer and for a fair price. And if you keep finding cards that are worth selling, you can run your own little card shop on the site.

There is a massive market for collectibles and cards of all kinds on eBay. And all a buyer has to do to find what they're looking for is conduct a simple search.

There are both basic and rare cards being sold on eBay every day, and the rarer your cards are, the more likely it is someone is willing to pay top dollar for them.

To sell on eBay, you have to make an account and verify your information. Once you complete these steps, you can begin the selling process.

First, take pictures of your product and post them. Next, include enticing descriptions with the pictures. You should also look at similar Yu-Gi-Oh card prices and relevant pricing data to determine what a fair price for your cards is.

Keep in mind that eBay takes a 5%-10% seller fee for each item sold. This fee is lower than those charged by other platforms for selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

eBay is an excellent marketplace because it has millions of users. Moreover, there's a large Yu-Gi-Oh collector community on this platform, so you can feel secure when you shop and sell on here. Whether you have valuable cards for sale or you want to sell secret rares in bulk, eBay is the place to go.

TCG Player

2. TCG Player

If you have ever sold or traded cards before, you know that TCG Player is one of the most popular platforms out there. They always have a wide selection, and you can find Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Pokemon cards, Magic cards, and much more on this site. This is a platform that caters to gamers, specifically those who enjoy card-based games, card art, etc.

As far as Yu-Gi-Oh cards are concerned, there's an active and ever-growing community and marketplace on TCG Player. If you're serious about shopping online for particular cards, consider browsing the TCG player marketplace.

It's simple to sell on TCG Player. First, you need to create an account. Fill in your contact information and the relevant payment information. Next, make listings for your cards. As on other sites, the rarer cards will attract more interest, especially if they're rainbow foil or in unopened packs.

There is a 10.25% selling fee when you use this platform. It's high, but considering this is a reliable site and they make selling pretty seamless, it's reasonable. They won't charge more than $50 for each card sold. Once the fee is collected, the remaining profit goes right into your bank account.

If you want to work with a reputable site and get fair market value when you sell cards, consider selling on TCG Player.

Sell Stuff with OfferUp

3. OfferUp

OfferUp is another option, though this platform isn't traditionally used for selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Most people who visit this site are looking to purchase pieces of furniture, electronics, home goods, and similar products. However, Yu-Gi-Oh card holders can still sell cards on here, and since they can—they do!

You can search for Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the search tab at the top of the page to see what other people are doing on the site. If there are active listings, you can compare prices to understand what bids your cards may fetch.

All you need to do to start selling on OfferUp is make an account. Once that's out of the way, take pictures of your cards, write descriptions, and set appropriate prices.

The best thing about OfferUp is that you can sell other unrelated items on here while you're selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Have an old chair that you're looking to get rid of? List it right alongside your Yu-Gi-Oh cards!

It's critical to note that you must deliver the cards to the person who purchased them. This process might involve waiting for the customer to come to you or shipping the cards to them. OfferUp puts much of the process in your hands.

Facebook Marketplace

4. Facebook Marketplace

These days, Facebook is more than a social media application. It's also home to Facebook Marketplace, one of the best locations online for buying and selling items you no longer need. People sell everything on this platform, from shoes they don't need anymore to trading cards they want to get rid of.

As you'd do before using other sites, you should research the FB marketplace platform before listing to know if it's truly the right place for your cards. It's set up like a local market, so you'll need to be in an area where people are actively searching for Yu-Gi-Oh cards in order to attract any bids.

You could see gold foil, ghost rare cards, and even starfoil rare cards on this site.

All you need to buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace is a Facebook account. Once you're ready, take excellent pictures of your items, write enticing descriptions, and list them for the world to see. Attractive images and descriptions are likely to yield a card sale.

Additionally, you can sell multiple items at once on Facebook Marketplace. So as you sell your Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you could also sell a chair, table, or desk lamp.

Facebook Marketplace charges a 5% fee every time you sell something. Compared to other online card-selling platforms, FB Marketplace's fee is attractively low . If you're familiar with how the facebook Marketplace works and you're interested in bulk selling, you could make good money selling foil cards on this platform.


5. Card Market

Card Market is another excellent platform for selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards online. This is a European online marketplace, and it's one of the biggest trading card marketplaces in the world. Along with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you'll find Magic, Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and other popular cards being sold on this platform.

You can search for cards by condition, type, and other characteristics, and it's easy to compare prices when you want to determine which card is a better value.

To get started, just make an account on Card Market. Add your payment information, upload pictures, write descriptions, and set prices. You can start getting bids on a listing the day you sign up.

You'll be paid via PayPal or bank wire; linking a PayPal account is the more convenient option. Keep in mind that Card Market takes a 5% commission every time you sell a card through their platform. There's also a 3% currency conversion fee, which will be relevant if you sell your cards to someone outside the United States of America.

If you want something a little more professional, use Card Market when you have Yu-Gi-Oh cards that need to be sold. The 5% per-item fee is low when compared to what other platforms charge, but you may have a hard time selling super rare cards on this platform.

6. Dave and Adam's Store

Dave and Adam's is another top platform for those who want to sell trading cards. This platform is mainly used for selling sports cards, but there's also a market for gaming cards. If you want to sell through this platform, first check the buy list to ensure Yu-Gi-Oh cards are one of the desired products on the market.

You can also search for Yu-Gi-Oh cards to determine what the market looks like right at the moment. They have tons of information on their site for interested buyers, so do your research before you create a listing.

Most of the time, there are plenty of active listings for Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Moreover, Dave and Adam's is a great site for those who want to sell booster packs and boxes, but you can sell cards individually as well. Many of the best boosters and boxes go for at least $100 on this platform.

All you need to do to start selling is make an account on the site. Next, submit your cards to the company. If your cards are sold, the company pays via PayPal or check. Things could get complicated if you have a lot of secret rare cards for sale, but overall selling on this platform is worth it.

Unfortunately, there is a downside associated with selling through Dave and Adam's: the sale must be over $199 for the company to provide free shipping to the buyer. But if you consistently generate big sales, you'll get rewarded with gift cards and store credit.

Dave and Adam's is the best platform for those who want to sell cards in bulk. In fact, many bulk sellers make much more than those who sell cards individually.


7. Mercari

Mercari is another excellent site for those who want to get rid of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and make money at the same time. On this site, posting listings is totally free. And if you find the right buyer, you could profit greatly from the sale. Mercari operates a lot like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace.

But before you try to sell on this site, first determine what kind of price you're looking to get for your Yu-Gi-Oh cards. If you price your cards fairly, the selling process will be much easier, and it's likely you'll be matched with a collector who purchases cards as a hobby.

To sell on Mercari, you need to first make an account. Next, take pictures of your items and write attractive descriptions. Now post the listings for free. You can list as many items as you want on this site.

On this site, you'll pay a 2.9% commission, plus a thirty-cent fee, for every item you sell. You can get the money sent straight to your bank account.

If you like the idea of having full control over your operations in the trading card marketplace, make Mercari the platform on which you sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards. After all, you can post as many listings as you want and not pay a cent.


8. Reddit's Subforum r/YGOMarketplace

Reddit has numerous subforms, and some of these are specifically for buying and selling products. One of the best places to sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards is on the Reddit subform: r/YGOMarketplace.

To start, you need to make a Reddit account so you can interact with other users on this subforum. Once you are part of the site, you can post your pictures and descriptions of your cards. Many users make a list of available cards to show users what they can buy.

Since Reddit has nothing to do with payments, you'll need to see which payment method is best for the person who wants to buy your cards.

Moreover, if you sell cards on Reddit, you'll be responsible for taking care of the shipping

To engage with a community of Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiasts, use the Reddit subform, as discussions here aren't just about buying and selling—fans discuss the game, the show, the manga, etc.

9. Sell2BBNovelties

Sell2BBNovelties is one of the long-standing players in the collectables space. They do both buying and trading, and they specialize in collectibles and rare cards.

This website buys single Yu-Gi-Oh cards and they buy in bulk. Your cards need to be in pristine condition for this site to buy them. The rarer the card, the more Sell2BBNovelties will pay for it.

You get paid for your cards via PayPal or store credit. Keep in mind that this isn't the best place to go if you want to get rid of used cards.

Heart of the Cards

10. Heart of the Cards

Heart of the Cards is another excellent platform for those who are looking to sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards. On this site, you can read about all kinds of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and there's also information for fans of the show.

There is a decent market for cards on this site, and the platform will buy them directly if you have the items they want.

If you are interested in selling cards to Heart of the Cards, reach out to them. They will make an offer on your cards if they are in mint condition or barely used. You can get up to 40% of a card's retail value. You could also get 50% in store credit if you'd rather use the card to build your collection.

You won't make as much selling to Heart of the Cards as you would selling to other platforms. However, this is a great site if you want to expand your collection and learn more about the game while you do.

Comic Conventions

11. Comic Conventions

Comic conventions are large gatherings where fans of different games, anime, etc. show up to interact with one another. Here, you will find individuals selling all kinds of cards, and you're sure to find at least a dozen people selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards at a comic convention.

There are often booths at these conventions, and it's at these booths where cards are bought, traded, and sold. If you go here, you could find some rainbow foil and mosaic rare cards, as collectors love going to these conventions.

And most card sellers make it known in advance that they'll be selling cards, such as the sought-after Blue Eyes White Dragon, at an upcoming convention, so regularly check the convention website or Facebook page for updates.

You can also talk to fellow convention attendees to see if anyone thinks your cards are worth money. The rarer your cards are, the more likely it is you'll find someone to trade with at a convention.

Game Goblins

12. Game Goblins

Game Goblins works a lot like Dave and Adam's. They regularly update the list of Yu-Gi-Oh cards they have, and on their site you don't have to pay to market your cards.

Using Game Goblins is easy because they display their inventory on a Google sheet. It doesn't take long to find the cards you're looking for, and if you have cards that they want they'll be glad to take these off your hands for a fair amount of cash.

You need to have quality cards to sell them on Game Goblins. Some individuals pay upwards of $100 for cards on this site. They also offer a store credit option for those who want to use the proceeds from a sale to buy more cards. You'll get a 25% trade-in bonus if you sell cards for store credit.

13. Personal Site

If you have a ton of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you can make a business of selling them. Start your site using a platform-builder like WordPress or Wix and create a store where you can advertise what you have. This is pretty much what local card shops do, but you won't need a storefront.

It's best to create a site if you already have a following. You can always make use of social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Advertise that you're selling cards for a flat price—cards sell fast using such a promotion.

It doesn't take long to create a site. If you want a high-quality site, pay to have it developed. You can even sell other cards on your site, like Pokemon and Magic cards.

Just be aware that it takes a lot of work to manage a site. If you don't have the time to keep up with orders and shipments, try another selling method.

14. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are great if you're selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards in packs; these are not places for those who sell individual cards. That being said, if you have a card that is worth a ton of money, a pawn shop may make you an attractive offer.

To try this method, head to your local pawn shop and see if they buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Some shops have no use for them while others pay big bucks for these cards.

If you have a rare card and find the right shop, you have an excellent shot at making big bucks for your card. And since Pawn shops typically pay in cash, there's no waiting for a check to clear.

Instead of going to the shop, you can always call or check out their website to see if they'll buy your cards. If a pawn shop is not interested in your cards, they will turn them down immediately; they won't spend time trying to cut a deal.

Comic Book Shop

15. Local Comic Shops

If you have a local comic book shop in your area, go to them with your Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Many shops offer fair deals for booster packs. And if you bring them rare cards, like textured foil cards, it's likely they'll make you an even better offer, as local card shops like these know valuable cards when they encounter them.

Do your research online before heading to a comic book store. Check out their website and see if they offer information about what they buy . Some comic book stores take old items while others only stock the shelves with brand new products.

To avoid wasting time, call your local comic book store to see what they accept. They may only take rare cards and large packs of cards. If you need to get rid of basic cards, you might be out of luck.

Comic book shops are also an excellent place to meet other fans of Yu-Gi-Oh. You can sell your cards to them or ask if they are willing to trade. Just make sure your selling price is clear.


16. Etsy

Etsy isnt usually associated with selling cards, yet it's one of the best places for modern Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiasts to sell their cards. If you have many cards, Etsy will allow you to create a store and serve interested customers. They have everything you need to succeed, including a tracking system that's very useful for those who do their own shipping.

There is a decent market for Yu-Gi-Oh cards on Etsy, though it's not as big as what you'll find on sites solely dedicated to card games. In short, the rarer your cards are, the more interested buyers you'll find on this site.

If you want to sell on Etsy, first make an account. Then create a store and make sure your payment information is accurate. Now take pictures of your cards, write captions, and put them up for sale on your brand-new shop. Research other Yu-Gi-Oh card listings to price your cards accurately.

There is a 6.5% fee for every item sold on Etsy. You are also responsible for shipping the cards to the customers, so you'll have to take care of packaging, etc.

Etsy is a unique place for selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but it's easy to use, which in part explains its popularity. If you put enough effort into the look of your site, you will find a customer who wants to purchase your cards.

What Determines the Market Value of Cards?

There are a few different factors that can determine the price of your cards.

For example, cards that have experienced heavy play will be worth less than near mint condition cards. Also, cards with textured foil accents, such as the rare Blue Eyes White Dragon card, fetch a pretty penny anywhere.

The edition of the card can also affect its value. Some cards were only released in certain parts of the world, making them more desirable to collectors.

Moreover, cards that have been banned from official tournaments are often worth less than those that are still legal.

Whether you want to make $3000 fast or even make $5000 fast – selling Yugioh cards is a great option if you have them!

Final Thoughts on the Where to Sell Yugioh Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh cards can be worth an enormous amount of money, even if they're just a few years old.

If you have an ultimate rare card or a secret rare card, you can possibly get thousands of dollars for just one card.

Still not sure where to sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

The best place to check out first is eBay because of how many potential buyers are out there. You can also check out local game stores, comic book shops, and pawn shops in your area if you need money quickly.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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