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61 Crafts to Make and Sell (Ultimate 2024 List)

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  June 4, 2021

Ever thought about starting a craft business?

If you're a fan of DIY projects and in need of some extra money, starting your own business to make and sell handmade crafts is a fun and potentially lucrative option.

In this post, I'll explore the best crafts to make and sell, where to sell crafts online, and the types of craft businesses you can start. Let's get started!

Types of Craft Businesses

There are many craft businesses out there that sell crafts online every day.

One of the most popular sites for selling crafts and other handmade items is Etsy, with over 4 million active sellers on the platform.

However, there are a number of ways you can sell your crafts online or in person at a local craft fair.

Once you've identified the crafts you want to make and sell, creating an Internet presence is very helpful to get the word out. If you're a stay-at-home mom looking for ways to make money, selling crafts is both a blast and profitable.

For instance, you can start your own blog or website for your craft business to get started. You can also promote your crafts online on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and, of course, create an Etsy shop for easy distribution.

How to Sell Crafts Online

Selling crafts online is the easiest way to make money from your DIY projects. If you decide to offer shipping along with local delivery or pickup, you'll be able to reach customers all around the world.

If you're more fond of an in-person business model, you can research craft fairs in your area or local community markets to sell crafts there.

Regardless of what platform you decide to use, there is a lot of potential to make money online and in-person by selling crafts that you've made.

Interested, but don't know what sorts of crafts to try? We've compiled a list of the 61 most profitable crafts to sell.

These handmade crafts are easy for anyone to make, no matter what level of experience they have with DIY crafts.

To sell crafts online, I recommend starting with Etsy and eBay. These are the two most reputable and easy platforms to start selling crafts online. 

Making Crafts to Sell

There are so many trending crafts that are all the rage in the DIY community. You may have even learned some of these crafts in “family life” class as a kid, but now, you can make money with what you've learned.

Especially if you're a stay-at-home mom looking for popular crafts, unique ideas, and gift items to start selling, you can find many ideas to sell out there with little startup costs.

You can create t-shirts, wall decor, jewelry, or anything else you're interested in making and selling. For people looking to have fun, be creative, and make some extra cash, crafting is a great idea to make money.

Most Profitable Crafts to Make and Sell

There are a number of crafts that make money out there for you to choose from for your DIY projects endeavors. You can find many of these DIY crafts at craft fairs as well as on an Etsy store or craft blog.

From paper crafts, to kids' crafts, to letter crafts, to home decor and more, there's a fun craft out there for you to make and sell along with creative ideas for you to make these hot crafts your own.

Make DIY gifts for friends and family or create handmade items to sell online for extra money. No matter what your intention, these hot craft ideas to sell and DIY projects are fit for any person with a little bit of creativity.

Crochet coasters

Crocheting is similar to knitting, but for some, it can be a little easier. One of the simplest items you can make through crochet is a coaster.

This is a unique idea to sell for profit and a great craft to make for crochet beginners.

Crafts to Make and Sell - Wine Glasses

Decorated wine glasses

Decorating wine glasses to make them your own is one of the easiest crafts to do.

This would be a great craft to give out to a friend for a birthday or wedding shower, or sell for profit online.

If you're already a skilled painter, you could even take your painted glasses to a flea market to sell there, or create at Etsy shop.

Glitter tumblers

Tumblers are already popular items on their own, but everything is better with glitter.

You can customize a tumbler with colored glitter that you glue on either the entire body or a portion of the tumbler and use epoxy for the finish.

Pressed Flowers

Pressing flowers and gluing them onto a canvas can be a beautiful form of wall decor and a way for you to make money.

If you do end up creating an Etsy shop or visiting flea markets, see what flowers are most popular with your customers or in the area you're selling and go from there.

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Phone Cases

Buying white or clear phone cases online and customizing them with paint or mod podge is a fun and easy craft to complete.

It's also one of the best crafts to earn money, as everyone wants a unique phone case.

For this craft, all you'll need to do is buy some cheap blank phone cases online, grab some paint or pictures, make sure you have mod podge for finish, and get started creating.

Crafts to Make and Sell - Plant Pots

Painted Plant Pots

Have a plant lover in your life? A painted pot would make their day.

This is one of many trending crafts among the nature-lover community.

Taking your painted pots to flea markets would guarantee you some extra cash, and it's a fun way to connect with the people around you.

Mason Jars

There are so many DIY ideas that use mason jars.

With a mason jar, can create a tissue holder, a flower vase, a painted jar for home decor, or any other hot craft ideas you can find online.

You can utilize the feeling of nostalgia associated with mason jars to make some extra money by personalizing these containers.

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Mosaic Picture Frames

Photo frames work great as gifts or crafts to sell. You can find an Etsy shop for every sort of mosaic picture frame, but that shouldn't stop you from creating your own!

This craft allows for creativity run wild, as you can arrange any color or shape of mosaic tiles on the frame for a completely personalized product.

Resin Art

This type of art is a bit more complicated than regular painting, but the results of this craft can be amazing.

All you'll need for these craft items are resin, a canvas or surface of some sort, and any type of paint.

This is one of the best crafts to sell for profit as uniquely painted items are among the most sought-after of hot crafts.

Christmas Wreaths

Looking for ideas to sell crafts around Christmas time?

Wreaths are among the best crafts to make and sell for extra cash.

You can use fake or real flora for a Christmas wreath along with fabric strips or any other material that you can reasonably utilize.

Palette Picture Frames

If you're experienced in woodworking, this could be the craft for you to sell for profit.

You'll need a few strips of wood along with adhesive or string to connect the pieces for this project.

This is among many easy crafts that you can do with wood.

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Painted Picture Frames

This profitable craft is a simple one to make and sell.

If you're looking for crafts to make that don't require too many complicated steps, painting a photo frame is a perfect choice.

Simply go to your local craft store, pick out a blank frame, and paint away.

Decorated Serving Trays

Decorating a serving tray with paint and mod podge is one of the easiest crafts that make money.

Simply purchase a clear or solid-color serving tray and decorate it any way you'd like, then sell! Many craft fairs would take these DIY crafts in a heartbeat.

Acrylic Pour Painting

Acrylic paint is among the easiest types of paint to use. If you're prepared to use a ton of it, then acrylic pouring is the way to go.

For this craft, you'll mix your paint together in a cup, then simply pour it onto a canvas and watch as the colors create a gorgeous abstract design.

Wall Art

Among other easy crafts to make money, wall art is one of the most customizable.

You can use virtually anything to create wall art to sell for profit, so long as it's able to be hung up.

If you're looking for hot craft ideas for this project, think outside of the box. You can knit something to hang up, print a design, or paint a mirror with something unique.

Painted Canvasses

This is another one of those easy crafts that allows for a great amount of personal freedom.

You can use watercolor, acrylic, or any other sort of paint to create any picture or design you want on a blank canvas, then sell these DIY crafts at craft fairs or online.

Bird Feeders

You can find pre-made wooden bird feeders at your local craft store or create one yourself with woodworking.

Either way, this is one of the most profitable crafts to sell for people that love animals, especially if you decorate them beautifully.


Making a terrarium is simple and fun, and is among the best hot craft ideas.

You'll need a container, some rocks or sand, and a few succulents or plants to make a terrarium.

Take these DIY crafts to sell at some craft fairs and watch as plant lovers flock to your stand.

Reading Pillows

Creating a reading pillow is simple for anyone that knows how to sew. These DIY crafts are perfect for bookworms or children.

After making these crafts to sell to the book lovers in your life, they'll be able to keep their favorite stories or homework assignments in a cute, convenient pillow pocket.

For this craft, you'll need fabric and pillow stuffing, along with any yarn to embroider or create a design on the fabric.

Christmas Ornaments

‘Tis the season for extra cash! You can make a Christmas ornament out of essentially anything, so make it your own (and make money).

With some hooks and creativity, you'll be set with this craft.


You can easily find printable calendar dates online to pair with family photos or your own photography for a unique calendar craft.

A printer is required for this craft, along with good quality paper and a creative mind.

If you mass market your calendar on a blog or at craft fairs, this can be among some of the best crafts that make money.

Book Covers

Looking for ideas to sell to the students in your life? Try to make and sell book covers.

You can purchase and sew fabric together to make a pretty cover to fit anyone's style.

Though you can purchase book covers pre-made, creating some yourself is way more fun, and has more appeal to a potential buyer.

Motivational Quote Decorations

You can use letter stencils to create gorgeous paintings with motivational quotes on them, producing purposeful crafts that make money.

This craft will give inspiration to others and extra cash to you, especially if you make and sell these on the regular.

Use a blank canvas, stencils, and paint for this inspiring craft.


If you're into calligraphy and design, creating and printing a planner could be the money-making craft for you.

You'll need a printer for this craft to make and sell it, along with some sort of design tool, whether it be digital or paper.

To-Do Lists

With some blank paper, you can design functional and fabulous to-do lists for the doers out there to purchase.

You can market these crafts to busy moms or teachers- anyone with a lot on their plate to keep track of.

All you need for this craft is the paper and pens of your choice.


You can make adorable earrings out of small, quirky objects for a one-of-a-kind product to sell online.

Many buyers are looking for unconventional items to wear as earrings, so get creative with this one when you make and sell it.

You can find small trinkets or even plastic animals to attach to earring hooks. Earrings are some of the most popular crafts to sell for profit, so try to take up the job if you can.


Necklaces are among the most fun and easy crafts that make money.

Whether you want to use beads, shells, or charms, you can create a beautiful necklace for people of all tastes to purchase.

Along with the materials listed above, you'll need a chain or something to string your pieces on to the necklace.


Similar to necklace-making is creating bracelets as crafts to make money.

You can find more ideas for how to create unique, beautiful bracelets at your local craft store or with a quick search through Pinterest.

In fact, Pinterest is one of the best places to look for ideas to sell handmade crafts to sell for extra cash.

Materials for this craft depend on your preference and bracelet-making style, but you should expect to need some sort of beading or material to string on to a rope or string.


If you've ever done metalwork, making rings could be a great craft option for you.

You can also try to make rings out of household items or use pliers to bend metal into circular shapes. If you're especially skilled, you can attach jewels or stones to rings for even more value.

Depending on what type of ring you want to make, the materials for this craft to make and sell it can vary.

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Crochet Hats

This crochet project is typically for more skilled crocheters, but it's doable if you use a few YouTube videos to guide you on your journey to make and sell these head-covering pieces.

You can make bucket hats pretty easily with crochet, and have the freedom to choose any color or thickness of yarn that you'd like.

As with most crochet projects, all you'll need is your hook and some yarn.

Crafts to Make and Sell - Blankets

Chunky Blanket

You can both crochet or knit a blanket with chunky yarn

This craft will take you a longer amount of time to do, but it's still one of the most fun crafts to make, and this just makes it even more likely for your customers to love the end product.

As the name implies, the only materials a chunky blanket requires is chunky yarn and a knitting or crochet tool.


Creating a purse by hand can also be done with crochet. It's one of the more complicated crafts to make in terms of crochet designs, but depending on what style of purse you want to make, it can be done with a little practice.

Purses are perfect crafts to make for community markets, as customers will undoubtedly appreciate handmade goods. You'll likely be able to make the most money possible in terms of crochet with these crafts to sell.


Like many other crafts to make at home that use yarn, you can make and sell scarves by knitting or crocheting them with yarn.

The best part is that scarves are among the simplest crafts to make. You can even “knit” a scarf with just some yarn and your fingers!

All this craft requires is some good quality yarn and your knot-tying tool of choice.

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Similar to necklaces, you can purchase pendant-making tools online or at a local craft store.

You can use lots of items as pendants, so these easy crafts to sell allow for a lot of freedom. Whether you're looking for sweet hearts or moody stones to attach to a chain, you'll certainly be able to market your product to someone to sell for profit.

Tote bags

You can purchase pre-made tote bags to paint, embroider, or otherwise design in a unique way that people will want to buy.

You can showcase your artistic skill in a way that's functional and fashionable for buyers.

If you're a painter or embroiderer looking for more money on the side, imprinting your personal designs on tote bags is the perfect way to use your expertise for fun and money.

All you'll need for this project is some canvas bags and your art medium of choice. After that, watch the extra money roll in.

Crochet Swimsuit Tops

Yet another crochet craft you can make and sell with a little practice is a crochet swimsuit top.

There are many designs available for use that you can find online and follow pretty easily, especially if you're already skilled in crochet, making it easy to make and sell these tops.

As with most other crochet projects, all you need to make a swimsuit top is your hook, your hands, and some yarn! Crochet yourself some extra money.

Clay Keychains

If you've worked with clay before, you know how messily fun it can get. Among the most fun hot craft ideas you can make and sell with clay is a keychain.

All you'll need for this craft is easy craft clay, which you can find at a craft store, a pencil or pointed edge to make designs with, and any paint you'd like to use.

Keychains are easy to personalize, so you can take custom orders for this craft with ease.

Fabric Keychains

Fabric keychains are another type of keychain crafts to sell to make extra cash. These easy crafts require exactly what it sounds like: fabric, and a circular connector to attach to your keys.

You can use any style of fabric you want along with stuffing if you choose.

Especially skilled fabric keychain makers can even make tiny dolls or stuffed animals into keychains using fabric and stuffing, turning this project into crafts that make money quick.

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Hair Accessories

There are a variety of hair accessories that you can make and sell yourself, including bows, lettered hairpins, and more.

A quick search online will give you plenty of ideas to diversify your hair accessory portfolio to sell for profit.

Depending on what type of hair accessory you'd like to make, the materials for this project vary. However, a few common items for these easy crafts to sell to make money include bobby pins, bows, scrunchies, and hair ties.


If you know some art or food lovers, to make and sell an apron for them is a great gesture and can be one of the most enjoyable crafts to sell. Once they spread the word about your great work, you'll be making extra cash in no time.

In terms of crafts that make money, aprons are among the most personalizable and can get you that extra money you need.

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Decorative Champagne Flutes

One of the best crafts to make at home is to decorate a champagne flute.

You can easily do this with paint or some types of permanent marker. If you're looking for ideas to sell to the champagne lovers of the world, this is the craft for you.

Bubble Bath

Everyone loves a good bubble bath. If you have the ingredients and the scientific mind to create a formula that people will really love (and is safe for the bath) then go for it!

It's uncommon for anyone to turn away locally-made self-care products, so expect success from this craft, especially if you're a good marketer.

Body Lotions

Lotion is essential for everyone at some point in their lives. And it makes you smell so good!

Again, if you've got the ingredients and expertise to create a lotion formula that people will enjoy, then mix away and get those hands moisturized.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are surprisingly easy to make, with many online recipes being accessible and easy to use for everyone, including kids (invite your child to help you with any of these crafts, if you'd like).

So long as you use ingredients that are safe for the bath, these are great crafts to make and sell.

Scented Body Scrubs

A lot of household ingredients can go into body scrubs. For craft ideas to sell to the skin-care enthusiast, a body scrub is the way to go.


Handmade soap often smells better and works better.

Regardless of whether your customer is planning on using it for an ASMR video or to actually wash their hands, you can make money from selling them your soap.

Jewelry Boxes

You can purchase boxes at the craft store and paint them any way you'd like, along with personalizing them for each customer.

All you need for this craft is paint, anything you'd like to glue, and a small box.

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T-shirts are wearable forms of art, if you design them with an artistic purpose.

Let your ideas run wild and screen print, fabric paint, or glitter glue some t-shirts. Someone out there will want to wear your design.

Greeting Card Packs

If you like coming up with witty phrases and drawing or painting cute pictures, you could make greeting card packs for people.

Simply buy or create some blank cards and let your artistic side run wild.


You can make candle holders out of a lot of household items with a little work.

There are even people out there that have cut a hole into a pinecone and used that to hold a candle. The possibilities are endless!

Scented Candles

Speaking of candles, have you ever made your own?

You can easily get wax and scents to melt together and create your own great-smelling candle.

Check out my easy guide to making candles to sell to get started!

Spice Jars

If you have a label maker or other means to print stickers, you can design your own spice jars.

All you need is the jars themselves and the ability to stick a cute design with common spice names on the jar.

Painted Coasters

You can buy plain white or wooden coasters at the craft store and personalize them to your heart's content with paint, glitter, and more.

Stuffed Toys

If you've ever used a sewing machine or crocheted something that requires stuffing, this craft should come easily to you.

Create stuffed animals, dolls, or anything else a child would enjoy and try to sell them online or in-person.


You can make headbands out of bandanas, fabric, and loads of other materials.

Garnish with beads or bows for the perfect craft for a little girl with fashion sense.

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Knitted Beanies

Additional knitting options out there are beanies…

Knitted Mittens

…and mittens! With knitting, you really can't go wrong.


You can dye, bead, or otherwise customize boring scrunchies into fun designs for girls and women alike.

Scrunchies are making a comeback, so it's best to take charge of this craft as soon as you can.


Making stickers to sell is a great craft to make some serious cash.


This craft is easy for anyone with good quality paper and some creativity.

Simply cut out some strips of paper fit to hold a place in a book and draw, paint, or print whatever you'd like on them.


This project may seem a bit far-fetched, but it can be done!

You'll need fabric or material that's comfortable to sit on and the “beans” that make up the stuffing of bean bags. Just cut out the amount of fabric you need, sew it into a “bag,” fill it in with the beans, and have a seat (or make a sale).

Painted Coolers

Coolers are mainstream in today's world and you can make money painting them with unique designs. 

You can complete custom orders or sell your individual coolers for a profit. 

Depending on the type and style of cooler, you can easily profit $100 or more per cooler. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Crafts to Make and Sell

Anyone can craft. Whether you're a painter, designer, or engineer, there's a craft out there that you'd enjoy, and can potentially make money from selling it to people.

We hope you found some ideas to make money with crafts from this article, and that you turn a profit in no time!

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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