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30 Practical Stay-at-Home Dad Jobs in 2022 (High Paying!)

By Forrest | Last Updated: May 11, 2022

Are you a stay at home dad looking to make some extra cash?

Balancing finances and the duties that come with being a stay at home parent can certainly be challenging. There's no doubt having multiple streams of income is a great scenario for any family, so why not pick up a side gig to help your family grow its income?

In this post, I'll explore the best stay at home dad jobs to make money in your free time, how much money stay at home dads can make, and much more. Let's get started!

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Best Stay at Home Dad Jobs

Below are some of my favorite stay at home dad jobs for any dad looking for a steady income on their own hours. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment is currently around 6% and with many parents staying home, this is a great time to find a new job.

These jobs were selected with flexibility in mind so you can complete the work whenever you aren't cooking dinner, cleaning the home, and other duties that come with being a stay at home parent.

Take Online Surveys

There are many survey sites that will pay you for your thoughts and opinions.

While most jobs will require you to work select hours per day, taking surveys online can be done at any time from anywhere. This is a great way to make extra money without having the stress of a job.

Are you going to make a fortune taking surveys online?


But it is a good way to make an extra $200 or more a month.

To get started, sign up for the following survey platforms:

By registering for all of these platforms, you won't miss the high paying opportunities that get sent out via email. With some of these sites you can make over $50 per survey you complete making it a perfect way to earn extra cash.

Need another reason to register? Most of these sites offer a welcome bonus that is literally free money. For example, with Swagbucks you'll get a free $5 bonus when you complete your profile. What's better than that??

Looking to make some extra cash in your free time? Sign up with Swagbucks to get $5 instantly!
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If you're looking for another flexible job with an unlimited income potential working as a blogger or online business owner might be a good option for you.

Depending on how much money you're looking to make, blogging can be perfect for many stay at home parents looking to make some extra money.

Once your blog becomes profitable and starts making regular money, you might hire freelance writers to help grow your content and readership.

Blogging can be one of the most flexible jobs for stay at home moms and dads with a computer and internet connection.

Making money blogging can be done through an assortment of methods. Some of the most common include display advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling online courses.

In my opinion, blogging is one of the best work from home jobs you can find.

To get started, you'll want to determine what to blog about. It could be personal finances, fitness, travel, or many other types of blogs.

Once you've planned what to write about you'll need to select a domain name for your blog. You'll want to choose a name that has meaning and is easy to remember. To buy your domain name I recommend using Namecheap. This is the cheapest option to purchase a domain name costing less than $10 a year.

NameCheap is my favorite domain registrar to easily purchase your next domain name. They are extremely affordable with domains costing less than $9. Sign-up below!
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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

After purchasing your domain, it's time to get hosting for your blog. You can think of hosting as a place to store files that your blog will use. For hosting, I recommend SiteGround. SiteGround has the best customer service and is very affordable costing around $10 per month when getting started.

Once you've purchased your hosting, you can install WordPress on your blog for free to save money. This will help you to manage the content and articles on your site and it is super easy to use.

Finally, it's time to start writing and growing your audience. You'll want to plan your content in advance and aim to keep to a normal posting schedule.

While the job title of blogger may not be the most sexy, the passive income you can make is well worth it.

SiteGround is my favorite hosting platform to easily start a blog. They have top-notch customer service and prices starting as low as $7 per month. Sign-up below!
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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Stay at Home Dad Jobs - VA

Virtual Assistant

One of the best jobs for stay at home dads is a virtual assistant. Why?

It can be done at virtually any time of day – perfect for those hours in between duties.

While this isn't a traditional full time job, it is a great stay at home job because it can be completed from anywhere at anytime.

Just like blogging, all you will need to complete this job is a computer with an internet connection.

When you work as a virtual assistant you'll be tasked with sending and responding to emails, posting on social media, scheduling meetings, making website updates, and much more.

My favorite thing about working as a virtual assistant is that it doesn't require any skills to get started making money. You'll get the benefits of a flexible schedule without the headache and stress of heading into the office regularly.

The pay for virtual assistants varies depending on your skills, but it's possible to make over $20 per hour working as a virtual assistant. Not bad!

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Freelance Writing

If you have a passion for putting thoughts on paper, freelance writing could be a perfect job for any stay at home dad.

With this job, you'll get paid for completing writing assignments that you can find online.

To get started as a freelance writer you might try various freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr. With these sites you'll typically get paid per word you write.

For example, if you charge $.10 per word, a 4,000-word article could net you $400 cash.

Freelancing of any sort is a great way to generate some extra income in a few hours.

Freelance writers can make great money if they can express their thoughts in a meaningful and intriguing way.

For those with strong typing skills you can make even more money because of how efficient you become. For more skilled writers, it's possible to charge $1 per word.

With InboxDollars you can make money in your free time taking surveys, watching videos, and more. Plus, when you register with the link below – you'll get a free $5! So why not give it a try??
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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a great job for stay at home dads because it doesn't require any actual work other than feeding and looking after animals.

Some people see this side hustle as a method to generate passive income because of how easy it is.

Earning money with pet sitting is a breeze when you use the Rover platform.

With Rover, you'll gain access to thousands of animal owners looking for individuals to watch over them when they are away.

Get started with Rover using the link below.

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Flipping Job for Dads

Flea Market Flipping

Want to entertain children while also making money?

By visiting thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets you can find the best items to flip for a profit and start making money.

When it comes time to sell your items, you can consider listing them on sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

To become a successful flipper, you'll need to dedicate the time and energy to find the best deals and sell your items for the highest price.

Registration is open for The Furniture Flipping Summit! It was created to help you grow your furniture flipping business and help you make higher profits on your pieces.
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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Start an Ecommerce Store

There are many creative ways to make money in today's society. Opening an e-commerce store can certainly be one of them.

If you're searching for a job with an unlimited income potential – opening your own online shop is a great choice.

What should you sell?

There are many crafts you can make and sell online to get started. Whether you choose to make candles at home or craft jewelry to sell – there are options that suit just about any interest.

If you don't want to make things you can also consider drop shipping. With drop shipping you'll partner with manufacturers and have them ship products directly to your customers. While the margins on these items tends to be much less, it can still be an extremely profitable venture for any dad.

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This job is a great options for busy dads because all it takes is some headphones and a computer.

Transcribing can be a great way to build your income from home by writing text from audio or video sources.

The pay for transcriptionists will vary but it's possible to make over $20 per hour with this job.

Looking for free money? With the Nielsen Panel you can get up to $50 per device.
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Disclosure: This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Dad Babysitting


If you're already staying home with children of your own, why not extend your child care services further to make some quick cash?

Babysitting or child care can be an easy way to boost your income and is the perfect side hustle for stay at home dads.

Depending on the number of children you are looking after and the area you live in, you could make over $100 a day babysitting. Multiple that by 5 days per week and that's an extra $2,000 a month.

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Customer Service Representative

While this isn't the most attractive job, many companies are always on the lookout for customer service reps to alleviate problems that customers are having.

The major benefit of this online job is that you won't have to work in massive call centers to get started.

While the pay for customer service representatives isn't the best, it can be a good way to grow your income and make extra money.

Online Jobs for Teens - Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

If working remotely is essential, working as an online personal trainer can be a great side hustle to earn extra money each month.

This side hustle is always in high demand given the unhealthy status of our society.

To get started, you'll need to obtain your certification that can be completed online for less than $1,000. In addition to this, if you are training in person you'll likely need to get certified for CPR from the Red Cross. Finally, insurance is needed for many trainers working in person in the case that something goes wrong.

As a personal trainer, you can make over $30 per 30-minute session. Working online will allow you to gain more clients to increase your revenue.

Work as a Social Media Manager

Social media platforms have exploded over the past few years giving many people and companies an opportunity to cash in.

As a social media manager you'll be tasked with creating a plan for every social media account and maximizing the companies exposure across channels.

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SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization specialists also called a search engine evaluator can be an awesome job for many dads that are skilled in digital marketing – more specifically content marketing.

The pay for an SEO specialist can be very lucrative. Some can make well over 6 figures with this online job.

Teach English Online

Depending on your teaching experience you might qualify to teach English online.

You'll need to be a native English speaker and understand some other languages to help others learn.

The pay for teaching can range but it's possible to earn over $25 per hour.

Data Entry

There are many data entry positions that are perfect for job seekers looking to earn money with remote work.

While data entry likely isn't your top choice in terms of how fun the position is, it is a great online job for families needing some extra money.

To find data entry jobs, you can browse various job boards.

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Working as a recruiter is the perfect job for stay at home dads because it is flexible and can be done remotely.

As a recruiter you'll be responsible for finding candidates for various job positions.

The pay for recruiters can range but some make over $100,000 per year.

Course Creator

Selling courses can be a tremendous opportunity if you understand how to construct a course and have an audience to promote it to.

Best all all, you can create an online course about anything. From h

Some course creators make 7 figures from their courses each year. Most of this income is considered passive because once the course is created, it can be sold over and over without much work.

Developing a course is not a simple process, however. You'll want to dedicate the time and energy to ensure your course is top notch.

Once you've created your course, you'll want to formulate a plan to sell it. There are many different marketing channels you can consider such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • A blog or website of your own

Selling online courses can be extremely profitable and a great job for stay at home dads looking to make more money. Check out the video below for more help!


Podcasting is a fun side hustle or job for dads that can be done from almost anywhere.

You'll need to have a computer and microphone to get started. The best part is, you can podcast about anything.

You'll need to spend some time creating a plan for your show and answering some questions like:

  • What will the format of my show be?
  • How will my podcast make money?
  • How many episodes will I release per week?

By answering these questions ahead of time, you'll save yourself a lot of stress down the road.

Podcasting can be a great way to make money and have fun at the same time.


If you don't mind being on camera, starting a YouTube channel can be an excellent job for many dads.

As a Youtuber, you'll create videos on various topics and build a following of subscribers.

You can monetize your YouTube channel in many ways such as:

  • YouTube's partner program
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Promoting your own blog or website

The amount of money you can make with YouTube is extraordinary. Some creators can easily make 6 figures per year with their channel.

And you don't need a fortune to get started. All you'll need is a video camera (most modern smart phones will work) and a computer to start making money. As your channel grows and becomes more popular you can invest in better equipment to enhance the quality of your videos.

Travel Agent Job

Travel Agent

Travel agents are great jobs for stay at home dads because the work can be done from anywhere in the world and is quite fun.

As a travel agent, you'll be responsible for helping people book their travel arrangements. This can include:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Rental cars
  • Tours and activities

The pay for travel agents can be great, especially if you are able to work with high end clients.


If you have accounting skills, working as a bookkeeper can be a great job for stay at home dads.

As a bookkeeper you'll be responsible for keeping track of a business's financial transactions and reporting so the company can easily understand its current financial position.

The pay for bookkeepers can range but many make over $60,000 per year.


Proofreading is an easy job that can be done from anywhere in the world.

As a proofreader, you'll be responsible for reading through text and correcting any grammar or spelling errors.

Proofreading is a great job for stay at home dads because it's flexible and doesn't require much experience.

The pay for proofreading can be great, with some proofreaders making over $30 to $40 per hour.


Do you love to write? If you love writing but want to make passive income, working as an author and publishing a book is a great job for some dads.

The amount of money you can make is virtually uncapped, making it a tremendous opportunity for those who enjoy writing.

To get started, you'll need to come up with a great book idea that people will want to read. Once you have an idea, you'll need to write the book and then find a publisher.

The process can be long but the payoff can be huge. If you're a great writer, this could be the perfect job for you.

Social Media Influencer

Want to make money with social media?

If you're knowledgeable about how to grow a social media following, this can be an excellent way to earn money in your spare time as a stay at home dad.

You can make money through social media by promoting affiliate offers or offering sponsored posts for a fee.

The amount of money you can make is directly related to your follower counts and engagement rates. Some influencers make millions from their efforts, so it's worth the time if you know how to build an audience.

Dad Photographer

Stock Photographer

Selling stock photos is a simple way to earn passive income and is a great job for stay at home jobs.

You can take pictures at parks and other recreational areas with your kids with you and then sell those pictures as stock photos.

The amount of money you can make is directly related to the number of photos you have for sale and how popular those photos are.

To get started, you'll need to create an account with a stock photography website and then upload your photos. Once your photos are approved, they'll be available for purchase by anyone who wants to use them.

The pay for stock photography can vary but some photographers make over $10 per photo sold.

Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer is a great way to make money as a stay at home dad.

As a graphic designer, you'll be responsible for creating visual content for businesses and other organizations. This can include:

  • Logos
  • Website designs
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures

The pay for graphic designers can be great, with some designers making over $70,000 per year.

To get started, you'll need to create a portfolio of your work to showcase to potential clients. Then you can use your portfolio of work to land a corporate design job or take the freelance route and become self-employed.

Video Editing Job

Video Editor

Video editing is a perfect stay at home dad job if you have the skills to do it.

As a video editor, you'll be responsible for putting together video content for businesses and other organizations. This can include:

  • TV commercials
  • Product videos
  • Educational videos

The pay for video editors can be great, with some editors making over $60 per hour.

Web Developer 

Want to make money coding? Working as a web developer is another awesome job for some dads who know how to code websites.

The pay for web developers is also great, with many developers making over $100,000 per year.

Start a Business to Make Money Staying at Home

If you're searching for a job with a flexible hours where you can work your own schedule, starting a business might be your best option.

In addition to the flexibility, you'll also have an unlimited income potential.

But don't be fooled. Starting a business will require some serious motivation, hard work, and dedication.

While many stay at home jobs have dedicated hours, when starting your own business you might find yourself working more hours than typical and making less money.

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Jobs Where You Work Alone

Where to Find Stay at Home Jobs?

Stay at home moms and dads looking for a job have a few places they can find their next career. You can search via job title and filter for remote positions to find the right job for you.

Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is one of the best places to find a remote job for any stay at home mom or dad.

Flex Jobs was designed for those searching for remote work making it a great options for any stay at home dad.

In addition to your job search, they also offer career coaching and much more.


Indeed has had a proven track record of finding jobs for people. This platform allows you to filter based on the date of the job posting, your skills, and more.


LinkedIn is a professional social media site that can be a great way to find remote positions for anyone.

You can filter by job title, the date the position was posted, and much more. You'll need to have a LinkedIn account to browse jobs.

How Much Money Can I Make as a Stay at Home Dad?

Some of the best jobs can pay well for parents working remotely.

Web designers, virtual assistants, and customer service representatives can all make good money when working from home.

While many online jobs will pay hourly, you can find some that are salaried.

If you want to make more money, starting an online business is the way to go.

Final Thoughts on the Best Stay at Home Dad Jobs

Stay at home dads are always searching for ways to earn an income without working a traditional full time job.

Whether you choose to become a freelance writer or an online teacher, there's serious money to be made from home.

Work from home jobs have skyrocketed since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic making it easier for stay at home parents to get a job.

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing enthusiast dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He owns several different blogs and is also passionate about health and fitness.