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Best Online Jobs for Teens

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  By Forrest McCall | Last Updated:  February 3, 2021

Many young people first enter the workforce in their teenage years. This is a great time to get some experience in the ‘real world’ while earning some money for the first time.

Of course, given the demands of school, teenagers typically start out with part-time work and will only enter the workforce on a full-time basis after high school or college.

The concept of a teenager starting to work to help with bills and gain experience is not going away, but it has changed in recent years.

With the economy shifting so dramatically as a result of so many new technologies becoming available, it’s possible for teenagers to work without actually leaving the house. Online work is hugely popular for adults – and growing – so it only makes sense that this shift would impact teenage work.

In this article, we are going to discuss the topic of the best online jobs for teens. Why would a teen want to work online in the first place, and what kinds of jobs are available suitable for teenagers.

While online work won’t be right for every teenager, it does hold a lot of potential for those who are attracted to this option. Let’s get started!

Online Jobs for Teens - Why

Why Should Teens Work Online?

Before we dive into a list of some of the best online jobs for teens, we’d first like to discuss what it is that’s so appealing about working online.

As an alternative to getting a typical teenage job like working in a restaurant or a grocery store, young people may consider finding ways to earn money online. After all, the young people of today tend to be extremely tech-savvy and will likely have an easier time than adults adapting to an online working model.

Perhaps it’s best to first look at the drawbacks of working an in-person job. Even if the teen works a job near to where he or she lives, there are still some problems to consider.


This is the big one. A traditional job is going to come with set hours of some kind, even on a part-time basis. For example, this kind of job might mean working after school a couple of days per week, and then working one or both weekend days. There may not be very much flexibility in that schedule, so it could be hard to work around activities outside school, such as sports teams or other hobbies.


Physically getting to and from a traditional job can be another challenge. If the teen doesn’t yet drive, a parent will likely need to provide a ride – and that can be difficult if both parents work. Even if the teen has a driver’s license, purchasing a vehicle to allow them to get to and from work may cost more than the money that will be made.

Limited Career Growth

Limited value. Unless the teen has plans to work in the restaurant industry, the experience gained working in this setting will be limited in value. The same can be said for most typical jobs that teenagers are able to secure in the average community. There is something to be said for learning how to work with others and handle responsibilities, but the actual skills being picked up may not mean anything later in life.

Working a traditional job as a teenager certainly has its drawbacks. Many of these issues can be avoided by working online.

Online jobs tend to allow you to work whenever you want, although that is not always the case, depending on the job. Also, transportation won’t be a problem, since you will simply be doing the work from home.

As an added bonus, if you can find work that is related to something you may want to do in the future, the experience you gain along the way could be valuable long after you’ve moved on in life.

Top 37 Online Jobs for Teens

It’s time to jump into our list of the best online jobs for teens. It needs to be said that some of these options will be harder to get into than others, and not every option will be right for each individual. Carefully consider the possibilities and pursue those that appeal to your interests and line up with your existing skills.

Online Jobs for Teens - Start a Blog

Start a Blog

It needs to be said right from the start that you may struggle to make much money in the short term from this approach. In fact, you probably won’t make any money right away, and your blog may never turn into a valuable financial asset.

With that said, there is still a lot to like about starting a blog. The skills you can develop in this process including writing, marketing, networking, and general entrepreneurship.

If you think that you may like to run your own business one day, getting started with a blog is a nice way to get your feet wet and learn what it’s like to seek income on your own.

There are many different types of blogs that make money so getting started should be your priority. Whether you choose to blog about personal finances or nutrition and health blogging can be a fun outlet for you to express your thoughts and ideas while making some money doing so. 

Sell Things on eBay

To get started, we are going to highlight one of the classic ‘work online’ jobs – selling on eBay. This is an option that has been around for many years now, and plenty of people have earned a side income – or a full-time income – with this approach.

Of course, this is not a ‘job’ in the sense that you wouldn’t be working for an employer or getting a set wage for your time. However, it is a good way to pick up money for things you no longer use, and it can teach you skills related to marketing, customer service, and more.

Flipping items can be an excellent way for teens to make money online and there are countless options. Oftentimes you can browse local classifieds and find free items that people are looking to get rid of and sell them online to make a profit. 

Quality Control Review

Some online businesses hire people to listen to how calls were handled by their customer service representatives.

This is a relatively simple task that can be completed by anyone willing to pay attention to detail and follow directions. The pay is not going to be great, but it’s another way to pick up experience while working online.

Online Jobs for Teens - Tutor

Become an Online Tutor

Believe it or not, teens can be great tutors.

Since they are actively immersed in the educational process, much of what they have learned along the way will be fresh in their minds. If you feel that you are particularly strong in one subject – algebra, for example – you might be able to turn that skill into money by tutoring others online.

One of the best things about this plan is that you don’t have to start your own business from scratch and find all of your own clients. There are platforms that connect people who need tutoring with those who would like to serve as a tutor. Consider using one of those sites to get your business up and running.

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Online Jobs for Teens - Freelance Writer

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another online job opportunity that blends in nicely with school responsibilities. You are probably writing papers for school on a regular basis, and if you feel particularly confident in your abilities, it may be possible to pick up work online.

There is significant competition in this arena, so it might be slow at first as you build your talents and create a reputation.

One important piece of advice is to pick a topic that you can focus on, at least at first. By establishing yourself as a writer who is highly knowledgeable in one particular area, you might find it easier to attract clients than if you are a generalist trying to write about everything.

Website Tester

Most likely, you spend plenty of time already browsing the internet for various things that grab your interest. Why not get paid for some of that time?

There are services online where you can sign up to provide your feedback on a website or app. This is a simple way to make a little bit of money while gathering experience.

This option is particularly attractive for those who might be interested in things like design or web development. By taking a critical look at the work of others, you can educate yourself and potentially build a future career in this industry.

UserTesting is a great option for teens to get started testing websites.

Online Jobs for Teens - VA

Work as a Virtual Assistant

In the online world, ‘VA’ stands for virtual assistance. Basically, this role does the same thing as an administrative assistant does in an office, only all of the work is done remotely.

Some examples of the kinds of work that can be completed as a VA includes scheduling, taking phone calls, managing an online presence, data entry, and more.

The scope of the work for a VA will vary from job to job, so try to find something that suits your skills and interests nicely. Since the work is so varied, this is another good way to build experience that may pay off for you down the line.

The pay for virtual assistants will vary depending on your skillset but it can be a perfect online job for teens.

Make Money on Etsy

This is along the same lines as selling on eBay, online in this case you will be selling things that you actually made.

While not right for everyone, this is good for the teen who has a creative streak and has a skill for making some kind of product. The products you make could be anything from arts and crafts to pictures and beyond.

It’s important to understand that Etsy is an extremely competitive marketplace, so don’t expect to make a large number of sales right away. Look at this as an opportunity to gain experience and have fun doing something you enjoy, while having the potential to earn an income along the way. You might consider selling candles from home or using a 3D printer to make items to sell.

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Entering Data

We discussed this task briefly within the context of working as a VA, but you can also do data entry as its own job.

Since this one can be a little boring, be sure to think about the kinds of things you like to do before signing up for this type of work. Data entry is best suited to someone who loves computers, numbers, and focusing in on a specific task.

Those with a strong creative streak might find the rigid nature of data entry a little hard to handle but it can still be a great online job that suits many teens.

Teach a Language

If you happen to know how to speak multiple languages, you can put that skill to use and make money in the process. There is a great demand in the modern world for learning new languages, as the market is more global than ever before. It’s important to note that you’ll need to have a strong grasp of both languages to work in this field, so make sure your skills are up to the task before pursuing this option.

Take Surveys Online

Teenagers aren’t often sought out for their opinions, which makes this online work option a nice change of pace.

There are plenty of companies who want the opinions of this segment of the market, so taking online surveys is a simple way to pick up a bit of cash. You probably aren’t going to gain much in the way of valuable experience with this option, but it’s easy work.

Some of my favorite survey sites to make money include:

Dog Walker

Okay – so we are stretching the definition of ‘working online’ a bit with this one, but it still applies. If you work as a dog walker, you’ll head to other people’s homes to pick up their pet and go for a walk. Easy enough, right?

The online part of this comes in when you use a marketplace to find clients who would like to have you walk their dog. To get out of the house and get some exercise without taking what would be considered a ‘traditional’ job, this is a nice option.

Online Jobs for Teens - Video Editing

Editing Videos

Do you play around editing videos on your phone just to share with friends and family? It may be possible to get paid for the skills you’ve developed along the way. Even if you aren’t a formally trained video editor, light editing work is always in demand in the modern digital marketplace. Get started on a freelancing website to seek out your first clients and build your reputation.

Editing Audio

Many of the same skills needed to edit video will apply when editing audio.

The good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch by learning a whole new skill – if you already know how to manipulate video, just experiment with audio editing and you should get the hang of it pretty quick.

This is a quickly growing industry thanks to the expanding market of podcasts.

Make YouTube Videos

This option is insanely competitive, so it goes into the category of something you can do as a hobby that may potentially earn you some money in the future. But again, as with many of the ideas on the list, there is a lot to be learned along the way even if the financial rewards are modest.

Think about your personal interests and abilities to make your channel about something so it has a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Just like starting a blog, growing a YouTube channel can take some time to master. Once your channel begins to grow, you can make money with ads and affiliate marketing. 

T-shirt Designs

If you are creative and like to come up with interesting or funny designs, you can have those designs added to t-shirts which you can then sell online.

There are plenty of platforms that will do the work of actually creating the shirts for you, so your responsibility is minimal beyond developing the design itself.

Online Jobs for Teens - Customer Service

Provide Customer Service

This may be one of the most challenging online jobs for teens, but it could provide you with extremely valuable experience.

Offering customer service is notoriously difficult, as you will have to learn how to handle people who may not be happy with what you have to say. Teens who are willing to go through this process and deal with the learning curve will have a skill that can serve them well for years to come.

Search online for companies who are hiring virtual customer service agents and check their minimum age requirement before proceeding.

Try Voice Work

Another way to make money from home as a teen is to learn how to do voice work. You can offer your voice to a variety of businesses who need a youthful sound. This is a form of performing, however, so be sure to practice to develop your own personal style.


This type of online work is similar to data entry, although some will find it a little more engaging. Many businesses online hire people to do transcription work for a variety of reasons. For instance, they might have an episode of a podcast that they want you to turn into a blog post.

You’ll need to practice this skill because it can be surprisingly difficult to keep up with your typing while a person is talking. This job is best suited for someone who is good with technology and is a fast, accurate typist.

Offer Local Services

This is another point where we are stretching the definition of online work just a bit. By offering a local service, you will need to go out and perform that service in your area – but you can base the business online by advertising in local classifieds, Facebook groups, etc.

A classic example of this would be a lawn mowing service. If you have the basic equipment and know how to mow lawns, you can provide this service for residents in your area.

Online Jobs for Teens - Personal Trainer

Athletic Coaching or Online Personal Training

The field of online coaching for sports has been growing in recent years, so you may be able to take advantage of this trend. Of course, as a starting point, it will be necessary to have knowledge and experience in a given sport. If you have proven your ability in that sport and know how to teach others the basics, you could carve out a nice little business.

Review Music

Many teenagers love to listen to music. If you consider yourself one of those who loves all kinds of music, working as a reviewer is a natural fit. There isn’t going to be big money available here, but it’s a circumstance where you could get paid to do something you would probably be doing anyway.

Child Care Services

Again, this is a job that isn’t done entirely remotely, as you’ll need to actually provide the childcare service once you are booked for a job.

You can find this kind of work online, however, and serving as a babysitter is something that shows responsibility and could look good on a future resume or college application.


This is in the same category as working as a freelance writer, but it might be a better fit for those who lack the creative streak needed to thrive as a writer.

When you work as a proofreader, you simply review other people’s work to spot errors. You’ll need to have good attention to detail to thrive in this role.

Online Jobs for Teens - Social Media manager

Social Media Manager

Do you find yourself spending hours each day on platforms like Facebook and Instagram? If so, you may be able to find work as a social media manager. In this role, you’ll get paid to run the social media accounts of a business. Consider looking at local businesses to be candidates for your service and remember that the things you post to a business account will likely look a lot different than what is appropriate on your own accounts.

WordPress Design and Support

For teens who are tech savvy, offering WordPress-related services is a great option. Much of the web runs on WordPress, and many website owners need help with relatively basic tasks related to either designing their pages or fixing bugs.

You could offer this service independently or potentially get work with an existing company that serves clients in this space.

If you aren’t yet familiar with WordPress, you’ll need to educate yourself on how it works before you can help others.

The best thing about offering WordPress design and support is the pay. You can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to over $60 per hour for your time. That’s a perfect online job for teens looking to capitalize on their skills!

Flip Goods

Flipping as an online job is not a new idea, but it does take at least a little money to get started. The idea is simple – you find good deals on items, purchase those items, and then sell them for more online.

One popular option is to source items at garage sales, since people selling things at garage sales are usually more interested in clearing space than getting top dollar. If you have a good eye for items and know their online value, this can be a fun hobby.

Build Your Social Media Presence

It’s possible to make money from social media if you become popular enough to have a significant following.

Once you have built up a following through a pattern of consistently entertaining, funny, or interesting posts, you may be able to partner with brands to promote their goods in exchange for payment. 

Sell Old Clothes

As a teenager, you may find yourself still growing out of clothes regularly. If you have grown out of items that are still in good condition, those may have value to buyers online. There are plenty of platforms available to sell clothes, but don’t forget that you’ll have to pay for shipping once you do complete a sale.

Write a Book

Did you know you can publish your own books and sell them on Amazon? This is an interesting option for a teen interested in writing. You could go in either the fiction or non-fiction direction with this idea, so keep an open mind and explore your personal interests and areas of expertise.

Create an Affiliate Site

The concept behind affiliate marketing is quite simple. You build a website and you add links on that website which are provided by an affiliate network. Those links take visitors to products or services from other companies – if your website visitor ends up making a purchase, you get a commission. The challenge here is to build a website that gets consistent traffic, allowing you to direct buyers to the affiliate link. This is an interesting opportunity for a teenager who wants to learn how to grow a new business.

Become a Community Manager

Do you already participate in forums that are built around something you are interested in personally?

If this is something you do anyway, there are platforms where you can be paid to participate in forums and keep the discussions going. It’s important to note that available positions might not relate to forums that interest you, so be open to exploring new ideas.

Sell Books

If you have a shelf of old books that you no longer want or need, those books may have a market online. With the global nature of the web, it’s possible to find a buyer for just about anything. eBay is a good place to start when trying to find a buyer for your books.

To make money selling books online, try browsing through garage sales to find books for cheap. Oftentimes you can find old books for less than $1.

Work as an Online Salesperson

Salespeople are necessary for many types of companies and best of all, your age won’t matter as long as you can prove your skills.

Becoming a salesperson will require some knowledge of sales and persuasion techniques to increase your chances of closing the sale. 

Watch Ads

This ‘job’ is about as passive as it gets, and you won’t be building any valuable skills for the future. But it is possible to get paid just to watch ads online, which is better than watching ads when you aren’t being compensated.

Get Paid to Play Games

Going right along with the previous idea of watching ads, there are some sites which will pay you small amounts of money to play games. Again, this is something you may be doing anyway, and you’ll accumulate a little bit of money along the way.

Look for Remote Work

Sometimes, companies with a physical presence in your area will be hiring for remote positions.

Usually these jobs are in the customer service realm, but they could be related to IT, as well. The benefit of applying for jobs with businesses in your area is that these part-time positions could develop into something more significant down the line.

Tips for Teenagers Working an Online Job

Below are a few tips to help you find an online job, increasing your earnings, and make smart money decisions.

Be Prepared to Spend Time Searching for an Online Job

While online jobs are certainly a more convenient option for workers, that comes at a cost. It can be much more difficult to find an online job compared to a position held in person at a location.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible by any means!

You’ll want to be prepared to spend time searching for new jobs, crafting your resumé and cover letter, and doing research about the company to understand if it is a good fit. 

Master Your Resume

Because online jobs are more popular, your competition will be much stronger. You need to ensure your resume is in top shape to better your chances of landing an online job as a teen.

Your resume should include numerous items including your basic contact information, previous work history, and education. 

If you do not have previous work history, that’s okay!

List any experience you have that could be related to the duties of the position.

Consider Multiple Jobs to Increase Earnings

Because your job is online, you might be capable of working multiple jobs to make even more money online. Some online jobs will offer limited schedules or income, so you might be better off finding a couple that work for you. 

Check Age Requirements

Some jobs will require you to be older than 18 to get hired for the position. Before applying for a job, see if you can find the age requirements so you don’t waste time on a position you don’t qualify for. 

Where Can Teens Find Online Jobs?

There are various sources to find online jobs. If you need to find a job quickly, I recommend using a few of these sources together to better your chances of finding a job.

Online Job Boards

Browsing job boards online is a great way to find a job for teens. You can filter results based on location and skill levels to find a remote position that can be done from anywhere. 


LinkedIn is a popular professional social media platform that has expanded their job resources. You can browse jobs directly on LinkedIn and filter by similar categories as job boards. You can even reach out directly to the hiring manager or recruiter within the platform. 

Company Websites

If there’s a specific company you’re looking to work for, you could browse the companies website in search for their careers page. These websites don’t typically offer as advanced filtering so you might have to do some browsing to find an online job. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Online Jobs for Teens

For a teen looking for a convenient way to make some money while still leaving time in the day for things like school, homework, and fun, working online is a great choice.

It might take a little time to get started with this approach to getting a job, but it can pay off nicely if you stick with it and find a path that works for you.

Whether you choose to start a blog or work as a freelance writer, finding an online job as a teen can be overwhelming with so many options. 

You can browse online job boards or company websites to find a job that suits your requirements. It’s hard to go wrong with an online job! Good luck searching!

Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing expert dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and has been featured in many popular publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate, CNET Money, and many others. To learn more about Forrest, visit the About Us Page for more info.
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