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How To Make $1,000 Fast (17 Best Ways to Make Money 2020)

How To Make $1,000 Fast (17 Ways to Make Money 2020)

Making money is often thought of as difficult and challenging, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are millions of potential ways to make money with some easier than others.

If you have a big expense coming up, like rent, a mortgage payment, or your credit card payments are due, keep reading to learn ways you can make $1,000 fast.

1. Refer Friends with Credit Cards or Bank Accounts

By referring friends with credit cards and bank accounts, you can score anywhere from $50 to well over $100 when they register for a new account. This can be a great way to make money that requires very little work.

Most bank accounts and credit card issuers will offer some sort of referral program, allowing you to earn some additional money. Always check the terms and conditions of the program before promoting their offerings.

2. Open a New Credit Card

Many credit cards will offer an initial sign up bonus that can include $150 or more in cashback.

This money is usually rewarded after meeting a certain spending threshold which can be inline with your normal spending habits.

3. Open a Checking or Savings Account

Similar to opening a credit card, opening a new checking or savings account can also provide you with some much-needed cash.

You can expect to earn anywhere from $100 to over $500 in rewards when completing the requirements of the offer.

For checking accounts, this will usually entail sustaining a monetary threshold in direct deposits for a month.

  • Chase Total Checking Account – $200 bonus with qualifying direct deposits within 90 days of opening the account.
  • TD Bank – $150 bonus with $500 of direct deposits within 60 days of opening the account.
  • Wells Fargo Everyday Checking– Earn a $400 bonus when you open a new account and deposit $25 and receive $4,000 in direct deposits within 90 days of opening the account.

For a savings account, you’ll often be required to make a large initial deposit which can be difficult for many.

4. Start Freelancing

Freelancing, or working as a contractor to complete tasks, is a great way to make money without the commitment of a full-time job.

There are many types of freelance gigs ranging from copywriting to graphic design, or web development.

As content marketing has gained steam over the past few years, many blogs and companies are willing to pay top dollar to quality content. This is your opportunity to cash in.

To find work, you can browse freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork or work with your connections including family and friends.

Your pay is dependent on your experience and the details of the project.

For those skilled in copywriting, you can expect to earn around $.05 per word written. This means you could make $100 for a 2,000-word writing. Seasoned copywriters might be capable of completing a 2,000 word writing in 2-3 hours, making it a very profitable gig.

You can also choose to charge by the hour. You can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to over $30 an hour for top copywriters.

To start freelancing, you’ll need to have a portfolio to showcase your prior work. Once you have an established portfolio, it’s time to start pitching your services to those in need.

5. Sell Things Around the House

That extra television laying around that hasn’t been turned on in years makes a great candidate to turn your clutter into cash.

Search your home to find things that might be of value and consider listing them on either a local classified website like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or you could consider selling them online.

If you have an assortment of antique items, there’s a good chance some of these might be worth some serious cash. Always be sure to research the price of antiques before listing them for sale.

You can also consider holding a garage or yard sale if you have a large number of items to get rid of.

6. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma certainly isn’t the sexiest option when it comes to making money, but it can pay you a decent amount for your donation that costs you nothing but your time.

You can earn anywhere from $20 to $50 per donation and it will typically take around 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

The number of times you can donate per month varies on the location. Some companies like the RedCross will allow one donation every 28 days, while others may allow you to donate once per week.

Donating plasma can help you earn an extra $200 to $300 per month depending on the frequency of your donations, making it well worth your time.

7. Drive for Ride-Hailing Services

Services like Uber or Lyft can provide an income for those who have a vehicle and are capable of driving.

The amount you’ll make varies depending on your location, amount of driving, and the quality of your service but it is common to make around $10 to $15 per hour after expenses are paid.

You’ll need to provide top quality service to maximize your earnings when driving. Read how to make more money driving for Uber or sign up to drive here.

Many drivers will register for multiple ride-hailing services to keep busy. You can also sign up to drive for Lyft.

Sign Up Bonuses for New Drivers

In addition to the money you can make by driving, both Uber and Lyft offer sign up bonuses for new drivers that can drastically increase your earnings in the first few weeks.

You can score an extra $500 to over $1,000 if you meet their driving requirements. The offers vary depending on the city you drive in. You’ll need to insert a promotional code when you initially register, so be sure to research promo codes before signing up.

8. Use a 3D Printer To Make Money

Investing in a 3D printer can be a great way to profit off of your creations. Within the past few years, the prices of 3D printers have decreased, allowing mainstream consumers to purchase them at a somewhat reasonable price.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $500 on a quality 3D printer and a few materials to get started.

You might get overwhelmed at first when it comes to 3D printing, but with many online resources available, you can learn to 3D print in no time.

You can create and sell items like:

  • Wall mounts for electronics and plugs
  • Phone stands
  • Desk organizers
  • Sunglasses or chip clips

You can sell your items on websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or others.

Want to learn more about 3D Printing? Read our full Guide to Making Money with a 3D Printer!

9. Rent out your Vehicle

Renting your vehicle might seem like a daunting task, but with today’s technology, it’s easier than you might think.

If you can go a few days without your vehicle, this could be a great option to make some extra money.

Websites like GetAround or Turo allow you to rent your car in exchange for cash.

Rates vary depending on your car, location, and the number of miles driven. You can choose to have your car picked up at your location or you can deliver it to the person in need to increase your booking rate.

It’s common to earn anywhere from $30 to $70 per day for many vehicles, allowing you to rack up some cash fast.

10. Flip Furniture

Flipping furniture is quite simple to understand. You’ll need to purchase a piece of distressed furniture, restore it, and sell your piece for a profit.

So how can you do this?

When purchasing your items, look for antique pieces that have years of wear. It’s common to find these pieces at antique malls, thrift stores, or through local classifieds.

Then, you’ll need to restore your piece. There are many places you can find inspiration for your piece, with Pinterest being the most common.

After restoring the piece, list your item for sale on websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace. You could also consider selling it at a yard sale or even purchasing a space in your local antique mall.

The key to becoming a successful furniture flipper is to purchase your inventory at a discount. You’ll need to become a pro at negotiating prices to maximize your earning potential.

11. Become a Virtual Assistant

People and companies are willing to pay others to complete minor tasks that take up their valued time.

Responding to emails, creating social media posts, and various other tasks are expected from VAs.

Outside of the above mentioned, some of the most common tasks are:

  • Research
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Arranging travel
  • Data entry

You can earn anywhere from $8 to over $15 per hour depending on your skills with the possibility of being paid per task completed.

You can often find VA jobs on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

12. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great way to make some extra money while getting your steps simultaneously.

With the rise of dog walking apps like Wag and Rover, pet owners have flocked to get their furry friends some extra steps.

You’ll need to become a registered dog walker before you can charge for your services.

Rates vary based on the length of your walk but you can expect to earn $10 to $20 per walk. You’ll need to factor in your commute time and costs but if you live in a thriving city with small commutes, it’s a great option to earn extra money.

13. House Sit

If you know someone going on a vacation, you can make money by staying at their home keeping it safe and secure.

Your best bet is by approaching friends and family that are planning a vacation in the coming months and offering your services.

House sitting is often paired with dog sitting or caring for any other animal living at the home. You’ll need to be comfortable feeding and caring for pets.

Your rate varies, but you can expect to score anywhere from $30 to over $100 per night for your services.

14. Rent out Space in your Home

If you have an extra bedroom, renting out this space can be an excellent way to boost your earnings.

Short term rental sites like Airbnb or VRBO allow you to list individual spaces in your home to those in need.

You’ll need to check for local regulations and restrictions before listing your space and abide by these regulations after listing it.

Rates vary depending on the size of your space, the city you live in, and the time of year.

Many people can profit an extra $200 per month or more by renting out space in there home only a few times per month.

15. Sell an eBook

If you have any skill set, there’s a good chance others would love to learn from your skills.

EBooks can become a great source of passive income as it requires you to put in the work upfront, and profit with little ongoing work required.

You’ll need to create a plan to create and sell your eBook.

If you lack the design skills, you can find freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork to complete the design for you. You can also find various free templates online that are easy to customize with your text and graphics.

The steps of creating an eBook are:

    1. Outline a plan of how you will create and sell your book.
    2. Start writing the contents of the book in the form of a draft. This should not be your final product. There should be plenty of mistakes and refinements to be made.
    3. Edit your first draft. You should clean up the majority of your editorial mistakes in this step. If you are not a good editor, you can also find freelance editors online.
    4. Finalize your content. After you have edited your writing, you should finalize all of the details.
    5. Design your book. Now it’s time to place your content in the design of the book.
    6. Finalize eBook. Once you have inserted your writing and the design is complete. You should make any final adjustments to your eBook before pushing it to the public.
    7. Sell, sell, sell. Your ebook should be published and accessible to the public. You can sell it via a website of your own, or through e-commerce websites like Gumroad.

16. Landscaping

Landscaping is a great way to make money for those who are willing to put in the work.

You’ll need to be comfortable working in hot environments that are labor-intensive but in reward, the pay can be tremendous.

Depending on your services, you can often charge $30 per hour for your work or more. If you have additional equipment, you might be capable of charging even more.

17. Wash Cars

Washing vehicles is a perfect way to earn some extra money in the summer months. It requires little equipment and can be quite easy to get started.

You can start by offering your services to neighbors and family.

You can charge anywhere from $25 to over $50 per wash depending on the detail of your services.

You can also offer interior detailing to charge even more. You’ll need a vacuum and interior cleaners to get started.

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What Not to Do to Make $1,000 Fast

While there are many methods of making money, there are some that just aren’t worth your time.

Completing Online Surveys

Completing surveys online can be a major time suck for a very small profit. Many times, you can expect to spend anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, only to earn a couple of dollars maximum.


Gambling is a great way to lose money. Because the house has a statistical advantage, the chances are not in your favor.

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While there are thousands of ways you can make money, it will take some planning to make $300 or $1,000 fast.

By combing various methods above, you can easily get the money you need in no time.

By signing up for a new bank account, referring credit cards to friends, and taking advantage of sign up bonuses for Uber or Lyft, you can easily make $1,000 in less than a couple of weeks.

Interested in making money? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Passive Income today!

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